Fans of "Supernatural" have been given a rare treat in network television this season.  Very few shows make it to its sixth season, but “Supernatural” has gotten to do more than that.  It's been able to run the planned five year mytharc to conclusion and go from there with something exciting and different.  A reboot.  “Supernatural - The Sequel.” 
“Supernatural” returns from a seven week winter “Hellatus” this Friday January 28th (9 pm on The CW) ready to take on the second half of what’s been an inventive new season.  With a new showrunner, longtime writer/producer Sera Gamble,  “Supernatural” has not taken the safe route by any means in season six.  The powers that be in the first five seasons have not been afraid to attempt daring new ideas and take their characters to inconceivable places.  With the first half of season six now played out, they’ve gone outright fearless.   
After all, just look what's happened since the premiere in September.  Each episode has been layered with complex story lines involving Heaven, Hell, humans, and monsters, characters have been embroiled in hidden agendas, suspicion and mistrust (including Sam and Dean's mistrust of each other), and the world is even more off kilter than before.  Sam has mysteriously returned from Hell without his soul and Dean has been forced to deal with this unrecognizable monster that looks like his brother but is far more dangerous.  One that didn't hestitate to put him in harms way and watch him be turned into a vampire.  Dean’s also seen his dream of having a family with Lisa and Ben fall apart.  Angel friend Castiel is losing his civil war in Heaven, one that Sam and Dean caused by stopping the apocalypse.  Monsters have returned acting stranger than ever and Sam and Dean's grandfather, Samuel Campbell, is mysteriously back from the dead, although he's not exactly on their side.  The once strong brotherly relationship has been shattered and nothing seems right anymore. 

Who better to take our pressing questions about the first half of season six and what's to come for the second half than the lady in charge herself?  For the third year in a row, we here at the Winchester Family Business are most honored to have our burning mid-season questions answered by Sera Gamble. 

With half a season as showrunner under her belt, Sera takes the opportunity to explain why she and the other producers decided to give this season a noir feel, why they ran with the soulless Sam story line, what went into reconstructing Sam's character, what’s coming up for the brothers in terms of their relationship, what it’s been like creating the character Death, what’s coming for Castiel, Samuel, monsters and others, why a civil war in Hell is just another day at the office for demons, and how there’s another exotic trip coming in Sam and Dean’s future (with a fun twist of course).  She also answers some general questions about how she’s handling her new role and how amazing the fans have been in the success of this show. 
Before we begin, there are disclaimers.  Please do not repost this interview in its entirety on your blog/website.  Share the link to this site and give credit where credit is due.   
Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t issue the following warning.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!    
WFB:  First off, congratulations on the bold direction with season six so far.  We have really loved the noir feel with all the twisting plots and the right turns and never knowing what to expect.  The noir aspect seems to have seeped into the look of the show too.  Was that something you and the production team talked out and planned or did it just happen organically as a result of the noir inspired scripts?  How has everyone on staff taken this new challenge?
SG:  Once we’d zeroed in on the major storylines for the season, we searched for a way to make the storytelling cohesive and different from last season.  We came to noir almost immediately.  I’m a fan of noir and neo-noir film, as are the other producers.  Talking about those movies sparked a lot of ideas and excitement—that’s how we knew we were on the right track, and that it was worth taking the risk of departing from our usual seasonal arc structure.

We mentioned that we were taking a cue from noir to Phil and the rest of the production team, and that generated a lot of ideas on the visual end.  The touches are subtle, but they’re deliberate.

WFB:  How did the idea of soulless Sam come up?  

SG:  Bob Singer pitched the idea.  It was one of the first big ideas pitched for Season Six.  Eric and I flipped out as soon as we heard it—we love it.  It’s such a rich concept.  And so different both from Dean’s experience returning from Hell and also from some of the previous dark alleys we’ve taken Sam down.

WFB:  Sam’s soullessness often times came with emotional responses, yet his existence was rooted with pure unfeeling survival instincts.  How challenging has it been to write this concept of a human without a soul?  Was there a particular model or inspiration followed when writing Sam’s character for this season? 
SG:  We discussed Sam’s soullessness at great length before we ever wrote a word of dialogue.  Ben Edlund had a lot of ideas about what soullessness could mean, and he was especially ruthless with the metaphysical logic, which was very helpful.  We came to view Sam’s soul in part as his moral compass; without it he was driven much more by pure survival instinct and self-interest.  He became a kind of sociopath—we read a lot about those.  When you think of who Sam’s been—the essential “Sammyness” is all about empathy.  Without his soul, Sam has no real empathy; he’s faking it.  It turned out to be quite chilling, and Jared played it very effectively.

