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  Live Ratings (Overnights) Final Same Day Live +3 Day Live +7 Day
18-49 0.5 0.5 0.76(+56%)  0.85(+74%)
Total Viewers 1.641 1.641 2.418(+47%) 2.615(+98%)
We made top ten in this week's Nielsen Social Media Ratings. Jared made top 10 in Nielsen TV Talent Social Media Ratings. Congratulations to the show and to Jared.
Charts below the cut
Lebanon top 10
Jared Top 10 Lebanon
So we got a slight bump for the episode. This puts us squarely in second place for CW shows this week. Only Flash got higher ratings. We will report final same day ratings when they become available. These are the highest ratings of the season. Great job!
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