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I'm sure several of you have noticed, but there's been some really good stuff happening on Supernatural this season.  Despite the vocal unhappiness of some, statistics and higher ratings are telling us that a majority of fans are happy.  This is your thread.  This is your chance to gush and/or share all sorts of love about your show.  Tell us what's exciting you about it, how happy you are with the brotherly relationship, what's connecting with you in the plot, and even send some love to the current head of the creative vision, Jeremy Carver.  If there's happiness, dammit, we want to know it!

Here's just a few reasons why fans could be smiling more this season:  

-  The show is firing on all cylinders again.  There's a new creative energy that's making fans love this show all over again. 
-  Sam and Dean are back together and on our TV screens where they belong.  
-  The Impala is back!  Oh baby, never go away again.  
-  Castiel and Crowley are back! 
-  Ratings are up.  Way up.  "A Little Slice of Kevin" hit 1.0 in the 18-49 demo and over 2 million viewers for the 4th time out of 7 episodes this season.  Considering Supernatural never passed a .8 in the demo in all of season seven and only passed 2 million viewers once, I'd say the show is coming back strong.  Yes, a pairing with now hit show Arrow has a lot to do with that, but remember The CW picked Supernatural for that slot, so that says something about the network's new found love. 

There's no such thing as too much sweetness, although restrained and cautious optimism is welcome as well.  The only rule is bitterness doesn't go with something sweet, so save those thoughts for another place.  Parade rainers will be turned away at the door.    

With the ground rules spelled out it's time to proceed.  Let the Supernatural happiness begin!


# shamangrrl 2012-11-16 20:31
What do I appreciate about this season? A lot, since I didn't even bother with Seasons 6 and 7.

-Dean, sure of his place in the world, confident in his abilities, making no excuses for himself. Please continue in this vein. (Although I would like more PTSD, please).

-Purgatory flashbacks. They are total gold. And they even manage to make the Leviathans interesting and scary, when the entire S7 couldn't accomplish that.

-Castiel is back! Yeah! And he and Dean are back on even footing! More, please.

-Benny. I love me some Benny, and I hope that he reappears, I hope that he and Dean get to hunt together again.

-Naomi. I am intrigued. I think she's evil, and needs to die, if only for compromising Cas, but... Me likes.

-Baby is back where she belongs, and looking good. Go, Metallicar!
Fool for Dean
# Fool for Dean 2012-11-16 20:34
I'm loving that Dean has finally let out some of that guilt AND that Cas pretty much told him that not everything is his fault. It's like, straight out of a happy-verse fanfic. Except that it's canon. There are like, 2 gazillion other things that I love about this show (compelling story lines, intelligent writing, hot brothers, to name a few) and I'm sure I'll be back for more gushing since this is the only place I can gush w/o looking like a lunatic. But right now, I'm happy with how Dean's emotions are unfolding! Love love love!
Tricia Stewart
# Tricia Stewart 2012-11-16 20:39
I think this season has been really strong! It seems more true in terms of the established characters. I also think that the shots of Purgatory have been very visually interesting. Although, I didn't love the vampire episode until the very last scene, which was great, I appreciated that the show was using a different point of view to add interest. The return of Garth was welcomed--in fact the return of any ALIVE characters is welcome. Also, when Crowley was evil to Kevin's ex-girlfriend it was OUTSTANDING! He is the king of Hell and should be callous and evil. I could go on and on but it is enough to say I am really happy with this season!
# digyd 2012-11-16 20:47
Awesome thread and thank you for it because after that last ep - A Little Slice of Kevin - the deal was sealed and in a snap I was done with the haters for GOOD. That episode was THE. BEST. EVER. (I confirmed that with my equally enamored friend at work, thank you very much.) Seasons 2 and 3 were my faves, but this season started out strong, so I thought this may become my #3. This last ep sent it soaring to #1 in a snap.

