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Jensen and Danneel arrived in New Orleans on Thursday ahead of the Bacchus Parade Coronation of Jensen as King!

New Orleans 4WWL News covered the story: 

Bacchus LI Jensen Ackles arrives in New Orleans Thursday

(Credit to SPNUK for finding the TV coverage). 

Videos, interviews and updats below the cut.
 WWLTV Channel 4 posted this video:
If you can't make it to New Orleans, you can still watch the parade live on WWLTV (Thanks to Nerds and Beyond for the heads up.)
Update #1
Update #2
The back and front of the doubloons showing Jensen.
 Update #3
Bacchus LI Jensen Ackles visits Children's Hospital New Orleans. Thanks to @suebsg9  for the heads up.
The Livestream of Jensen's visit to the hospital.
Danneel wished Jensen a special Happy Birthday.
Jensen participated in a great group sing.
Update #4
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