What can you say about Jeremy Carver when he talks about what's coming for the show.  He says things that aren't inaccurate, but they might not mean what is said word for word either.  All depends on the meaning of the word!  Anyway, this interview is short, but he does give a nice little preview of what might be coming, including a spoiler for Sam that might have been interesting if Jared hadn't given us more details in his interview!  But still, there is relevant information in here, so for those that don't want to watch the video, or want to truly analyze the words that have been said, I have the full transcript below the interview. 

So Jeremy, the Darkness?  It’s huge.

Yeah, I think we’re really excited.  So much of the show is tapping into a twisting, sort of like biblical thing.  We’re sort of in unchartered ground here where we’re saying before all that there was something.  We realize that something is…we teased it…that there was this battle between God and the Archangels and the Darkness.  As we begin to meet the Darkness and see the Darkness we’re going to see there’s some unfinished business from that clash, how ever many zillion years ago that was.  The boys are going to find themselves right in the middle of it, unfortunately also realizing that they’re mostly responsible and it weights really heavily on them.  It’s going to be one of those seasons where I think they have a fair amount of guilt (over) what has happened but a real, real stiff upper lip and a sense of drive to put this thing back in the bottle as it were. 

If we’re going to see The Darkness does that mean we’re going to see God down the road? 

It’s a fair question to ask and it’s one the boys certainly will ask and fans of the show are going  have to ask themselves,  if God didn’t bother to show up for the apocalypse why is he going to show up for this?  It’s one of those outstanding questions.  In some ways in terms of the brothers and their melodrama, Dean this year really has this sense of this “We did this we have to fix it.”   Even though they’re on the same page, Sam has this sense of, “Well, we did do this, but I’m not quite show how we’re gonna fix it.”  You’ll start to see in the opening episodes Sam is going to turn to something that he hasn’t really done which is trusting in something higher because he’s a little bit out of answers right now.  In a show that studiously avoids faith you’re going to see Sam Winchester start to dabble in that and I think that’s going to be a really interesting move for him. 

I just spilled it all right here.  At table 4, this is it. (table laughs)

Charlie, are you going to rectify it? 

Am I going to rectify it?  (laughs)

Get Charlie back, fix it too.  Fix it.  

When there is a great, great reason, I’ll be the one making the call.  As anything, as with her death and with any death of any beloved character, you had to have a really good reason dramatically speaking to do what you’re doing.  That would involve any return also. 


# YellowEyedSam 2015-07-14 07:43
This show is treading a thin line between comedy and seriousness when it comes to death. If characters kept coming back death would have no impact. You'd feel no tension or excitement as a side character risks their lives. I'm getting a little tired of people going on about resurrecting Charlie. She, like Bobby should stay dead.
# BoGirle 2015-07-14 08:48
Agreed. I hated the poorly written way that she was killed off, but she's gone now. I'm sorry that she didn't get the beautifully written tribute that Bobby got, but what's done is done. Death has to mean something. Everyone on this show is expendable IMO except Sam and Dean. They kind of diminished Charlie's season 10 death to begin with by having her die in season 9 and having Gadreel revive her minutes later.
# Jen 2015-07-15 04:51
Agree, Agree Jeremy Carver ?? Did say that it is the sort of show where death is enevitable so favourite characters will die - dead is dead
# cheryl42 2015-07-14 09:57
Other than ghost Bobby I have actually liked all of Bobby's returns to the show. They made sense to me and fit the story. I hated Bobby's death. In S7 it didn't make much sense specially since he was back almost immediately. Charlie's death made no sense, was gruesome (unnecessarily) and pissed off a lot of fans. However I am with Jeremy, there has to be a really compelling storyline that would make her return not seem like fan service or a stunt for ratings.
I am intrigued by the story for Sam. Imaginary friends, spirituality sounds like a different journey. I also love that it sounds like the brothers feel responsibility for the Darkness but not blaming each other. Just put their heads down and work to defeat the big bad together. Together!
# BoGirle 2015-07-14 11:16
Amen to a moratorium on the blame game! They both have blame aplenty to share. Better to just move forward than to sit around trying to decide who's more responsible. A little commiseration and personal reflection wouldn't go amiss, but no blaming please. I loved Bobby's return this year. If they can think if an equally good way to get Charlie back then I'm all for it, but I actually agree with JC (and boy, it feels weird!) that they can't just resurrect her simply because the fans want it. Maybe if Sam is going to get a little spiritual Charlie, Kevin, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Ash can all come back in snippets that way.
# Dan115 2015-07-14 14:12
I 100% agree with both you and Cheryl. If the story moves on in the way it has been hinted at I would be a very happy fan. I for one would be glad to move on from the blame game by the characters and the fans. My hope is that some of the more OOC moments the characters have had the last few years can be chalked up to unfortunate writing and we as fans can stop blaming the characters. As for the "return" of dead characters I also agree that it would need to make sense and add something to the story. Ghost Bobby was a mistake and the timing sucked. The show has established since the beginning that we will revisit some of the departed characters so I am ok with that but to shoehorn them in to appease fans is wrong. I also hope that the boys can keep a few friends, instead of killing them off for emotional punch. That would be nice.
# Dan115 2015-07-14 14:26
Oh and lets get Bobby out of heaven jail (or wherever they took him).
# JJA 2015-07-14 13:47
Rectify Charlie's death? No, he got that one right.

