Wayward Sisters is about to air in less than a week, here's what people are saying.
There are very strong feelings about the potential Supernatural spinoff and this episode in particular. We are posting two separate threads, so those who hate the idea, and those who like the idea can express their feelings without butting heads. The articles will contain identical content and are simply representative of the coverage that is currently online. There is no intentional slant as to happiness or bitterness.
Wayward Sisters has been in the works for a while now. As the episode draws nearer, press and other coverage is ramping up.
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Briana Buckmaster met with the press to discuss episode 10 ("Wayward Sisters") and the potential spinoff series.
 Buddy TV posted a 'Supernatural' Interview: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Tease 'Wayward Sisters' and Homage to Their Original Pilot and published this video of the interview
 The site also posted an separate interview with Briana Buckmaster 'Supernatural' Interview: Briana Buckmaster Teases Wayward Sisters are 'Their Own Heroes'
 The press conference was also covered in several other outlets
 TV Line talked with Andrew Dabb and Robert Berens about the possible spinoff Supernatural Team on Wayward Sisters' Winchesters Homage, Spinoff's 'Layers of Conflict' and Fan-Fave Crossovers
You can check out earlier producer interviews here.
 Fangasm posted Supernatural Gets Wayward – What’s Special About Wayward Sisters
Entertainment Weekly posted a new clip from the episode Claire returns home in the first clip from Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters
 The fans who are looking forward to this are working on tributes and celebrations.
 King Books has produced a documentary on the creation of Wayward Sisters
The site also hosted a Wayward Live Stream Party
 A Thunderclap campaign has been started urging the CW to pick up the spinoff.

Nerds and Beyond is heavily promoting the possible spinoff


 We expect more promotion as the week goes on, so watch this space for updates.
 Thoughts on Wayward Sisters from Mimpmag Why Wayward Sisters is the next television movement we didn’t know we needed
 From TV Addict an interview with Jared, Jensen and Briana. The first part has been posted, but this includes Briana's interview.
Den of Geek posted Supernatural: Previewing Wayward Sisters with Katherine Ramdeen
Entertainment Weekly interviewwed Kim Rhodes  Wayward Sisters: Kim Rhodes says spin-off 'sings in harmony' with Supernatural
USA Today reports on the series 'Supernatural' carries on with its monster-busting band of 'Wayward Sisters'
TVLine posted Supernatural: The Wayward Cast Hails Timely Spinoff's 'Powerful' Females
From Entertainment Weekly Wayward Sisters: Kathryn Newton previews Claire's return home
From Variety ‘Supernatural’ Star Kim Rhodes on Adding Perspective and Saying ‘Yes to Women’

From Elle Magazine How Supernatural's All-Female Spinoff, Wayward Sisters, Was Born


More from EW: Wayward Sisters bosses tease their female-led Supernatural spin-off


It’s Wayward Sisters week on Supernatural! What can we expect? — Cate
We know that Claire comes home to help Jody and company save Sam and Dean, and we know that Claire doesn’t immediately hit it off with newcomer Patience… but what about Alex? “They’re so different,” Kathryn Newton says of Claire and Alex. “But Claire doesn’t really have anyone who understands her, especially someone her age, so she’s got no other choice. They’re lost and they kind of save each other. They’re in a situation where they’re forced to need each other, and they always have each other’s back. They’re not blood-related but they’re definitely sisters now. They’re bonded by something else, something stronger.”

KTLA5 interviewed Kim Rhodes
Over at Hypable Kim Rhodes previews ‘Wayward Sisters’ – 5 teases for the ‘Supernatural’ spinoff pilot
Cinema Blend wrote The Major Reasons Why Supernatural Fans Will Love The Wayward Sisters Spinoff
Buddy TV adds 'Supernatural' Preview: 3 Things to Expect from 'Wayward Sisters'
We have two new sneak peeks.
Briana Buckmaster interview (Long version)
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