Interview with Gabriel Tigerman 
I was extremely happy to receive the reply from Gabriel Tigerman that he would be willing to do an interview for WFB this summer.  If any of you have seen him at a Supernatural convention, you already know how hilarious, spontaneous and quick-witted he can be.  A master at improvisation, he has so much joy and energy that he just bounces from one question to the next, each enhanced with Gabe’s special brand of talent so that even answers to bizarre questions are interesting and funny which is an instant fan delight. And this interview is no exception.  
Gabriel Tigerman, who plays Andrew (Andy) Gallagher on the series, has appeared in two episodes during season two, as one of Azazel’s ‘special’ children.  He brings a lot of his own personality to the role, including sensitivity, intelligence, love and respect for people, and a bit of Andy’s naivety.   
I say ‘plays’ on the series because, while Andy died in his last episode, no one is REALLY dead on “Supernatural.” And as Gabriel himself points out at conventions, his remains were never ‘salted and burned’, so his reappearance is still a possibility.  Besides, this is “Supernatural,” no one stays dead here. 
Mr. Tigerman shares with us his insight into and love for Andy, how he acquired the role, his love for the impala, some behind-the-scene fun with Jared and future ventures for him and his wife, Kathryn Fiore.
Gabe Tigerman is a delight for fans of all age groups whether at a convention, a personal appearance or an interview.  I hope you all have as much fun reading his interview as I did.  
“Supernatural” fans love hearing about what it’s like on set and what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.  Are there any particular moments that stand out for you?
I remember meeting Jared’s dogs one morning on the way to set. He let them ride with me in the back seat of the SUV. It was just me and two gigantic, friendly dogs in a small, confined space. They drank my coffee while I wasn’t looking. 
You originally auditioned for a part in “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things.”  What was that part and how did you get cast as Andy Gallagher instead?
I don’t remember the name of the part, but it was a guy who re-animates his girlfriend. It doesn’t end well for him. I recall her popping up from the back seat of his car and snapping his neck. He clearly didn’t read “Pet Cemetery”. 
That was my first audition for “Supernatural”. I left the audition convinced I was going to book the part. I was wrong. I did, however, get a call a week later to come back in to read for the part of “Andy Gallagher”, the loveable, mind-controlling stoner. And the rest was history!
After you landed the role of Andy, what did you seek to bring to the character? How did you envision playing the part?
There was one line in the episode that I thought was the most telling for Andy. And Tim Iacafano, the director, agreed that it was the key to the character. Sam asks Andy why, if he has these amazing mind control powers does he live in a van. Andy’s response: “I’ve got everything I need.” Andy’s a simple, sweet guy and I wanted to bring that…and a green, silk dragon kimono. 
Andy was one of the more endearing characters on “Supernatural.”  Other than being eviscerated and left for dead, is there anything you would have liked to change in your character?
Other than the ability to fight off little demon girls, there isn’t really anything I would change about Andy. He’s really one of the most fun characters I’ve had the pleasure of playing. Wait! I know! I would have made it so Andy’s evil twin was an IDENTICAL twin. That way I could have played both parts AND shot myself. And maybe the evil twin would’ve had a mustache. THEN it would have been the perfect part!
When you drove the Impala, were you able to really take off and drive around or were there a lot of restrictions placed on the driving? Which would you rather own, the Impala or Andy’s Barbarian Queen van?
I hadn’t seen enough of the show to know exactly how significant the Impala was, but as soon as I was given the keys, I saw how immediately nervous everyone got. I topped out at about 10 miles per hour. 
In a fantasy world, I’d pick the van and drive cross-country going on wacky adventures. In real life, though, you gotta go for the Impala. I mean, come on. It’s the Impala! 

If you had Andy's powers, would you tell anyone or would you keep it a secret?
You definitely gotta keep something like that on the D.L. or the government will show up at your door and you’ll get whisked off to someplace that’s not on any maps where they’d perform scientific experiments on you in order to harness your powers for military use. This scenario most likely ends in a brutal and thorough autopsy. No good. 
Were you informed of Andy’s untimely demise beforehand or did you find out when you read the script for “All Hell Breaks Loose?”

