I’m going to be honest, I think Mark Sheppard was in a bit of a mood.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s always avoided spoilers and dodged our questions about the upcoming season and what to expect of Crowley, but he normally has a little fun with us.  This time, he really didn’t give us much at all and came across as snippy with several answers.  He even admitted he was the worst person to interview, and sadly what we got does seem to prove his point.  Still, Mark did give a couple good answers, so here’s the transcript, dodges and all. 

Here's the video of the Interview, attitude and all! 


Your performance in season 8 and season 9 I absolutely loved. 

Thank you.

Did you enjoy transforming Crowley from the King of Hell to basically a drug addict.  

Transformed him into the King of Hell from a drug addict?  The King of Hell is a drug addict.  Rendered to be a drug addict.  A very interesting concept.  The idea of addiction and subsequent idea of Dean’s addiction in the last season which I think is a very interesting place to go.  What is humanity, what are we…did you enjoy? 


That was the idea. 

What does Crowley want?

Oh who knows.  You’re going to find out though, you always find out. 

How does he take advantage of Dean’s circumstances?

In a very Crowley-esque way.  Why would I tell you? 

You’re keeping the cards very close.

I don’t have any cards.  The guy with the glasses has the cards, that guy (points to Jeremy Carver at another table).  

It seemed like they got pretty close, Dean and Crowley, within the last season, maybe as close as they’re going to get.  How would you describe where their relationship is going in season ten? 

Close.  (Points to Carver again).  

As a season regular now…

Series regular. 

…You seem to have a lot more involvement in the story now.  

Before I was a series regular…you haven’t seen me as a series regular yet.  I’m a series regular in season ten, so you’ve only ever seen me as a guest star. 


I don’t know, Crowley’s position has increased in canon I guess.  I have no idea what’s in store.  If I did I wouldn’t tell you.  

Do you bring a lot of improv to the character?

Do I bring a lot of improv?  We have amazing writers on this show.  They work so hard to provide me with dialogue that makes them giggle, that makes me giggle, makes you giggle ultimately.  That’s the path.  The path is they’re giggling with it, they give it to me with hoping  that I’ll giggle with it, then I get to giggle with it and then you guys get to giggle with it.  That’s maybe the easiest description.  There’s been stuff that’s come up but only really situational things.  The (?) Crowley is the product of me having to get off the ground and keep the kid’s attention while he’s trying to kill me.  It was just random conversation, you want to say something,  it was a physical thing.  It’s not actually in the script, because in the script I’m not being helped up, the cycle changes.  Great writers, great people.  They fight over my dialogue, I know they do.  Ask him (points to Carver again), have you talked to him yet?  


You see, you lost all the opportunities to talk to him.  Those are the questions you should have asked.  

Are we going return to the story line of Crowley’s son?

Guy with glasses (points again to Carver). 

Is there anything you can tease?

No, never will.  I’m the worst interview ever.  

Let’s go back to your promotion as series regular.

I don’t know that it’s a promotion.  I don’t know that it is.  It’s complicated.  It’s appreciated, I think it’s a practicality.  I don’t feel any more love or any less love. 

Are you going to sing in the upcoming 200th musical episode? 

(Points to Carver again).  

Would you like to?


Are you an avid TV watcher? 

Yeah, I can be.  

What are some of the television shows that capture you this season? 

This season?  I haven’t gotten to see a lot of this season stuff.  Breaking Bad was fabulous, True Detective was amazing, there’s a lot of things.  Watching a lot of Shipping Wars…

Have you shipped yourself yet with anyone?

Yeah, funny.  

What’s been the biggest challenge of playing Crowley, has it changed throughout the seasons? 

Biggest challenge?  It’s the questions.  Just watch it, enjoy it, love it.  I do.  You’re not quite ready for them.  I’ll never tell you the truth anyways, it doesn’t really matter.  Yeah, he’s going to grow wings and fly and be an angel next year.  

Would you let your children watch “Supernatural?”

My children do watch “Supernatural.”  My nine year old and fourteen year old both watch, they have for many years.  

With that Mark got up and left since it was his time to move on.  Were all less than happy with the answers we got, but that’s the world of blogging.  Next time I think I’ll just bring up the weather.  Or perhaps we can play a hand of cards for five minutes.