WFB:  A lot of fans have been surprised with the creative choice in season six to alter the usually tight brotherly relationship.  Sure, that can be attributed to the fact that Sam wasn’t really Sam, but it has been quite jarring to many fans.  It’s also opened up a world of exciting possibilities.  Was there a concern when constructing this story line that it would alienate fans or was it a case of creating a morally complex situation that was too intriguing to pass up?
SG:  Well, sometimes Sam and Dean have a close relationship and sometimes they don’t.  But yes, we really went there with Sam’s soullessness story.  We were excited to.

It’s always risky to do something extreme, and it’s never our intention to deliberately alienate anyone.  But it’s also our responsibility to follow through on the stories we set up for ourselves, and to take these characters in unexpected directions.  End of the day, we want you to enjoy and discuss and anticipate the next installment.  We know we can’t please all of you all the time.   Believe me, we can’t even please ourselves.  So what we aim for is telling a story we believe in.  The story we’ve been telling about Sam’s soul is one that we’ve been excited about from day one.

WFB:  Is the brotherly relationship ready to go back to the path of healing, or does that road still have a lot of bumps ahead? 
SG:  There are always bumps.  It’s Supernatural.  But they’re not feed-you-to-vampire sized bumps.  

WFB:  Oh, poor Dean.  You’ve shown how capable he can be as a family man (“Two and a Half Men” is particularly swooning) yet the universe still drags him into the horrors of hunting (his confession in “You Can’t Handle The Truth” is particularly heart breaking).  On top of that, his own brother hasn’t been there for support and even put him in harms way.  Will he continue to carry on as reluctant hero or will he gravitate more toward that fighting spirit and purpose he had in earlier seasons?  

SG:  I think there’s always been a bit of the reluctant hero in Dean, and there’s also always been a true free spirit in him.  It’s part of what makes him such a complex and interesting character—that duality.

WFB:  Will Ben and Lisa be back in Dean’s life?  

SG:  You’ll see Lisa and Ben again.  They’re in episode 14.

WFB:  You’ve gotten to write for the character of Death twice now and he’s been amazing both times.  We love how he doesn’t have to sweat over a high cholesterol diet!  Are there any particular influences you’ve been drawing from when mapping out his character?
SG:  Death is one of my favorite characters.  He’s a bit “big” for our show—meaning more powerful and grand than our creatures usually are.  But he’s tempered by his personality.  There are a few unexpected things he takes personally, and he’s occasionally intriguingly interested in the affairs of the “bacteria” down here on Earth.  We talked about various representations of Death in literature and popular culture when we were conceiving him last season.   This has since gotten buried in many layers of other references, but—I remember thinking of Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen early on; he’s inordinately powerful and watches people with an eerie remove, but there’s a certain underlying emotionality to his actions.

WFB:  Misha Collins recently said in an interview there would be more Castiel in the second half of the season.  Does this mean that we’ll be getting a deeper look into the civil war in Heaven? 

SG:  Yes, there’s more Castiel coming.  And yes, you’ll be learning more about what’s happening in Heaven.

WFB:  Is Samuel Campbell going to be a major player in the second half of the season?
SG:  You’ll see him again.  How could you not, after that threat Dean made?

WFB:  We all were pretty stunned with the twist that Crowley wasn’t the overwhelming big bad in Hell after all (we will definitely miss Mark Sheppard’s talents).  Between the monsters and civil war in Heaven, will Hell be plunged into civil war as well?  

SG:  Funny thing—Hell’s in better shape than Heaven.  It’s used to leaders getting killed and the next guy stepping up.  That’s how Lilith got the job.  That’s how Crowley got the job.  And so on…

WFB:  What sort of monsters are planned for the rest of the season and will the “Monster of The Week” format still be prominent?  

SG:  We start back with a monster we’ve never done before—dragons, offered up with our typical Supernatural twist and a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek, of course.  From there, you’ll see some monsters you’re familiar with, and also some newbies.  We’re following our typical formula—some closed-enders, some more mythology-heavy.

WFB:  Will we get to hear Bobby's side of the Sam-story - meaning: he has known Sam for almost the whole year.  We will find out how Bobby came to accept the changed Sam and live with knowing that Sam came back and not telling Dean?

SG:  In our minds, Bobby and Sam didn’t have a great deal of contact over that year.  Not enough that Bobby would have been able to deeply observe the changes in Sam.   Sam wouldn’t have gone to Bobby very often.