If the rest of the season does this - fast pace, a brother SAYING what he is thinking, evil Crowley, Super Cass, a bit o' wit and Benny too, surprising turns, past issues acknowledged and dealt with - then I am pretty sure I will explode with giddiness. Normally I like to immediately rewatch the ep because I watch live and DVR simultaneously. But I had to think about rewatching this one so soon. I had gotten so much, I was still reeling! It was like great sex, man! Don't touch me! I am still recovering! Yeah, it was that good. Keep it up, please! (oh. No pun intended.
Teresa Pezzino
# Teresa Pezzino 2012-11-16 20:53
THANK YOU FOR THIS THREAD! This is now my favorite fan space. I have loved every season since S1 with the exception of killing Bobby (Bring Bobby Back)! Are there things I would have liked to have seen or seen more of? Of course! But I am one of those willing to take the turns the writers choose to make (even if I would not have chosen them) just for the sake of seeing where these boy's journey will take them next. This season (as in others) the storyline is complex and rich and certainly has discussion, theories and speculation going gangbusters! Our guys are hotter than ever, still here, and still going strong. And I am grateful to all three showrunners for making that happen. And a special thank you to Jeremy Carver in advance for what I am sure will be a masterpiece of a season. I am grateful for every minute I get to spend with all of these characters! Ok, love tirade finished now! =D
# tmateotb 2012-11-16 21:07
I'm loving seeing Baby so much, adoring it. There is no such thing as too much Impala porn, especially after we hardly saw her last season. I'm enjoying the various MOTWs. Production is cooking with gas, every ep has been superbly directed, lit, wardrobed, located, and the vfx is TOTALLY rocking it, they win all the awards. My only slight critique is the abrupt swing in emotions Sam and Dean have both displayed recently, from an episode full of Sam rage completely gone the next ep like it never was, to Dean's point blank refusal to talk of purgatory suddenly turning to an inability not to talk about it. Putting that aside, the tension between the brothers has been fantastic, pulling in different directions as always, Benny is quite fascinating so far, Cas is back and badass, Crowley is as perfect as ever, I love the Trans, and what the hell are the angels doing now? I'm looking forward to finding well as finding out who Kevin's father is, and how Felicia Day comes back.
Fool For Dean
# Fool For Dean 2012-11-17 00:24
My only slight critique is the abrupt swing in emotions Sam and Dean have both displayed recently, from an episode full of Sam rage completely gone the next ep like it never was, to Dean's point blank refusal to talk of purgatory suddenly turning to an inability not to talk about it.
I was just mentioning that to my hubby, who watches the show with me just to be supportive of my crazy obsession. I thought it was a bit strange that Sam's comments to Dean are - dare I say it - laced with concern and care, when just last week they had an angsty blow out that didn't really resolve anything. Odd, but as you said, it's minor compared to all the good things going on this season.
Viva Pelovska
# Viva Pelovska 2012-11-16 21:09
Huge fan of the show! Few weak episodes here and there, not talking about season 8! 8 is going great so far!
Still since Bobby and Ellen are gone, I think a brand new character can make a difference and ring new energy to the show! I've been having an idea since the end of season 7, think it could turn out to be good... Wouldn't share publicly though :) but I'm thinking a character both very typical for the show and at the same time bringing some totally new twist, something that can eventually attract new fans... Anyway, love the show! Love the Impala and how Dean shows his love to her :), love the music, all cute jokes between Sam and Dean...too long to mention everything lol
Two words: Love it!!!
# Leah 2012-11-16 21:33
Yeah Alice! Thank you for this.
What I like about this season:

I like that I LIKE it enough to look forward to every episode again.

There are mysteries galore and many things to talk about and speculate on.

IMPALA, nuf said.

Cas is back (tried two S's, seems wrong) And he is old Cas again, finally! He is supportive, repentant, attuned to Dean's messed up psyche.

Sam and Dean are interacting again. Not always positively but always able to, as before, set it aside and work together. Oddly enough when they are not having a blow up they seem comfortable with each other.

Sam showing touching concern for Dean. Dean being kick-ass and vulnerable again. Not S7 mopey!!

Loving Crowley this season much more evil and violent.

Some flaws, not going to talk about them here.

Thank you Jeremy Carver for making me excited about the show again.
Fool For Dean
# Fool For Dean 2012-11-17 00:32

Some flaws, not going to talk about them here.
I'm really curious as to what you think are the flaws, and would really like to read them in a constructive env't. Perhaps Alice could give us a space for that, too. A place to ponder or comment on what we thought didn't really work, but in a positive and constructive manner.
# Leah 2012-11-17 02:20
Hi, Fool for Dean, I think it would have been more accurate to say I have a few minor quibbles. I am a longtime fan of this show and have been in love with this wonderful show since I discovered it (ok S7 was a test of that love). I have read your comments upthread and agree with you about your concerns. The great reviews and articles on this site are a wonderful place to discuss all things SPN both pro and con. Alice and all the other administrators are trying to keep the atmosphere friendly for all. I'm sure I've seen you on before. Come join the discussion and we can share our concerns and our enthusiasm for our show.
# Ginger 2012-11-16 22:54
You're right, Alice, there's a whole new energy to the show and it's coming across our screens through the efforts of the entire crew. Thank you, Carver, for that. I don't know his plan yet, but I certainly do feel like there is an overall plan this year and that everybody connected with the show is tuned into it.

