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Live +7 Day Ratings From Programming Insider (see end for tweet)
L+SD - 0.41
L+7D - 0.81
Total Increase 0.40
Percent Increase - +96%
Total viewers
L+SD - 1.391M
L+7D - 2.325M
Total Increase - 0.934
Percent Increase - +67.15%
Live +3 Day Ratings
From Programming Insider* see end for tweet
L+SD - 0.47
L+3D - 0.76
Total Increase - 0.29
Percent Increase - +62%
Total Viewers
L+SD -  1.506M
L+3D -  2.263M
Total Increase - 0.757
Percent Increase - +50.27%
Final SD Ratings
18-49 - 0.5
Total Viewers - 1.51
YAY! We adjusted up!
The overnight ratings for Supernatural season 13 episode 20 'Unfinished Business' from Showbuzz Daily go to the site for week to week and year to year comparisons.
Overnight Ratings
Fast Demo 2018 Apr 26.THU
Change from last week from TV Series Finale, go to site for information on the rest of the night.
 Ratings change Unfinished business
 Our competition was the NFL draft and the opening of Avengers Infinity War, so a dip in ratings was not unexpected.
We made #4 on Social Media
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