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The social distancing and stay at home orders that are separating Supernatural fans from their friends and family are also keeping fans from interacting with the Supernatural cast and one of the fans' beloved bands, Louden Swain. To ease the isolation and provide emotional support during these stressful times, the members of Louden Swain - Rob Benedict, Billy Moran, Mike Borja and Stephen Norton - hosted a virtual singalong with fans on Tuesday. From the safety of their homes, everyone met virtually to produce a heart warming version of "Medicated", one of the band's most popular hits that is routinely played at their concerts. Here is that musical interlude:

Three of the band members tweeted the rendition to fans:

Their single song concert followed on the heels of Tuesday afternoon's full Stage-It virtual concert.  

Another musical interlude was shared with fans a few days earlier, on March 31. One of Supernatural's lead actors, Jensen Ackles, released a behind-the-scenes video "Making of Volume One" in which he and his musical partner, Steve Carlson, narrated the recording sessions of their first album:

Recorded in Austin, TX at Arlyn Studios, Radio Company's debut album was the #1 Worldwide Rock Album on iTunes and #1 Billboard Heatseekers Album 2 weeks in a row. Enjoy an inside look at the making of the album and the vision shared by members Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson. 

Here is that musical treat for fans: 

Please share below comments if you watched Louden Swain's Stage-it concert, or if you have any other Supernatural musical interludes. We'll get through this together!