The production crew is doing a super job this year. God, who thought of Purgatory and the lightning. Love it! More, please.

Love the special effects we're getting this year.

While I liked EK's music selection better, I'm just so glad to have some classic rock back.

Baby is back and looking good. Never park her in a corner again!

Carver appears to have the same idea for Dean's character that I do, and I hope kickass Dean stays forever. I would like a little more PTSD, but as long as he is running and 'stabbing' and hacking with 'Purgatory,' I'm happy.

Not saying everything is perfect, but it's so nice to have the boys back and doing well in the ratings, 'cause we're for sure going to get at least two more seasons of our favorite show and favorite eye candy.
# kana 2012-11-16 23:05
Why does everybody love S8?
There are strong myth,Mr.Badass my deat Dean,new fav.character Benny who has brilliant chemistry between Dean,Cas is no more crazy...Dean/Be nny/Cas part is sooo cool!
Especially myth&mystery that Carver set during 3years is very strong construction(so we have interest this myth every week)and look like simple.simple myth is always good things,I think,ike S1.
I love S6&S7,and also love S8 :) This show still growing up,how great this is!

And only thing I have disappoint and anxiety about Sam.
Many Sam girls has been pacience since premier and now they are so tired though trust show and Carver,you know.
Almost fan look like happy,that is great! But,I feel if this joy consisted expect Sam fan and forced pacience ,maybe mistake.
Now S8 is perfect,if Sam was back main-story(so far,Dean,Benny & Cas is centric,and Sam is very sideline,right? ),and described him enough,S8 is beyond awesome!
(And I hope this mean!Sam end till S8e9)

Thank you for reading.
Rebecca RGNYC
# Rebecca RGNYC 2012-11-17 00:37
I liked season 7 (devastated by the loss of Bobby though). I have enjoyed all the seasons of Supernatural. I am enjoying season 8 too and am looking forward to see more of the Sam mystery unfold. I am being patient, yes, but in the meantime, the Benny and Dean in pergatory story has been totally cool. Loved Garth and Kevin and all the great guest stars. The casting director is quite good I think. Supernatural is the only TV show I eagerly look forward to watching every week. I love reading civilized discussions about the episodes and am tortured by those whose comments are full of hate and unnecessary rancor.
Looking forward to more lively discussions!
# Jean 2012-11-17 00:53
Thanks for putting up this thread!

I'm loving Season 8. I stumbled upon Season 3's Mystery Spot one random afternoon during a Supernatural marathon on my local tv network, and I was immediately hooked. I watched the same episodes over and over every time they came on...Then I searched online and realized there were four and a half seasons already aired...Oh joy! Shortly after that I found this site, and have been lurking here ever since :lol:

Seasons 6 and 7 had me convinced that Supernatural, like so many other series, had started to go downhill, but I decided I would follow through till the very end (PLEASE DON'T END). Even with the news of Jeremy Carver coming back, my expectations weren't all that high...But deep down there's always been that glimmer of hope that can't be squashed, know what I mean? There's that sinking feeling you get when it feels like something you love is gonna disappoint you in every possible way, and yet there's always something that gives you a reason to keep holding on and entertain the possibility that it could get better and you could be wrong.......... .Or maybe that's just me :-?

For me, Season 8 so far has made it worth it to keep hoping. I'm satisfied with the plots and the overall tone and the feeling it leaves me with at the end of every episode...And oh my goodness, those slow-motion effects! Those extra few seconds of witnessing Crowley kill Kevin's girlfriend, and seeing Dean and Benny slashing away at Purgatory monsters, and watching Cas get beaten up...The shock and horror and angst all slowed down for it to really sink in makes it so much more horrible...MORE PLEASE!!! :P

On the other hand...I totally understand the issues people are having with Sam and his storyline...And I just wanted to share that for all these issues (not just the ones about Sam this season), I cope with it by filling up some of the gaps myself. I create theories about what the writers were trying to express, and I'm satisfied with the theory I have of why Sam wasn't the one to save Dean from Purgatory, and will continue believing it until I see something that indicates otherwise. Would I like to have a canon explanation of it? Hell yeah, but until then I'm gonna make do with what I have.

