In deciding which interview to fully transcribe first, I picked this one, which was our third roundtable interview of the session.  Why Sera Gamble's interview?  Sera was the one making the rules about what to tell and what not to tell about season seven, and others were leaving much of the info to her.  Since there are those that have concerns about the direction of Castiel, Sam, Dean, the brotherly relationship, etc., I felt compelled to offer more info on the matter.  I'm still not sure if it's gonna give people the answers, but it's something.  I think it's a pretty cool interview myself and should wet the appetite of most fans.  

You all do know about the Spoiler alert right?  Yeah, there's some here, especially about the episode Jensen is directing.  Turn away now if you don't want to know!!!

Sera Gamble 

What can you tell us about the start of the season?
What can I tell you about the first episode.  I wrote it.  This is one of the most fun collaborative processes I think we’ve had in a long time actually.  To open the floor to all the writers and the brain trust of “Supernatural.”  Let’s say, “You’re God, what do you want to do?”  Cause that’s part of what Cas gets to be.  He’s declared himself God, he’s really pissed at his Dad who’s never came home, he’s got a lot of problems everywhere, he went looking for him in that story line back in the day.  Before God gets horribly horribly awry we have some fun with the things he might do with unlimited power.  Yeah,  you learn a lot about people when you have be a God.  
(My question) You’ve done it to Sam again!  I can’t believe going into seventh season and you’ve managed to find ways to put him through the absolute worst.  What’s in store for him?
His wall just broke and he managed to pull it together to help his brother at the lab, try and stop Cas.  He will start to see what that really means, that the wall is down.  We were pretty specific what the repercussions of that wall coming down would be.  Cas listed the terrible list, basically like you’re going to be a drooling mess, hallucinations, things cannot be fixed and Death also (warned) don’t even scratch the wall.  We’re not going to let him off scot free of course and it becomes a pretty major story line.  What’s wrong with Sam’s head?  
Something that Dean points out when it starts to happen is that this is like not being attacked by a witch or something.  This is a true break in Sam’s psyche and maybe it’s something that cannot be fixed.  So it’s a different sort of problem that the boys have faced before.  (It’s) the thing that Sam has now earned in a certain way over years and years of being pummeled with more than pretty much any other human being on earth.  That was an interesting problem to look at and figure out to solve or at least work into the season. 
(My question)  What sort of toll is that going to take on Dean? 
Dean has a lot to deal with in the first part of the season.  As usual Dean is worried about Sam and Sam is worried about Dean, sort of like the core, the foundation on which “Supernatural” is built, these brothers worrying about each other.  Dean has suffered an enormous amount of loss this season if he wasn’t running and gunning to try to save the world at all moments he would just collapse under the weight of it.  Or you know, just buy drinks and pick up chicks, but that would be his version of collapsing, maybe.  We find him in place where he’s got a lot of soul searching to do and he has to ask himself why does he do what he does.  I think that he sees everything that has happened to him, everything he and has brother have seen, all stuff that happened to him in season six, we’ve brought him to the point where he asks himself why he’s a hunter anymore.  
What are Sam and Dean’s feelings/attitudes toward Cas, especially Dean, moving into the season?
I think Dean especially, (although it’s) both of them we see it a lot in Dean, it’s a profound betrayal.  They were so close, he tried to warn him, they consider Cas to be family.  Sam is someone who’s been cut a couple of breaks by his family when he went off the rails, and Dean just feels like Cas is completely lost to them.  Sam more likely is trying to give someone another chance in this instance but for Dean it just comes from a place of despair that he lost someone.  He doesn’t have many people...they don’t have a lot of friends on Facebook.  They have a lot of “In Memoriam” pages. 
Regarding possible new characters, are there any you can talk about here?  Any new female characters?
Yes.  Are there new female characters.  Nothing is popping to mind right now.  You will meet an old friend of Bobby’s that’s a guy, who helps him from time to time.  He’s hip to the supernatural but he’s a conspiracy theorist about it because he watches way too much “X-Files”   A typical statement for him would be, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are shapeshifters but you know the government created them.’  He has his own take on things.  Sam and Dean go seek some help from him and end up getting caught in a booby trap in his house because he doesn’t trust anyone because he’s a little off his rocker.  But he’s a fun one.  We introduce people throughout the season.  We need a stable of them so we can keep dropping them down pits and mutilating them.  
What about recurring characters?  I know that Alona (Tal) would be coming back.  Are there others?
Colin Ford is returning as young Sam.  Jensen directed that episode, it will air third.  We of course wanted to find an episode where Jensen wasn’t left heavy so he would have more time to be behind the camera.  He’s actually in this episode more than the one he directed last season.  It deals with a case that Sam was helping his brother and his father work in a nearby town.  They dropped him in a motel and said ‘go to school’ and wouldn’t stop calling him for information and translate this Japanese book or whatever and he met a girl.  It is about the girl he met when he was 14.  Colin is amazing.  He’s been working non-stop and we were really lucky he was available.  We’re going to show a little scene, we’re cutting around so much spoilery material and its a fairly usual scene, but we wanted to at least pick something that showed you Sam and young Sam.  
Will the Ghostfacers return at all?
Do you love them?
(Points to my shirt)  She’s wearing the shirt, I figured I’d ask.
(Sera sees the shirt now).  Oh yeah.  We’ve got these ideas for them and we want to bring them we just haven’t had the right situation for them.  But we love them.  
(My question)  You’ve got some new writers this year.  Every time you bring in new writers you get a new creative flow going.  Is that the same this year? 
We lost a couple of writers under the best possible circumstances at the end of this season because they left to do their own show (“Ringer”).  We’re incredibly stoked for them.  You know here, they’re all comic book geeks, they’ll be in the audience in their stormtroopers uniform.  The wonderful thing about Supernatural is that it attracts the kind of writer that has this vast love for genre and horror.  People that come in to interview for this job who have this encyclopedia knowledge.  We just sit and chew the shit for an hour about this sort of thing.  It’s sort of like having coffee with geeky friends.  After 120 something episodes it’s really good to have fresh blood and people are bringing a lot of interesting ideas into the room.  We’re not even close to running out of themes.  I think it’s fresh and non-redundant and I think it will be fun. 


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