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Jensen and Danneel Ackles are spearheading an effort to help victims of Hurricane Harvey
Working through their new Family Business Beer Company, they have set up a fund that will be managed by Random Acts. KVUE reported 'Supernatural' star and family raising money for Harvey victims
International Business Times had more informationSupernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Launches Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraiser
Monkey's Fighting Robots covered the effort in  Art and Charity With the Stars of Supernatural and The SPN Family
 Donations can be made here.
Jensen is not the only one trying to help. 'Supernatural' stars ask fans for disaster relief help
Message from Jensen

#hurricaneharvey #spnfamily

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 Many thanks to all of our wonderful and generous stars. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Hurricane Harvey

 Update 2

Although the campaign’s original goal was $50,000, it has reached far past that. As of early Tuesday, the campaign had raised more than $130,000. Ackles and Collins — along with Jared Padalecki, Richard Speight Jr., and other members of the Supernatural family — have continued to promote the campaign, which will remain open through Friday.
Twitter has even noticed all the good being done by the Supernatural Family. It created a "Moment" to call attention to the campaign. The entire set of tweets can be found here

Update Aug. 31

 Besides donating money, Supernatural fans are pitching in however they can to bring relief to flood victims.
First, it's reported that approximately 100 fans are helping an organized effort to scan social media for pleas for help. Random Acts a set up a shared document to get rescuers to those who are still stranded in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
Next, the artist who created the Family Don't End With Blood cover is auctioning her artistic talent to raise money for rescue efforts! 
 Bidding is taking place at her livejournal.
Everyone should be very proud of the work they're doing on behalf of others!