It turned out my table’s final interview of the day was with Jim Beaver.  He was just as evasive with important questions about season seven as Jared Padalecki and Ben Edlund, but it was still a pleasure to talk to him.  Jim this time had a “Singer Salvage” t-shirt on and he looked great.  Knowing time was running short, we jumped into questioning. 
SPOILER ALERT though, for Jim does share a small tidbit about the second episode of the season.  

(Alice) Are you still feeling pretty secure that Bobby is going to live through all this?
Oh, I feel pretty secure about Bobby.  On the one hand, it’s “Supernatural.”  They could hammer Bobby’s brains out with a club and he’d probably be back a few episodes later.  I hope they don’t do that but, cause I’m not really a betting man.  Yeah, at this point it feels like that Bobby’s around for the long run.  
Anywhere you’d like Bobby to end up, romantically or otherwise? 
That’s pretty much what we all want, isn’t it?  I think all of the characters on the show want to reach a point that they can just live lives of peace and have a real life, instead of always wondering if something is going to take over your brain or eat your face.  Whether there’s romance in Bobby’s life I don’t know.  They haven’t done much to hint about it so I don’t have any strong clues but I wouldn’t be adverse to it.  Romance is nice I hear.  
(Alice) Do you know how many episodes you’re going to be in this season?
I don’t.  I never know how many I’m going to be in.  I know I’m in the first three.  I don’t have any solid, written in stone information after that.  Bobby’s been in more episodes each season than the season before so I presume that at the very least I’ll be around as many as before.  There are no guarantees.  
What about Sheriff Rhodes coming back for a episode?
Sheriff...wait a minute, Sheriff Mills, played by Kim Rhodes.  I make the same mistake the other day.  I should remember because I played Sheriff Mills on “Harper’s Island.”  Kim Rhodes is coming back as Sheriff Mills, but not the one I played on “Harper’s Island.”  She‘s coming back for an episode maybe two.  I’m not certain about the second.  The new big bad this season is really going to show it’s face in the second episode.  Sort of by coincidence Sheriff Mills is going to get caught up in that and I think she’s going to rely on Bobby a bit to help her out of the situation.  What happens after that I don’t know because I haven’t read a script past that.  But I think she’s going to be around somewhat.  
There are things I do know that I can’t talk about that made me but a big “maybe” on that.   There’s going to be some interesting infrastructure and geographical shifts in the show.  So a lot of things that Sam and Dean and Bobby have counted on, a lot of things that the audience have counted on, are going to get reshuffled.  I’m running out of synonyms for “reshuffled.”  
Is it possible the that Cas as God will have something to do with the reshuffling?  
I would say indirectly.  A lot of what the guys have counted on in the past isn’t going to work the same way.  They’re gonna have a lot of figuring out something new that does work.  And I don’t know how the writers are going to do it.
In the western episode Bobby makes a reference to “Deadwood.”  Was that scripted?
That was scripted.  
Was it a nod to you?
Yeah, I think so.  And a bit of a shout to the fact that I didn’t get to go back to the old West.  Still steaming about that one.  There were a couple of low key references to my past in that episode.  That one was definitely scripted.  A couple episodes later there was a demon version of Bobby, his name was Ellsworth, who was my character on “Deadwood.”  They’re not stumbling over this stuff.  They’re making it happen.  There was a reference to “Star Trek” in the western episode and originally it didn’t have anything to do my past.  I think I said something like “I only watch The Next Generation.”    Because my wife had been on “Deep Space Nine” and I asked them to change it to that so that made it a little personal but the “Deadwood” one was purely the writers.  I saw it and went, “That’s cool.” 
(Alice)  How is Bobby’s relationship going to change with Castiel?  Since they were friends.
What’s happening with Castiel I think is so different than what the audience may expect.       It’s kind of hard for me to talk about how...You know I think...I can’t...The question about how long Bobby’s going be around, if I answered this question I can tell you how long he’ll be around.  About another ten minutes.  
Is the episode of Breaking Bad you’re on coming up? 
Tonight!  I gotta get home.  
With that we were done with Jim.  Misha sat down, gave us a cordial greeting, and was rushed off to the panel.  That ended this year’s “Supernatural” press session.  It should be noted that in this press session there where 3 more camera crews and one more press table than before.  Each year that press room gets bigger and bigger.  It’s pretty exciting to see, although disappointing for those of us that have gotten used to having a turn with everyone.  I’m still happy with what I got though and as usual, the next season can’t get here fast enough.