Oh yes. I was told beforehand. I ran into the casting associate at a film festival a couple of weeks before shooting. She’d had a couple of chardonnays and she ran up to me and excitedly declared “You TOTALLY die in the next episode!” 
You have attended many “Supernatural” conventions, most recently San Francisco this year.  Your talks are a riot.  Do you have any special moments from a con you would be willing to share?  Also, there are a number of videos on YouTube of you singing at the Karaoke parties.  Do you like doing the Karaoke and Dessert events?
First of all, thank you. Second of all, I think the talks are my favorite part of the con. It’s like one long, interactive, improv game where we all get to know each other a little better and I get to answer questions like the poster child for A.D.D. 
As far as the karaoke parties go…Me singing is something that I regret inflicting upon anyone, let alone the World Wide Web. I apologize to anyone who was harmed by listening to my rendition of The Proclaimers’ “500 Miles”. I also apologize to The Proclaimers for my rendition of “500 Miles”.  
There's EMMY BUZZ about your character Will as "Ski Lodge Guy Who Gets a Cork in the Eye" in the Disney series “Good Luck Charlie."  Can you tell us more about that?
HA! Not much else to say about that performance other than, “Check out my fuzzy boots!” 
Now that "Good Luck Charlie" has been renewed, do you think your character will be returning?
You never know. With my luck, they’ll bring my character back only to have Charlie grow claws, gut me, and leave me for dead…which would be a first for Disney. 
You know who will be on “Good Luck Charlie” this season is my wife, Kathryn Fiore! She booked a guest star where she plays an overly tanned manager at Abercrombie and Fitch. 
Is there a particular show you get recognized for more when fans approach you on the street?
I think I actually get recognized for commercials more than anything. When I first started acting, I was “The I’m Spicy Guy” (from a Burger King campaign) for a few years. Or I just get that “Do I know you?” look….The kind of suspicious one where they can’t tell if they’ve seen me on TV, or lurking outside their house.
You have played lots of different and interesting characters in your career, but what would your dream role be?
Dexter’s other long lost brother. Reunited and tearin’ it up in Miami! 
What's been your favorite acting role to date, and why? (Please be assured you do not have to say Andy.)
While I know I don’t HAVE to say “Andy” I think it really is Andy. He was such a fun character to play and it’s been such a great experience meeting the whole “Supernatural” family and travelling all over the U.S., up to Canada and over to England to meet fans at all the cons. It’s really been an awesome, surreal experience. 
What’s in your future?  Anything special you are doing or would like to do?
I’ve got a couple of conventions on the books. Jersey and Toronto! 
Also, my wife’s starring in a new show for TBS called “The Wedding Band”. It also stars Brian Austin Green and Harold Perrineau among many other talented folks. They start shooting this fall! You could even follow Kathryn on Twitter (she just started an account this week!). 
I welcome everyone to check out my Facebook actor page ( for any and all Gabe-related updates. Go ahead and “Like” it! 
I’m also revamping my website ( to have tons of videos from TV shows, films, and commercials I’ve done. It’ll even have sketch comedy shows I did at the Comedy Central Stage. 
I really hope Andy can make a resurgence in season seven.  The ‘special’ children where very appealing to a very wide audience in season two, primarily because the ‘special’ talents the children had’ generated great special effects which we all love to see on a sci-fi show.  That has sorely been missed in the series as of late.
I and all here at The Winchester Family Business wish to send a special thank you to Mr. Tigerman for taking time to answer some questions.  It's a pleasure to work with him.  He's just as big a darling off screen as he is on. 


Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-06-14 22:20
Okay. I am so there for his talk at my convention. He's a riot on the page I can only imagine how funny he'll be on stage.

That's awesome that he had so much fun on set. And Jared's dogs got to drink HIS coffee. That's just funny.

I love these interviews. You learn so much about both the show and the actor. So insightful and entertaining!
# Ardeospina 2011-06-14 22:45
Aw, Gabe is such a dear! I was at the San Fran Con this year, and he was so much fun at his panel and at karaoke. He bantered with me when I asked some questions, and then later at karaoke, when I came up to the stage on the side with no steps, he offered me his hand and helped me up twice! What a gentleman!
# Sablegreen 2011-06-15 00:38
How sweet! I can see him doing that. He really has a wonderful rapport with people.
# rmoats8621 2011-06-15 00:49
A terrific interview! Great job! :D
# trackerem 2011-06-15 09:47
thanks sablegreen! good article! so glad that you're doing this! @trackerem
# Yirabah 2011-06-15 14:50
It is an absolut joy to read your interviews.

I sure would have loved to meet him at a con unfortunatly he wasn't at any of those I attended.
# Cassioe 2011-06-17 09:42
WOW! What a great interview and Gabriel seems like a terrific guy! Can't wait to see him in Toronto. Thanks for the fun!