Our roundtable time with Misha Collins was the least, only about four minutes. Still, we got some great sound bites regarding his recent nasty bicycle accident, being pranked in season five by Jared, and how Castiel has taken up crochet. And is learning how to ride a bicycle. As usual, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

Misha gingerly worked his way over to our table, and we could tell he was in some pain. We all asked how he was. “Terrible, how are you?” Of course he was joking, but in a way he really meant it.
Why are you terrible?
MC: Well, I’ve been in the hospital. I crashed on my bicycle going about 55 mph. 
(Something about it being stupid muttered in the background).
MC: You’re right, thank you, I haven’t gotten that reaction yet. “You are stupid.”

Were you wearing a helmet?
MC: I was. Still, crashing going 55 mph is stupid, in my opinion.
Only if you did it on purpose.
MC: No, I didn’t do it on purpose.
Are you a little banged up?
MC: I’m a little banged up. I just tore some muscles and I’m missing a lot of skin. My shirts are sticking to my scabs. Other than that…
So you’re being a method actor since Castiel was basically destroyed at the end of last season.
MC:  Exactly, I wanted to know what that felt like.
Use that in your work.
MC: I am. And I’m using that to negotiate for better pay. 
Do you feel more part of the ensemble now?
MC:   Yeah. A little bit I do I guess. Now they have a chair with my name on it on the set which is nice. You know you’ve made it when you get that little-
They do great things to it and put stuff on it?
MC: I’m sure they do.
We’ve actually heard of a lot of pranks on the set. Have you been the victim of a prank recently?
MC: We were shooting a scene last week where Jared and Jensen were standing on either side of a doorway and I had to walk between them to talk to Bobby. And uh every single time we shot, every time Jared did something to me as I was walking past him but right below where the camera would see so it just looks like I was fucking up (laughter). It would be he tripped me, he would grab my ass, he dug his thumb into my ribs, and I was just trying to keep it together (grits teeth), keep it together. So yeah, that’s kind of the tone, the ambient tone.
We talked about how Castiel is a very stoic kind of character and how difficult is that to maintain?
MC: When Jared is grabbing your ass. (Big laughs). It is somewhat difficult to maintain in that context. Honestly I think that normally it would be a bit easier but there is…I’d have to say he’s one of the hardest parts on the show. Like not laughing. 
Was it hard playing the transition between a really stoic character like Castiel to the Jimmy Novak character?
MC: Yeah, it was hard in a sense in that was a lot to juggle, also both of those characters in that episode were going through their own sort of arcs and they were jumping in time, so it was a lot to just sort of figure out where exactly I was at any given point. But, it was fun, fun to do that.
They were very good, they were very distinctly different characters.
MC: Thank you, thanks.
We got to see a little bit of your backstory last season. You think you’re ever going to see your family again?
MC: I don’t know, I don’t know. Um, it seems like things can get resurrected in Supernatural. So, it’s entirely possible. But I don’t know.
We heard that Castiel is sort wandering alone in the wilderness at this point, cast out of Heaven. What’s he doing with himself? Is he totally at wits end?
MC: Well, he’s taken up crochet. And um he’s learning to ride a bicycle so he’s got a lot going on. I think he’s got his own agenda which will be revealed in episode two. Very big stuff I have to say. Epic. You look incredulous but I’m telling you it’s huge. It is huge.
With that it was time for him to go onto the panel. That ended my whirlwind hour in the press room. Off to the panel next!