WFB:  Adam was mentioned in “Appointment In Samarra.”  Is this the last we’ll hear about him or will there be some further resolution for him eventually?
SG:  You’ll hear about him again.
WFB:  Sam and Dean went international this year!  It’s really thrilling as a fan to finally see them leave the country and we thank you for going there.  Any chance of more international journeys like that happening?  Perhaps Alaska or Hawaii?  Okay, how about any hopes Dean that finally sees the Grand Canyon? 

SG:  As of the current draft of the episode we’re rewriting now… Alaska and Russia.  Actually, in the same scene.  Make whatever Palin joke you wish.  

WFB:  What has been the most surprising or unexpected aspect of taking over as showrunner?
SG:  I don’t mean to insult parents with this comment—I realize their job is inordinately more serious and complicated than mine.  But this question is a little like asking “what’s the most surprising aspect of parenthood?”  Depends which hour of the day you’re askin’.
WFB:  Now that you have half a season as showrunner under your belt do you think there is anything you would do different? On the flip side, is there anything you are extremely proud of?
SG:  I’d do something different in every single episode.  That hasn’t changed since the first script I wrote as a staff writer.  It’s the way of the job, I think.  

As for what I’m proud of—we have an amazing production team and crew.  They made the transition seamless and easy.  They make this job a pleasure, and I couldn’t be more proud to work with them every day.  And, while I can’t actually take credit for it, I can say I’m proud of the typically fantastic and considered work by our actors this season.  They do the work of an ensemble cast.  A large ensemble cast.
WFB:  What sort of open plot threads/possible character returns are sitting on the writer’s room white board right now?  Any hopes that the Ghostfacers will return?  Gabriel/The Trickster?
SG:  We’d love to bring them back, should we find the right way.  
WFB:  “Supernatural” has been getting some pretty big attention lately thanks to its passionate fan base.  Are you still amazed over how enthusiastic the fans are about the show even halfway through season six?
SG:  We’re touched and amazed and we will never get used to our fans’ loyalty and attention.  We all blush and get squirmy at the mere thought of being popular on any level. 

WFB:  Thank you so much for your time in answering our questions.  We appreciate all the work that has gone into this season and here’s not only to a successful rest of season six, but plenty more twists for the brothers in a possible season seven.  Good luck!
Again a HUGE thanks to Sera Gamble, who has certain gotten us excited about what's coming.  This interview has given us a new found understanding and appreciation of season six and we can't wait for Friday to get here.  Every episode coming up seems to be a must see.  For those that haven’t seen the summary for the next episode, “Like A Virgin,” or want to see the preview clips, all that can be found on our Spoiler Page.  Here's a small teaser, Castiel is in it.  Come back here on Friday and tell us what you think! 
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# Julie 2011-01-25 12:27
Thanks Team!
This is a great interview.
I have always admired Sera and, as I have really enjoyed this season, I think she has done a great job. It must have been quite daunting to take over as she did, but I trust her to lead the story just as I did Kripke, in this season and hopefully the season(s) that follow. Ju
# Yirabah 2011-01-25 12:46
Thanks you very much for this.

I always liked Sera Gamble and her slightly freaked out way of looking at things (e.g. little girls are scary).

Never understood the problems some fans have with her. I sure do hope that she will stay with us not only for the rest of the season but also for the upcoming season 7. Nope I don't have a magic ball to look into in order to find out that there is going to be a season 7. It just is a given thing and we sure need her there for us.
# Riverbella 2011-01-25 13:46
I really enjoyed this interview. Sera Gamble is such a fascinating combination of talented writer and savvy business woman, with a little fangirl thrown in for leavening. You drew her out with intelligent questions, and her answers provided lots of interesting insights into this amazing season. Thanks for this.

Sera rocks! (And so does Alice!)
# mrswinchester24 2011-01-25 14:05
Looking forward to the rest of this season (and season 7 and 8 and 9 lol)! I have to be honest, I was a little nervous and the premier episode made me worried but it's gotten so much better since that. Now I trust Sera Gamble. Glad to hear we are going to get more resolution on Adam. (Maybe even bring super hot Jake Abel back to play him) I HATE it when TV shows ignore things like that. Supernatural never has.
# Nadine 2011-01-25 14:08
Good stuff! Thanks for asking some really great questions and sharing this with us!
# Jillyanne 2011-01-25 14:25
I've always been a big fan of Sera's. She's been there right from the start and the show could not be in more capable hands. The first half of S6 has had its rocky moments, which is totally understandable given the 'reboot', new writers and new directors - it reminds me of S1 in that regard - but I've loved it so far. I have faith in all those involved - and it's obvious there's still an enthusiastic and loyal fanbase out there who love the show as much as I do.
Great interview - thanks :-)
# strangelove 2011-01-25 14:50
Gamble, I had to laugh when you mentioned you can't please everyone. Seems this season, you've been pleasing a lot of the Sam fans and ignoring the Dean fans. (Edited - not respectful, Sam vs. Dean nonsense)

(edited - baseless accusations)

This season has been worse than season 5 and no, the story of souless Sam wasn't interesting in the least. But hey, I'm sure you and the Sam fans loved it and that's all that really matters to you anyway.

