Today was the big "Supernatural" day at San Diego Comic Con and as I've done the last six years (!), I was there for all the action.  This is my roundtable interview that took place in the "Supernatural" press room with the beautiful and always pleasant Jensen Ackles.  He does actually share some small spoilers for Season 11, but trust me when I say, they're pretty damned exciting.  

For those of you that can't play the video or can't make out what was said, here's the entire transcript!  

Just before the interview, when Jensen was approaching our table, he stopped at the table next to us, where Jared was, and proceeded to mess up his hair!  That’s the segue-way into the beginning part of our conversation, where we start talking about Jared’s hair. 

New life as a hairdresser. 

Jensen:  If you only knew.  If you only knew how many times I’ve had to, “wait stop!” (motions fixing Jared’s hair) “Okay go!”  

The director side of you. 

Yeah.  That’s the “We’ve only got 12 hours to do this and if we stop every time and do a full hair redo we’re going to be here until next year.”  

Has Jared ever wanted to shave his head?

(Jensen has no answer, contemplates)

Have you ever wanted to shave his head?

Yes! Every time I’ve had to stop and do that (motions fixing hair).  Every time I’ve had to, “Just give me the clippers.  

You think you can write into the story line they shave his head in some weird, ridiculous way? 

That would be epic.  It would never happen.  No, I would get assassinated.  

What’s going to happen with Dean and Castiel’s relationship this season?

I don’t know.  I’ve only read about four (episodes) so far and its pretty status quo.  I would imagine given the issue of the darkness we’re going to need as many allies as we can get.  Cas obviously probably number one.  I assume that he’ll be hanging out with us quite a bit and trying to figure out how we’re going to fight this big bad. 

(My question!)  How mortified is Dean then that all of this is happening because of the decision he made for that thing (MOC) on his arm? 

It’s been kind of a rabbit hole.  I think that the pity party is over with Dean.  I’m sick of playing it (table laughs), I think they’re sick of writing it.  The Mark is gone, great, now I’m back to normal  and I can fight whatever that means.  Whatever mess we made, then, it’s our job to clean it up.  I’m not going to feel guilty about it though because it’s the whole “sometimes you’ve got to do a little bad for the greater good” and I think Dean has come to terms with what he’s done.  He wore that monkey on his back and now he’s done with it.  And I think that getting back to the original format of the show and how that journey began was the two brothers with a common goal, band together, this is where the road is going to take them.  I think that’s where we find ourselves this year.  I’m happy about that.  

Sure there will be issues along the way and there’s always going to be…the brothers are going to fight and bicker but at the end of the day they’re not afflicted with anything anymore.  There’s no demon blood, there’s no Mark of Cain, there’s no whatever it is.  They’re back to being brothers and they’re back to fighting for the common good and I love it. 

You sound happy.

I am! (laughs).  I am happy about that.  

Can you tell us about the episode you directed and what the big the challenge was?

I’m literally in the middle of directing that right now.  I’m 4 days in and I’ve got 4 days more days this week and the biggest challenge is going to be tomorrow because it’s an entire day with Mark Sheppard (table laughs).   

More reports coming soon, with the next item being our interview with Jared Padalecki!