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May 18, 2020. The day that Supernatural was supposed to end. The day the final episode of season 15 was scheduled to air. The day I expected to be in Lawrence, Kansas, touring the city where the story began, commemorating with friends the end of an era, and the end of a chapter in my life. That's what we all thought was going to happen today, but life has a way of changing our plans without our permission.

So we have a "stay of execution," as WFBFamily member Dean's Not Fine tweeted this morning, and I'm perfectly okay with that. More than okay, I'm greatly relieved. It means I don't yet have to deal with the reality of Sam and Dean's story ending.

If I think about it, I guess I understand and even accept that when the show actually does end I will no longer be able to watch the Winchesters drive the back roads of Americana fighting monsters. I will miss them deeply, but I know they'll live on in my heart.  What scares me to my core is not knowing if they'll have peace when they are done. Peace as I define it. Peace that makes them and me happy. While I'm sad that their story might end (I say "might" because we all hope there will a Supernatural movie one day), I'm more worried about how it will end than when it will end. 

It's no secret that I want a happy ending for the boys. Will they both die saving the universe? That would only be a happy ending for them if all supernatural influences in their world were wiped out once and for all. If they knew they won the war, that all of humanity was safe forever from monsters they never knew existed and never knew how to fight, the brothers would rest their heads knowing their work was done. Their lives had been spent doing something that mattered. That wouldn't be my happy ending, but it might be theirs.

My happy ending goes further than theirs. I want them to be able to wipe out everything they've fought against all their lives, and live happily ever after. I want Sam to find love, and get to use that massive intellect of his as a professor at a university, teaching philosophy, theology, mythology or whatever he chooses to pass along to young minds. He's proven himself to be a masterful teacher and role model. He needs to be able to be a man of letters without worrying about dying, or being the cause of universal destruction, if he misinterprets a text or his research isn't thorough enough. He should be the curator of the treasure trove of MoL libraries worldwide, and be recognized as the foremost authority on all the subjects contained therein. He deserves to be happy.

I want Dean to own that bar he dreamt about, or an auto shop that restores classic cars. I want him to find his perfect love and settle down with a yard he can mow on Sundays, in an place where he can drive the open road on his days off just for fun, not worried about people dying if he doesn't get there in time, or the world ending if he lets himself relax. He deserves to be happy.  

I want Castiel and Jack to both be happy, too. In a perfect world, I think that means Jack is running Heaven and creating the paradise his mom foresaw, with Castiel by his side, delivering perfect Tuesday afternoons to deserving souls for all eternity. Angels find their way back to being loving guardians of humanity, and Hell is closed off forever. Sam and Dean will join Jack and Cas in Heaven when it is their time, and the entire Winchester family - Dean, Sam, John, Mary, Jack, Castiel, Adam and Bobby - have peace because they are done. 

I don't think any of my perfect endings will happen.

I have many scenarios that I think are more likely to happen. I've written about some of them. I may still update and share those theories based on season 15's unexpected turn that God himself must be defeated. For now, though, I'm too afraid to even think about where this story may end. I would never, ever have written that "god was never on your side" so I'm at a loss to guess what Dabb has in mind for the end of this beloved story. Maybe it's that I don't want to build up expectations for the ending, or maybe this season has so violated anything I would have ever believed possible for this series, if they "went there" I no longer believe I can imagine what they envision as the final destination. A dear Supernatural friend wisely advised me to wait to see how it all unfolds, because we don't know if we're being purposely misdirected or carefully groomed to accept the final destination.  

So instead of trying to figure out how it will end, I have decided to ask the question, "How do you want it to end?" Not what do you think is going to happen, or how good are you at interpreting the threads of the series so far, but what is your perfect ending? What is the ending that will make you happy? 

Give it some thought then share your wishful thinking with us in the comments. To get you started, below are two fans' scenarios for perfect endings. The first is from Karen, our WFB writer.  The second is from Charlie Tague, as shared in her blog. They are not any more right than any other fan, but maybe they'll help you formulate your story's end. 

