We have a new word to describe Supernatural Season 12, and Samantha Smith deserves all the credit.  In this interview she has coined the term that pretty much describes Mary's return, and the female presence in general for season 12...Asskickerage.  It has a nice ring.

Samantha was a surprise guest and in twelve seasons this is the first time I've ever got to interview her.  I've met her at cons before though and she's always been so sweet and pleasant. No doubt the whole experience of being back on "Supernatural" has thrown her for a loop, but she's digging in and having the time of her life. 

There are some mild teasers in there, but no big spoilers, unless you find Mary being a hunter a big surprise.  Considering that reveal was done in season four, that info shouldn't be new.   

Below is the full transcript of the interview and the video for it.  Again, yet again, apologies for the quality of the video.  Dark rooms just mess up everything, but at least Samantha wore white, which softens the video a bit.  

(Alice) Welcome back!

It’s so good to be back.

(Alice) Since you’ve only been in the pilot, you’ve never gotten a chance to do this.

I’ve been back unannounced, but either as a vision or an imagination or a evil demon pretending to be Mary…Mary, except for the first 90 seconds of the Pilot, was never a human being.   

Were you ever expecting to come back?

No.  People would often ask me, “How do you see Mary coming back?”  I think they’ve pretty much run through the list of options.  The only thing I could see is in the series finale, maybe John and Mary come back to life.  And because it’s Supernatural, they don’t know who the boys are and the boys are meant to be happy enough that they’re alive.  That’s how the show goes, right?  So when they called me in the spring and asked if I wanted to be in the finale I was like, “Oh, I guess the show’s over!”   Then I saw a friend of mine who’s a producer on the show, but we never really talked work stuff, and I said, “I’m going back for the finale,” and he’s like, “And next year.”  I’m like, “Wait, there’s a next year, and I’m in it???  What is happening?”  So, it was definitely surprising plus thrilling.  

My husband and I laugh.  It’s my dream job, (but) I’m not 28 anymore.  Yet now I’m doing hunting.  They’ve sent me to fight training and weapons training, they’ve sent me to all this stuff.  The director called me and asked, “How much fight training have you had?”  I’m like, “Oh, zero.”  I’m boxing and kicking…That’s what I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve never had that opportunity.  It’s exciting. 

We’re just excited to have a woman on the show kicking ass again.

Yes, thank you.  There’s a lot of that this season and not just me.  They’re really bringing in this whole element of strong, female…asskickerage. 

What is Mary’s relationship like with her sons, because they’ve grown up and they’re hunting?

First of all they’re hunters and it’s pretty clear she never wanted it.  Sam is, he is literally…oh God, I’m having to do math…is five years older than Mary.  Dean is 9 years older than Mary, and they’re both gigantic people.  But I think that once you’re a Mom, you’re always a Mom, and I liken it to when a person would give up (a baby) for adoption.  They haven’t seen them since they were an infant and when they’re an adult they hunt down the Mom.  It’s still your baby.  Even though I’ve been gone for 33 years I see them and they’re still my children.  It’s a little bit of a mind warp but I think that bond is there for sure.  It’s going to be fun to explore that.  Toss them around a little bit.

(Nightsky) Do you know how many episodes Mary is going to be in.  Is she here to stay?

I’m not here the whole season straight through, but it’s definitely a chunk, then probably more as the season progresses.  I don’t know exactly.    

Is there one brother that Mary might connect to more easily than the other?

Well, in as much as Dean was four and Sammy was six months old, with an infant love is pretty much one way.  The baby loves the Mom because that’s who feeds them, that’s who holds them, who he recognizes.  But I had a relationship with a four year old person with Dean.  With Sam, it’s a mother’s bond, it’s a mother’s love, I don’t even know what he looks like.  It’s not a favorite, yet.