Everyone sort of cringes when Mark Sheppard shows up in the press room.  He doesn't give spoilers, he doesn't particularly care for the press, if you ask him traditional questions about the season to come or the season past he gives short uninformative answers, sometimes downright rude.  Some of my worst interviews have come from Mark.  HOWEVER, this is not one of these interviews.  He was in a good mood and we had a fun 6 min and 40 sec conversation with him.  

There are no spoilers here.  It's a casual chat where Mark dodges just about every question.  However, I'll summarize a few soundbites that were interesting:

"Crowley will always be one step ahead.  That's how I'm always going to play it.  Whether Andrew writes it that way or not, whether it's done that way or not, that's what I do." 

What was his highlight from last season on the set?  "Eating peanuts I think in the end.  I didn't have a lot to do last season."

Mark and Nightsky got into a discussion about Rowena.  Mark continues (and does at all the cons) to clarify that she's Fergus' mother, not Crowley's.  He thinks he shows her "a token gesture toward a Mother relationship."  If you scrape away Crowley, there's some Fergus left there.  

What does he think about the change of this season's theme to family?  "I think it's a good idea.  It's an interesting concept.  We have more stories within us than necessarily a big story outside of us.  Some of the best episodes we've ever had has been standalones.  Pretty much every favorite episode is a standalone episode.  You've got to figure that it balances itself out.  You take 11/12 seasons together you have some seasons that are major story arc and some that are less major story arc and more theme and have some seasons that are bits that you cobble together.  I don't think it matters.  However the writers approach it, we're still interested in the Winchester brothers and that's what counts.  If we're not interested in the Winchester brothers we don't have a series to watch.  As much fun as Misha and myself and the rest of us around the boys are, it's about them.  If you want to watch them, it's the right place to be.  I think we've done a very good job building and structuring over the years that platform to watch what happens to the Winchesters. 

I remember doing "Weekend at Bobby's."  It was a fantastic episode.  I'd like to see a "Weekend at Crowley's" or a Weekend at Cassie's" at some point, and we've always wanted to do those.  Maybe they will explore that at some point.  Bottom line is, me filling out paperwork is not as interesting as watching the Winchesters cutting heads off Monsters of the Week."  

Apologies again for the grainy video and pictures.  It was just way too dark in that room.