I've been wanting to gush like this for a while now, but somehow it always felt out of place at other threads. And then this one came along! So I might as well make this post not just about appreciation for Season 8 and Jeremy Carver, but for the show in general, the cast, the crew, Alice and the WFB writers for creating this website where I come for all things Supernatural-re lated...It wouldn't be my favorite show if any of the aforementioned were missing. So thank you :-) Writing any more will make me wanna cry and I'd like to avoid a chick-flick moment.
# ilovehowyouletmefall 2012-11-17 01:09
What I love most about this season is that it feels very organic. All of the emotional drive comes from where the characters have been previously, not artificial sources (for example, Sam being without his soul, or the Amy Pond situation).

I really appreciate that they seem to be greying-up the morality presented by the show, messing with the monsters-are-mo nsters-and-we-h ave-to-kill-the m philosophy of season 7. Last season's moral stance bothered me on such a deep level. To see it addressed not just with Benny, but with a whole episode from the monster's perspective, was great.

I love that Castiel is alive and present, and that he and Dean are talking about their feelings.

I'm getting more of an ensemble-cast feel from this season as well, what with Benny, Amelia, Cas, Crowley, Kevin and Linda Tran. Which makes me very happy.

I love that there's no what's-wrong-wi th-Sam plot so far, that they're just letting Sam be himself for a while.

And I love that there seems to be a sense of direction, and thought and planning. With the last two seasons, it really seemed like they never planned for more than half a season at a time. But now Carver has a three-season arc in mind. And each episode so far, even the monster-of-the- week ones, have contributed to the emotional arcs of the characters in a really relevant way, if not to the mytharc.

I'm so pleased with the season so far.
# Trucklady 2012-11-17 09:49
This is your chance to gush and/or share all sorts of love about your show. Tell us what's exciting you about it, how happy you are with the brotherly relationship, what's connecting with you in the plot, and even send some love to the current head of the creative vision, Jeremy Carver. If there's happiness, dammit, we want to know it!

Oh goody, a place to gush! I have to say I am loving S8 but I was one of those that never gave up the faith on the shows writers and crew. This season is just a bonus with how well it is going. It really is like a finely oiled machine with all the players and parts working so well together. Everyone really is on the same page with this show.

Dean: I'm just loving how he seems to finally be dealing and opening up more about everything that he has been holding in for way too long. I love that he is treating Sam much better now that Sam finally stood up to him in the last episode and has realized that his brother IS all he really has that he can count on. I also love that he has hung onto that Purgatory kickass "kill them before they get me" attitude when it comes to the monsters that cross his path. I could go on because I just love Dean but I'll move on.

Sam: I know there have been many that have been upset with the way his character has been written in the beginning of S8 but again I hung in there because I have faith in JC. The one thing I noticed right away was how they are letting him have the scruffy look now giving him that more grownup look then keeping him all clean shaven to appear as the "little brother". He has wanted to be treated as a equal and has told Dean that several times so this season it seems that just that little detail is making a big difference. This weeks episode gave us back that loving feeling between the brothers that we have loved in beginning seasons.

Cass: So loving he is back and back as the old Cass. I really loved the scene with Crowley where his eyes went even bluer than I thought could be possible. What an awesome scene that was!

Baby: As always, we can never get enough of the Baby scenes with rock music in the background. So glad she is back and better than before.

FB: Each week the FB give us a little more of the horrible conditions Dean, Cass, and Benny had to go through just to find their way out and the pieces are all fitting together like a beautiful puzzle. I've been waiting to see how it came about that Benny's sole got into Dean's arm since E1 and then what the portal would be or look like so that was great getting those answers.

JC: There has been a lot of disappointment (from others, not myself) in the direction that the show was going from the beginning but he has had the big picture from the beginning and in my eyes, has not faultered. It is all coming together now and we all just needed to be patient that he would get us our answers and get the boys back where we all love them to be.

In closing (finally you say), I have never had a show affect me and hold my attention like this one and I am so glad I found it back in season 5. Since then I have purchased all the seasons DVDs and watched them over and over and cannot wait until the next S8 night. Can't believe we have to wait 2 weeks for the next one but I'll just rewatch the one's I have on DVR. Thanks again Alice for giving us a place to Gush!!!!
# rmoats8621 2012-11-19 00:06
I totally agree with you and so I'm not going to repeat it. I just want to add that I think Jeremy Carver is doing an excellent job and I'm looking forward to seeing more!!! :D
# Darya 2012-11-17 09:53
I am loving season 8 so far, and a little bit more with every week.

