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Sunday was a very big day at New York Comic Con for The Winchesters.  Meg Donnelly (Mary), Drake Rodger (John), and Executive Producers Robbie Thompson, Jensen Ackles, and Danneel Ackles were on hand for a panel and press room interviews to talk all about The Winchesters, which premieres on Tuesday, October 11th.   Nightsky was in attendance for all the action and scored three very awesome interviews with this group.  They are all available here and on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. 

I won't have to issue any spoiler warnings here.  Everyone was on their best behavior and didn't give anything away.

First, this is the interview with Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger, who play John and Mary.  Word from Nightsky is that Drake behaves a lot like a young Jared.  This is something Jensen confirms in his interview later.  

Up next was an awesome interview with Robbie Thompson.  After watching this, I feel so glad he's part of this project.  His ideas are brilliant and he seems really passionate about this show.  He really wants to stay true to Supernatural in terms of tone.  

Finally, a really fun chat with Jensen and Danneel.  They are so fun together and it's so nice to see Danneel adding so much to what Jensen had to say (and correcting him here and there).  You'll even see a quick appearance from JJ, their oldest daughter.  

I'll work on getting these interviews transcribed since there were so many good soundbites.  In the meantime, enjoy!  Feel free to share any thoughts and speculation you have in the comments.  

Here's a couple more bonus photos:

Meg and Drake NYCC

Robbie Thompson NYCC