Those of us covering "Supernatural" enough know one thing, Mark Sheppard doesn't give straight forward interviews.  He doesn't like traditional questions, and if you hammer him with normal questions he could come off as a bit of a jerk.  Luckily, our table knew how to have fun with him and flagged him down as interviews were wrapping up.  So what you mostly see here is us having fun with Mark.  Someone did try to ask a straight-forward question like what happens with Crowley this season, and he only gave the word "Dead!".  He's still insisting as he did in the panel his character is dying.  We'll put that in the "foiler" category for now. 

Given the light nature of the interview, I'm not going to transcribe it.  There's nothing really to transcribe.  However, I will share the text for the one serious question he did answer, and he offers nothing but praise for two directors, Jensen and Misha.  He actually calls them brilliant.  It's some pretty nice words. 

Have you ever considered directing an episode?

Nobody’s asked me.   

How does it feel since Jensen’s directing this one?

I was in his first, and his third, and his fourth.  He a brilliant director.  If he wasn’t a good director it would be different, he’s a really good actor.  That’s the misnomer he brushes it off as not a big deal.  He’s really, really good at it.  Misha’s really good at it, surprisingly.  It takes a certain intelligence to be directors, very very smart in general and they’re both two of the most intelligent men.  


# Dan115 2015-07-15 20:59
Mark Sheppard repeatedly said he was getting killed at the end of the season (last season) at the Seattle con so yeah, I don't take that stuff seriously. I think it's one of his ways of deflecting questions. His panels are interesting that's for sure. Good luck to anyone trying to ask him questions.:)
# Dan115 2015-07-15 21:03
Alice, thank you so much for all the work you put in at SDCC! You worked your ass off and it is very much appreciated.
# debbab 2015-07-20 14:43
Even if Castiel succeeds in killing Crowley whilst under the beast spell, come on, this is SPN- and he is Crowley- it wouldn't be Supernatural unless someone dies and comes back. Sheppard never answers a question at these outings- why start now?