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We'd be remiss if there wasn't a discussion topic about our favorite wayward angel!  Given Castiel's return next week (sorry for those that haven't seen the preview, but I'm not counting that info as spoilery), the discussion is ripe.

What now for Castiel?  Luckily that whole "Castiel is nuts" story line is gone, but what about his mysterious behavior in Purgatory?  Do you think he was telling Dean the truth, he avoided him because he was a target and wanted to protect him?  Why was an angel banished to Purgatory anyway?  It's supposed to be monster Heaven, so if a human didn't belong there, and angel shouldn't either, right?  Or is it possibly related to him absorbing all the souls in Purgatory for his whole "I'm the new God" stint?  Ouch, my head hurts now!

What do you think Dean and Castiel's relationship will be once he's back?  What about Sam and Castiel?  Would you like to see a stronger friendship between Sam and Castiel, especially since Dean has Benny? 

Here's a devilish question to throw in...Do you think Castiel's character was short changed in season seven? 

Just about anything Castiel related is fair game here.  So take your curls in metaphysics and discuss! 


# MisterGlass 2012-11-09 21:30
Dean and Castiel's relationship may depend on how they last separated in Purgatory. My impression based on the flashback hints is that Dean left Cas behind to escape. Whether he was forced to by monster attack or to seize his opportunity of leaving Purgatory, I don't know. I do think Castiel was being honest when he told Dean that he left because he was a target. It appeared that the first Purgatory leviathan attack Dean experienced happened after he rejoined Cas.

It seemed to me that Cas and Sam were on good terms before the final leviathan confrontation. Cas made amends in the most direct way he could, and Sam being a forgiving soul accepted that. Depending on how Dean and Cas parted, there could be a stronger connection now between Sam and Cas. I think the angel should be close to both brothers. He said himself that he's "always happy to bleed for the Winchesters". They are the only brothers he remains close to after his rebellion and fall.

Castiel seemed neutral to Benny in Purgatory, but whether he would feel cast aside now is one question. Dean has as much as elevated Benny to the status of a brother by comparing him to Sam and Cas, which is quite an endorsement of Benny. Dean has always been desperate for family, and has had a terrible time holding on to it.

As far as Cas being an angel in Purgatory, it would seem like there would be a plan for that too, if it is an unwanted thing. If we consider Cas's shortcomings in dealing with the souls, perhaps he deserved to be there, and to remain there as a punishment until he deserved to be free again. I speculated during the break that Cas might not be the only angel in Purgatory, that there might be a section in it not for dead monsters, but for dead angels. If so, he might be forced to confront the angels he himself had killed. And perhaps some of them could be brought back as well. Perhaps even the only archangel who favored humanity, as somebody has to rule heaven.

Castiel's storyline in Season 7 was an odd one. The first two episodes provided a good resolution to the arc in Season 6, but the way in which he was brought back following the leviathan overthow felt rushed and odd. Noble as it was, the idea that he could take on Sam's madness had no forewarning and was quite the magic bullet. The idea of an insane angel was interesting, and the game of Sorry! with Dean was one of my favorite parts of the season. I'm glad however that insanity has been left in Purgatory, as I think it was explored enough.

What Castiel's role will be from now on, I don't know. I would like to see Castiel interact with the brother on his own terms and for his own reasons, rather than coming at their every call. He is at liberty to do as he will, answerable only to himself and his loyalties. That is a touch terrifying. He had freewill before, but he was naive, and he has paid dearly for experience. I think he will be more like the intense, somber angel we started with, and I am all for that.
# aelaine 2012-11-10 01:41
From the previews,seems like Cass will be bringing up some hard truths next week, hum, will have wait, I hate that!
I wonder what the role between him and the "new" Angels will be? Loving this season so far and hope Cass is back to his good self again,but knowing Cass, he always seems to get himself in trouble one way or another!
# Kalle 2012-11-10 13:55
Isn't Purgatory supposed to be Hell for the angels?

I'm not going to speculate on anything, I'll be waiting (im)patiently in the corner of my room while studying for my exams xD
Rick D
# Rick D 2012-11-10 16:45
I never thought I would say this, because I've never been a Cas fan per se, but I'm really excited to see Cas' return.

Obviously, because Dean still refuses to discuss what went on in Purgatory (as if anyone would judge him), there will be a strain between him and Dean.

OTOH, no such strain between Cas and Sam- so I'm looking forward to what they might say to each other, if and when we get any Sam and Cas bonding time. Will Cas finally get that Sam hug he was denied? Hugs seem to be a lot more freely given this season, so we will see. I hope so, and I'd love for Cas to be the one that Sam can confide in, and finally get to vent about Dean the way that Dean vented about Sam.
# st50 2012-11-13 14:32
I'm trying to set aside my expectations, and just enjoy the ride.
Looking forward to seeing him, and hearing his side of the tale!
# KELLY 2012-11-16 12:18
I have actually loved all versions of Castiel. He is a great character whose added a lot to the show (although my favorite is how he is now). I like that in some ways he is like the child Dean call him. But he has grown and had major set backs that make him extremely interesting character.

There is always the worry with him as a character that he is too powerful and will be fixall. I haven't found this to be overly used, so I'm still okay with it.

My gripe with his character is when they raise him from beloved series regular to one of the stars, which several reviews I've read have done. It's not so much what they call him as how that plays out. The most obvious example for me was Born Again Identity. Sam's story had been back-burnered for a good portion of the season. And the episode that should have been extremely Sam-centric and revealed to us a lot about him, became all about Cas and told nothing new about Sam. Don't get me wrong it was a kick-ass return. But it was to the determent of Sam's story.

His relationship with Dean for the most part only bothers me when they try to raise shipper fan fiction to the level of an actual canon (cough*coat scene) or when they try to put it on the same level as his relationship with Sam-again talking platonic here. Because that erodes the basis of the show. If every being he fights with a few years (or in Benny's case a year) means as much to him as the person he spent his whole life protecting and whose had his back since they were kids, who he sold his soul for. Than that just dilutes all the relationships. And makes them less compelling.

And the way they had Sam's story with Cas play out makes no sense. They've again and again had Castiel apologizing or having sorrow filled talks with DEAN. But the one who suffered at Cas' hands and actually the one who should be able to relate the most to Cas is Sam.

That is a loss of an incredibly juicy storyline. I don't even mind that Sam forgave him so easily (that seems Sam-like). But most of Cas' experiences are filtered through Dean, when Sam seems a much more likely candidate. Since they made similar mistakes and Cas' crimes where actually on Sam, I would like to see a heart to heart between the 2 characters. Hopefully this would give us some insight into both characters.

So I would like to see him build a relationship with BOTH of the main characters. And while I don't mind a Cas-centric episode every once in a while, I don't want it to be to the reduction of Dean or Sam storylines.
# eilf 2012-11-16 13:55
I agree with every bit of this. :D
Molly FLynn
# Molly FLynn 2014-06-04 20:47
I Just watched the epsisdoe/seaosn wehn Casitiel leaves his "body" and becomes human agian. I believe Castiel was a good balance with dean's chacater, h knows Dean's deepest, darkest thoughts and still sees the good that's in him. HE has such a good heat, everything he has sto deal with, espcially when Joihn tells him he may have to kill his brother to keep him safe.... Dean is awesome and they shoul keep casitel if nothing more than to balance out Dean
# uhmyeah 2014-10-18 10:38
S10 comment: I like the Hannah character (also introduced in press as a potential "love interest") but how much more interesting would it have been if she were human? A good old-fashioned "forbidden love" story line would go a long way (Buffy/Angel) in character development.