- How great is it that we're getting some good music? Nearly every episode of S8 has had a great song. This means a lot to me, because I started watching SPN due to a song. I don't remember which one it was, but I was flipping channels and there was awesome music with Impala porn and I've been hooked since. It's a part of the show's awesomeness, and I'm glad it's back!

-Baby! Yes, I missed her so sorely last season. And she's getting some good screen time, isn't she?

-My complaint with season 7 was basically that some episodes felt like a parody of SPN than actual SPN (I'm looking at you, The Mentalist and SUDP) With this season, the mytharcs are better thought-of, each episode has SOMETHING to give to either character growth or mystery unravelling or the mytharc, and that's great.

- Last season, I'd look at the writer doing the episode and go into it and I'd get pretty much what I expected. This year, Adam Glass delivered with Southern Comfort, and this last episode by two of my least favorite writers wasn't bad either. So the show is surprising me. Great!

- I have no idea where anything is going, and a thousand theories to boot. That's always a great thing.

-Dean is back and badass. Loving this year's Dean!

-The boys are connecting, at least more so than in S7. There's been some great conversations, some non-verbal ones too, and that's amazing.

- HOW good is the visual effects team? I cannot stop gushing about the Leviathan meteor goo. Brilliant!

- Old plot -devices like the anti-possession tattoos, the demon-phone, the exorcism spell...I just love that all this is back. It's such a minor thing but it makes me happy. New stuff like badass purgatory axe-knives and demon bombs welcome too.

- (Shallow, shallow) LOVE Sam's hair :P

Happy with S8, can't WAIT for more. Great thread, Alice.
# mcm 2012-11-17 10:19
hi alice -
"Parade rainers will be turned away at the door. " -- THANK YOU! :-)
# Bamboo24 2012-11-17 14:56
What I love most about this season is that there has been a return to the creativity and energy of pre-S7. I love that they're bringing in new, fresh ideas, like the "Bitten" episode and the upcoming cartoonish one. Not only that, but the way Purgatory flashbacks have been shot is also incredibly creative and unique. This shows me they're still willing to take risks, that they still believe in this show, and that makes me exceedingly happy.

I love that both brothers have goals this season, as opposed to coming across as aimless, hopeless, and lost. That was my biggest complaint about S7. Yet the nihilism of the season past is long gone, and that is SUCH a relief.

I love the emphasis JC has put on character development and getting the brothers to a place of emotional honesty and maturity. We've already gotten hints of this, and that too is something that has been missing/missed. The brothers' relationship is going through changes this season, and again, it's refreshing. To me we are getting back to the heart of the show, which is family, and all that complicated, painful mix of emotions that goes with with it. Sam and Dean, because of all they've been through, are very different, complicated guys, and they have a very complicated, messed up sibling relationship. This season seems to acknowledge that.

There's a lot of mystery and unanswered questions surrounding this season, and I love that I have no idea what is going on or where they're taking this, yet also have the distinct impression that there is indeed a plan driving all this. The writing comes across for the most part as purposeful, and that is a complete 180 IMO from last season.

I love that we get to see Sam in a role that doesn't require him to be strapped down to a table having a seizure. :P :P That scenario has become so stale, IMO. I like that we get to see Sam uninhibited by any Supernatural influence for the first time in YEARS. And it's fresh and new and even startling to discover that his true wants and desires are still to someday have a normal life.
Good for him, I say.

Likewise, we get to see Dean in a role that doesn't require him to be anybody's savior. In fact, he is actually learning that he isn't responsible for everything and everyone. How strange and wonderful to watch this growth! Not only that, but he's faced with a situation he considers morally ambiguous - his relationship with Benny. It is going to be so interesting to see how this plays out.

I also love the expanded horizons - the Winchesters are slowly rebuilding their friend/ally base after everyone from S1-5 except Cas pretty died. Now we are getting a new and returning cast of characters including Garth, Sheriff Mills, Charlie, Amelia, Benny, the Trans, etc. Gaining new people is so much better than killing everyone off.

Call-backs to prior seasons - love this. There's a respect for canon this season, even amongst the changes.

New weapons - backward exorcisms, demon bombs, Dean's Purgatory club/axe.

Independence - the smart and competent Winchesters are back! Sam is once again the computer wiz, and can figure out how to fix/rig just about anything. Dean is a bad-ass warrior, excellent at combat and strategy...thou gh I still love his soft side. Even though the loss of Bobby still hurts, this is a far cry from how incompetent the boys seemed to be after his death in S7.