Karen's Perfect Ending for Supernatural

I was thinking back to how I was when I first found Supernatural. I was so obsessed, I couldn't go through a day without thinking about Sam and Dean. I had never been like this with any show before.  My daughter liked the show as well but was not as obsessed as me. I believe I was driving both my husband and daughter crazy with constantly referencing the show. In truth I started to believe I was going crazy or at least going through a midlife crisis. Why else would a woman in her late 40's be acting like this? It was my daughter who introduced me to the Supernatural websites, hoping I would be able to share my love for the show with others. I was so relieved to find out I wasn't alone and that maybe I wasn't so crazy. It was through one of those websites that I found a wonderful little site called The Winchester Family Business.  

At first, I was just a 'lurker' but then I started commenting and before I knew it, I started contributing articles, something I would never have dreamed I would do. My love for writing poetry was even rekindled and I had made some amazing friends. From the moment I found this site, I've never wanted to be anywhere else and planned to stay with it till the end.  I can't believe that was over 10 years ago and now Supernatural is in its 15th and final season. I remember back in 2009 not knowing if there was going to be a Season 4. Where does the time go?

I am sad to see the show end, but I do believe it's time. I do wonder how they will end the show, though.

Will the brothers go out in a 'Blaze of Glory?

Will Dean have to kill Sam in order to kill Chuck?

If both do die, then I hope to see them join John and Mary in Heaven, along with Bobby and other extended family members. 

However, I would like to see them both survive, either continuing the hunt or both retiring.

Another possibility I've played in my head over the years is a reboot. Something is done where their universe becomes free of the Supernatural and time is put back to that fateful night when it all began - only this time Mary doesn't die. We would be left to know that our boys will have a monster free and hopefully a happy life. I know that would never happen. However, if they should end in a way that I don't like, I can always live in denial and believe it ended my way! 

On Ending Supernatural – A Fangirl’s Thoughts…

April 24, 2019 Written by CHARLIE TAGUE

Well, we knew this day was coming. The end of a 15-year love affair is hard to swallow but swallow it we must. I started watching the series from the beginning (again) on Netflix when the announcement was made because it makes me feel a little less of the loss I know is coming a year from now when the final episode airs.

So, what do we do with this pit in our stomach now that we have it? A fifteen-year relationship is tough to end – especially one that occupies such a substantial part of our lives. Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, YouTube and the CW app all bring Sam & Dean (and Jensen and Jared) into our lives even when the show isn’t on. I have never been to a convention but have seen every single one through the cameras of my SPN Family.   I went to the Family Business Brewing Company on the way through Austin last year, with an additional stop at the SanJac Saloon. I can truthfully say that in my 55 years of existence I have never been as involved with people I don’t know as I am with those in and around the show Supernatural.

The most amazing thing about it to me is the universal appeal – not only of Jensen and Jared and the rest of the cast, but also the story line itself.  For fifteen long years the saga of Sam and Dean Winchester has captured hearts and minds across age groups, economic and geographic boundaries, and with male and female viewers alike.

The longevity of the story is what I have been musing on of late because Jensen and Jared can’t carry these roles forever. We have watched them literally mature before our eyes and become family men instead of single boys. I am happy that they can go out on a high note with Supernatural and will be able to participate in other projects if they want to. There is so much more there than just Sam and Dean and it will be a pleasure to see what they do next. The story, though, requires an avenue to follow when Sam and Dean are no longer around to hunt.

So, here is how I hope to see the ending: there isn’t a definitive end. I know Jensen and Jared have always maintained that the boys must go out in a “blaze of glory”, but that would leave us to mourn them at every convention and with every Tweet. I cannot see how the SPN family can stay together for long living on memories. But if the door was left open, there can be a movie or two and down the road the series can be rebooted with the next generation of Winchesters and Campbells. The characters who are immortal in the series would still be around to work with the new generation of hunters of course. The story itself is strong enough to be workable at any time, and it would offer the opportunity to expand on some of the storylines started in the original series that may not get completed next season.

All in all, I have enjoyed being a part of the Supernatural family. I think we all sincerely want the ride to continue. The story gives hope in a hopeless world, and it reminds us that you don’t have to have superpowers to make a difference. There are many roads left to travel and monsters to kill. Carry on, Supernatural, carry on!

Now it's your turn. What's Supernatural's perfect ending for you