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Hey, everyone! I recently had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with director Glenn Payne and screenwriter/actress Casey Dillard, producers of the movie Driven. Released in 2019, Driven stars Supernatural favorite Richard Speight, Jr. as Roger, a mysterious passenger who is driven through the night to carry out an unknown mission.

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After thoroughly enjoying the movie, and noting in my thumbs-up review how much it resembled a Supernatural plot, The Winchester Family Business reached out to Glenn and Casey for an interview so we could learn more about what it was like to work with Richard Speight Jr., the challenges that go into making movies, its possible connections to Supernatural, and more. Enjoy!

, a Glenn Payne film, written by Casey Dillard, staring Richard Speight Jr. and Casey Dillard, is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video. Check out  the movie's trailer!

I would like to thank Glenn and Casey for taking the time to talk with me and The WFB about their film! You can watch more Dead Leaf Productions on their Vinmeo channel, then enjoy their comedy mockumentary series, Stagrassle Paranormal on Amazon Prime!

Please add your thoughts on the movie, the interview and my review below!

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