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Here we go, the final set of interviews from our Comic Con press room collective!
We managed to get two interviews from Eugenie Ross-Leming, and one from her writing and producing partner, Brad Buckner.  It was interesting talking about the same teasers with the different producers.  They all offered something different.  Brad and Eugenie were no different.  Here they talked about the writing process, possible crossovers, and how they approach writing for new characters.  Considering their senior roles and being the ones to lead the pack to deliver the vision set by Andrew Dabb, their approach to writing definitely explains why we've seen what we have seen in the last few seasons.  There's not a lot here different on what's coming for season 14, but there's definitely some reveals on why we've gotten what we have in recent years.  
Here's Alice's interview with Eugenie:
Here's Nightsky's interview wtih Eugenie:
Here's Alice's interview with Brad:   
What did you get out of some of their answers?  Please share in the comments.  
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