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It's CW day at the TCA 2019 press tour and we are getting some information on Supernatural.
From the morning CW Network panel.
Pedowitz cited spending time with their families and seeing “what else was out in the world” as the guys’ reasons for ending the show. Pedowitz then joking added, “If you can convince them to come back, I’m open.”
Check below the cut for coverage from the Supernatural panel.
NOTE! I have not had a chance to read all of these, so there MAY be mild spoilers ahoy.
Pictures from the event.
 TV Guide honored the actors on their Instagram
 Update #1
 Jared and Jensen were interviewed by their "dad" Matt Cohen for Entertainment Tonight.
Jensen Ackles Crew also has many photos from the event here and here.
Update #2
 We will update as more becomes available.