I always love interviewing Misha.  He's so pleasant, happy, fun, and we don't really have to talk about the show with him, not that he had a lot to share about Castiel anyway.  When talk breaks out about GISHWHES and fan conventions with him, that subject matter is just as entertaining.  There is one spoiler in here about season eleven for Castiel.  Otherwise, just enjoy the fun. 

For those that need a full transcript, here it is!

You got an “Oh yay!” when you came over here.

Did I get a “Oh yay!?”  Who were the losers you’ve been talking to so far?

That Carver dude.  

(Misha laughs).  

(Question about GISHWHES registration)

I am, it’s getting down to the wire.  We only have one week left for registration to open for hunting.  There’s a lot of preparation going into it.  We’re always endeavoring to make GISHWHES bigger and better and weirder than it was the year before.  We’re raising the bar on ourselves which is a very stressful enterprise.  I love it, and people have such a fun time going it, but there’s always a point and that point is right around now where I’m like “God, kill me, it’s so much work!” but then people have such a great time and it’s so gratifying.  

Did you ever see yourself doing something a Nerd HQ or something like that at a Comic Con.

You mean do like a GISHWHES panel kind of thing?  Or an event?  Yeah, actually I allmost tried to pull that off this year.  But again I started shooting the season, too much going on, I had some other little projects that we’re doing, no, I almost did something really cool at Comic Con this year.  But, I can’t tell you what it was because I’m going to save it for next time.  

Any hints?

Sure, yes.  It’ll involve drones.  Yeah, and scientists.  If you guys want to mention GISHWHES and registration closing soon that is something a lot of Supernatural fans participate in and there’s always Supernatural related items like Jensen Ackles’ face in skittles and classy things like that.  

I’m actually shocked you don’t have his face in burger wrappers.  

Oh!  Interesting idea…(grabs his phone) 

You just tweeted yourself not so long ago a picture of yourself in the episode Jensen directed with some really red, scary looking eyes.

That was just me being bloodshot.  I was just tired.  

Can you tell us a little about that?

Castiel picks up season 11 right kind of right where things left off.  He’s suffering the effects of the attack dog spell, he’s not doing well.  It’s not effecting him exactly in the same manner that it’s affecting a human, but it does affect him in a very adverse manner.  That is, uh, I’m trying to parse my words carefully with so I’m not spoiling too much but it’s something he’s coping with for quite some time.  

You are here largely because of fan support and because fans loved the character so much that you became a regular on the show, after all these cons you’ve been to is it still new for you, do you still love doing this?  

Yeah.  It’s not new necessarily, there are always new aspects, but I think I’ve done like 70 conventions now.  Crazy. I didn’t realize that until somebody told me recently.  I don’t know if it’s true, I didn’t fact check it.  When you are an actor in film and television, you’re performing for the most part for the camera crew and the director and you don’t really have a large or responsive audience.  It’s really cool for us to be able to come to conventions and meet fans and get on panels and have live interaction where you get that feedback from your audience and the fans.  I think it makes this job a lot more fun and gratifying and we get to see if we’re actually having an impact on an audience in a more personal way than just looking at ratings on a sheet.  It’s a good thing.