Kevin's death, Tessa's death, Death's death -- those are deaths he got wrong.
# anonymousN 2015-07-14 13:55
You’ll start to see in the opening episodes Sam is going to turn to something that he hasn’t really done
He has hasn't he?i.e had faith? I do not know if I am remembering wrong .Wasn't "Faith" that where Sam turned?
# cheryl42 2015-07-14 15:03
Well he turned to a faith healer. I don't know if that is the same thing. He did say that he prayed every day in HOH but I think his faith was shaken when God started letting apocalypse's and Leviathans and all manor of Hell to break loose on earth.
# Dan115 2015-07-14 15:42
I think their view of "faith" has evolved for both brothers since Faith. Since then angels, God, heaven, hell, Lucifer have become part of their world and not always in the ways Sam might have imagined back then. Dean had NO faith back then, Sam did. Now Dean and Sam are aware of the existence of those things and are more pragmatic about all of those things now. I think they have more faith in each other than they have in biblical things, as portrayed on this show, which have been often letdowns.
# anonymousN 2015-07-15 07:53
@cheryl42 and Dan115....It is just that Sam has already turned to faith , praying other times .It is not something new...If he had told Dean it would have been okay for me..but Sam? he has turned to faith.may be he will become a religious zealot.who knows with carver anything is possible.
# cheryl42 2015-07-15 09:56
Yes it does sound like this is going to be different than what we have seen from Sam in the past.
# BoGirle 2015-07-14 15:14
I think of the two, Sam has always been more willing to give faith a try. It makes sense to me that he would be the one to go down that road more than Dean. I am not sure I agree with JC that Sam's faith has been lost, we've not really seen that, but it DOES make sense that Sam would turn to faith in the absence of any other recourse. I wonder if it will be a little like his powers from season 2? I had always thought that that story had gotten dropped too early (and then manipulated into something else in season 4). I'd love to see that those powers were a natural part of him and had nothing to do with the demon blood. JC (or maybe Jensen) inadvertently confirmed that Sam's demon blood is gone, or at lest they intended us to assume that it was gone after The Great Escapist. They didn't ever really wrap that up in any satisfying way, at least not for me. It would be kind of cool if Sam's powers came back after a fashion and he could know that they weren't a part of his demon blood taint and could trust them and use them for something good. I'd be all for that.

It makes me wonder, do you think JC is aware of how underutilized Jared was last season, how underwritten and this is a way to maybe fix that?
# Gwen 2015-07-14 18:14
It makes me wonder, do you think JC is aware of how underutilized Jared was last season, how underwritten and this is a way to maybe fix that?
Maybe. From all the interview articles I've read there does seem to be some good stuff ahead for Sam in s11. I've loved all the spoiler snippets we have been getting regarding Sam. I can't wait to see them touch on Sam's faith again, HOTH is one of my absolute favourite episodes.

And amen to there being no more blame gaming, please let that have stopped now for good. And another amen to Charlie staying dead. Maybe she could come back briefly as part of Sam's spiritual arc, although if this could bring anyone back I'd like it to be John.
# BoGirle 2015-07-14 21:48
Or Bobby, or Kevin, or Ellen or Jo or Ash or Rufus or even Grandpa Campbell.....I' d like to see any/all of them before I see Charlie again.
# Jen 2015-07-15 05:05
Maybe we are looking at the obvious meaning of faith. There are many other not so religious faiths. The American Indian for example had a great faith and believe in the natural powers that abound in nature. And there are other tribes throughout history that had faith in a higher power - but not necessarily God. God the person would be a difficult story line to write it would be soooooooo controversial ???
I would like to see Sam's visions as a type of dream as though the knowledge has always been in him He just needed to reach a point in his journey where he could except it. Jensen also hinted at - Dean killed death - is he now death. ?? Also Dean has visions as well - whether same as Sam's or Death visions anyones guess.
Just looking forward to this season and the Boys being united YIPEEEEEEEEEEE
# BoGirle 2015-07-15 06:36
I would like to see Sam's visions as a type of dream as though the knowledge has always been in him He just needed to reach a point in his journey where he could except it. Jensen also hinted at - Dean killed death - is he now death. ?? Also Dean has visions as well - whether same as Sam's or Death visions anyones guess.
The first part of that sounds awesome and so does the very last; the bit about visions. I'd love to see both of them having differing visions and then have to discuss which is the best way to proceed. The one thing that got teased was this ideas that Dean is now Death. I really, Really, REALLY do not want that to be true, REALLY. Something like that takes Dean away from hunting, separates him from Sam, and Cas and everyone. He can't be a hunter or a brother or a friend if he's Death. It would suck out loud if they did that. Dean has been so very singularly self absorbed while he's had the Mark. He didn't really care about anything other than what was going on with himself, and showed very little interest or concern for his brother, and virtually none at all for Cas. If he's Death then I see that disinterest getting even worse; he'd have to be gone across the universe doing his thing and his brother and his friends would be left to flounder without him. This the reason Sam is never going to get his normal; because it removes him from the story. Same thing with Dean being death... it would remove him from the story. Thats a big NO from me.
# Jen 2015-07-15 08:01
BoGirle Howdy thanks for liking my thoughts. When I suggest Dean being a Reaper or Death I meant out side the square. LOL I'm weird like that. I would not won't Dean as death NO WAY I totally agree with you on that one. But their must be some reprecussions from killing death It would be interesting.

The other thing is I don't really won't them to portray a God - I don't know it doesn't sit right with me I can't put a reason to it -- it just seems silly. A abstract God maybe not a person Something like a brilliant light or something mmmmmmmmmm
# BoGirle 2015-07-15 17:42
I agree about God too. Leave that up to our imagination and he/she/it can stay more flexible if he/she/it stays less specific and more conceptual.