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Live +7 ratings for this episode are in and we made the table in in both total viewers and 18-49
Live +7 Day Ratings


Live +SD - 0.6
Live +7D - 1.0
Total Increasse - 0.4
Percentage Increse - 67%

Total Viewers

Live + SD - 1746
Live +7D - 2829
Total Increase - 1083
Percent Increase - 62%


 Overnight ratings
Fast Demo 2017 Nov 30.THU
TV Series Finale notes the change from last week.
18-49 - 0.5 Increase from last week 66.67%
Total Viewers 1.73 Increase from last week 39.56%
We are down slightly from November 16 when we had .6 in 18-49 and 1.87 in total viewers.
We adjusted up in both 18-49 and Total Viewers
18-49 - 0.6
Total Viewers - 1.74
We are incredibly steady in the ratings. We won't be anywhere near the top of the CW ratings this week, because the big DC Crossover got really good numbers for all of the shows involved in the crossover. Supernatural just keeps on going.
 No Nielsen Social Media Ratings for this episode
  1. The Nielsen Social Ratings chart for Thursday was not released. They sent out their usual email but erroneously linked Wednesday’s results. They did not reply to inquiries.
  2. Supernatural “The Scorpion and the Frog” did not make the Top 10 Nielsen Social shows for the week.