Baddies - demons are intimidating again. Leviathans are badass in Purgatory. And the angels have something up their sleeves.

Mission - oh what a compelling, overarching theme! Closing the gates of Hell just FITS. Can't wait to see how it plays out.

Okay, that's everything I can think of. LOL Thanks for this thread, Alice!
# Leah 2012-11-17 15:11
Completely agree, Bamboo24, you rock. I'm not convivced Sam is not under some spn influence, though.
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2012-11-18 09:19
What I'm loving right now is how excited I am on Wednesdays. I get all giddy in the morning, have to watch the promo one or two more times in the afternoon at work (it doubles as my coffee break because I don't have time for one) and then how eager I am as the clock ticks & tocks its way to 9 pm.

I didn`t realize how much I`d been missing the fun of those anticipatory emotions until I realized I was having them again (a la Season 4 & 5). I have always looked forward to watching Supernatural, but it`s back to being Can`t-wait-to-watch-SQUEEE!

I know some of the storylines aren`t to everyones taste, but Im loving the mystery and the intrigue. Im a sucker for things not being quite what they seem.
sue beattie
# sue beattie 2012-11-18 10:25
I want to add that I am loving S8 or Season Great. I love the brothers in conflict never minded it in earlier seasons don't mind it in this one. Nice to see Cas back and dang Crowley man he needs to be sent back to hell the man is evil. Cast is doing a great job and thanks to James Carver for keeping the impala in every eps we missed baby last year. I wamt to see the boys get back together but I enjoy watching Dean and Benny together and also the purgatory sequences. Still trying to get use to Amelia. And glad to see the ratings are up Supernatural seems to find new viewers and how can you not enjoy the show Jensen and Jared just rock as the brothers winchester.
# Daisymae 2012-11-19 11:31
One thing I like this season is the "word of God scenario. On other shows it could take on a religious tone but not on Supernatural. It's just another gig for our heroes. Our very lovely, gorgeous hunks who...... Sorry. I also find the pacing is faster and reved up a bit. And although Sam's not looking for Dean is of concern, the fast is it's wavering from the usual and is making the show more interesting to watch. In the eighth season you have to charge it up a bit, but not too much so you don't recognize the show. I think Mr. Carver knew exctly how to do this and has reached a good balance.
# Sylvie 2012-11-21 08:11
This is a great thread, thank you for giving us all the opportunity to gush. I'm finding this season is like a breath of fresh air. Sam & Dean have been through so much and they've matured beautifully. Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, they've seen it all and survived.

- Baby's back! 8)
- Dean's back to being the badass hunter that we know and love.
- Sam is mellow, and I like it. Will he stay like that? Who knows, but for now, I'm liking the change.
- Castiel is back in full angel mode like in season 4.
- Crowley & the demons, boy I missed them last season.
- Now, we could use some great classic rock to go with all of the greatness that is season 8. "Revolution" got not one but two Zeppelin songs. SPN deserves at least that and more!
- Last but not least, I'm so glad Jeremy Carver is back, because this is turning into an epic season.
# Prix68 2012-11-21 10:39
Season 8 is definitely firing on all cylinders. So happy that Cas is his old self. Missed the Impala more then I thought I would. Benny is awesome and the purgatory scenes are fantastic. I am stoked about this whole season and the story arc. And a shout out to Garth who sometimes seems like the most normal one of the group. Lol
# FoolForDean 2012-12-06 12:27
OMG Citizen Fang. My heart is still jumping out of chest!!! That was somethin'. I love it, I hate it, I love to hate it, I hate to love it... I don't even know anymore. But that is why SPN is AWESOME!

They give just enough to make the tension bearable, and then throw something else in that's just enough to make it unbearable. I went from happy (that Sam trusted Dean enough to give him the couple hours) to sad (when Dean made that damn comment about all his relationships coming apart) to happy (when the Sam was about to beat up Martin and when Dean told Benny how good Sammy is) to sad again (finding out Dean made the dick move of text as Amelia)...

Oh show, why must you torment me so!!! And why do love you for it?????
# Leah 2012-12-29 16:28
FoolForDean, missed this before! You express my conflicted feelings about this season perfectly!!! I hope the payoff is worth all the chewed nails. :-) Love it.
# suenash19 2012-12-29 14:05
I thought s6 and 7 were good, but s8 has really gone up a gear. More like s4 or 5. Loving it! Great to have Jeremy Carver back :-)