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Now that Supernatural has ended its first run on television (just putting that out in the universe), we all find ourselves looking back at its 15 years of history. What was it like when the show first started in 2005? Before conventions, or social media, or the formation of the SPNFamily, how did fans find the show? What did the producers and cast think about what was happening with their fledgling genre series?

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Go back in time with The WFB founder and Editor-in-Chief, Alice Jester, and me, Nightsky, WFB's Managing Editor and Social Media Manager to hear our behind-the-scenes (BTS) stories about the formation and evolution of the Supernatural fandom and The WFB! Earlier this year, we talked with Gail Z. Martin, professional author and avid Supernatural fangirl, about Supernatural, our behind-the-scenes interactions with its cast, and how The WFB came to be Supernatural's largest original content fansite!

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First up is Gail's interview with Alice. Alice shares many, many stories about Supernatural's early seasons, when renewal was uncertain, and fans weren't yet organized into the massive following the show enjoys now.  What inspired her to start The WFB? How did the show's writers first react to reviews and fan discussions? Find out in their fun 45 minute chat!

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A week later, I talked with Gail, picking up the story where Alice left off.  I start by sharing how I first found The WFB as a reader and the events that led me to not only join the writing staff but eventually become its Managing Editor. The WFB website then takes center stage, as I describe all its amazing content and how to find what interests you most. Around the 20 minute mark, I give BTS details of my "Threads" review series - how I first came up with the idea, how it was put together each week and what the Supernatural writers have told me about finding plot threads in their episodes. Then, at approximately 28 minutes into our talk, I switch to sharing stories and memories about my interactions with the cast at conventions, press rooms, press mixers, etc. To close out (at around 41 minutes), I introduce my book about Twilight (Fan Phenomena: The Twilight Saga) and how that came to be! 

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As an added bonus, Gail continued our nostalgic journey by talking with me about how the connection between Supernatural and The WFB led to my book about Twilight! Believe it or not, the Supernatural and Twilight universes do co-exist: there are plenty of non-reformed vampires in Bella's world for Sam and Dean to hunt! If you're interested in learning about the themes of strong families being formed when blood kin fail you (i.e. family don't end with blood), good vs. evil, heroes vs. monsters, supernatural vs. human conflicts, (sound familiar?), etc., enjoy this conversation on Twilight and Fan Phenomena: The Twilight Saga

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We'd love to hear your memories of the "early days"! Do you have questions about the fandom before you joined? Wondering where to find something about Supernatural on our site? Talk with us in the comments below! 

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Gail Z. Martin writes epic fantasy, urban fantasy and steampunk.  She is also the founder of the Con-Tinual: The Con that Never Ends Facebook group.
Alice Jester and Nightsky manage The Winchester Family Business. Enjoy reading their articles from the beginning! 

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