Disappointed and bitter are what this season has left me and many Dean fans feeling. No wonder most of us are looking to Fringe for some satisfaction, since this season has been such a mess of wasted opportunities.

(edited - take your issues with the moderator to the "Contact Us" section)
# Enough 2011-01-25 15:17
Thanks for the interview Alice, I appreciate it unlike certain poster above... ;-)

Love how Bandwagon fans are jumping off and onto Fringe, threatening to cancel SPN unless Dean is written to perfection. Way to show your loyalty there people.

They see Dean how they want to, and don't care how the writers and everyone else sees him... They want the writers to cater to them and write Dean the way they see him.

I hate selfish and immature fans, they ruin the entire fandom...

They think all Dean fans feel the same way, I am willing to bet you not everyone feels that way... I won't be watching that crappy show called Fringe, sorry but I like character development story lines over fancy AU story lines.

Again thanks Alice for the interview.
# strangelove 2011-01-25 15:26
(Edited, baseless accusation). Heck Alice, you even distanced yourself from one of your own who actually had negative things to say about Sam until she was forced to relent.

As for your asking questions and can't help the answers, please, an experience interviewer knows what questions to ask to get the answers she wants and I remember when the Sam fans were crying in their soup that there wasn't enough Sam, you were one of the first to make sure that Gamble heard their complaints and it seems to me she's gone out of her way to please them, in the worst way possible.

I also have to laugh at Gambles insistance that Sam's hell story is so different from Dean's. Well, yeah, considering Dean's was ignored, but Sam's is being played out minute by minute with tons of anvils every week to remind us how much more terrible Sam has had it than anyone in the Universe.

Then you have the absurd claim that they follow up on all their stories. Really Gamble? Like the ones about Dean that were dropped and ignored? Like the Dean Michael connection? Like Dean killing Zach and staring into his grace? Like anything that even remotely smells of a story for Dean that you have so blatantly ignored?

Whatever. I'm done with this and I'm done with the show. Don't flatter yourself Gamble, you're not as successful as you make yourself out to be.
# Marialba 2011-01-25 15:30
Great interview! It's nice to see there was some thought (meaning a LOT of it) behind what they're doing this season.

Thanks, Alice, for taking the time to do this for us.
# Enough 2011-01-25 15:38
Strangelove, you are rude and condescending, please don't bring your wank here.

You think your opinion matters and counts, you guys are the loud minority unless you have a Nielsen box, no one cares. (edited, sorry - but personal attacks and name calling is something I don't allow here. The rest of your comment is fine).

Sorry Alice but it had to be said.
# Enough 2011-01-25 15:48
Yup, you got it Alice :-)

I am looking forward to the, second half of the season, sounds like were in for a bumpy ride.

So there is a new big bad in hell huh? I can't wait to see how that goes.
# Kris 2011-01-25 15:49
Wow, could you guys have kissed her ass any harder?
Anne J
# Anne J 2011-01-25 15:56
“it’s also our responsibility to follow through on the stories we set up for ourselves…”

That’s interesting in view of how much of Dean’s storyline was summarily dropped in the last few episodes of season 5.

Can we expect the show to follow through on why Dean was the Righteous Man? How about the reason why he was able to kill the WoB? What about the fact he was able to kill Zachariah and look at Zachariah’s grace as he died?

Surely it’s also a Showrunner’s responsibility to ensure that what we are watching now fits seamlessly with prior canon? I would suggest that Sera Gamble has failed miserably in this – imo, the number of characterisatio n fails and plotholes has become epic and frankly laughable at this point.

“Are you still amazed over how enthusiastic the fans are about the show even halfway through season six?”

I really wish someone had the cojones to ask Sera what she thinks of the fact that many, *many* fans aren’t enjoying this season at all. Many intend watching Fringe live, which won't do much for the show's ratings.
# Cindy 2011-01-25 15:59
Thanks for the interview, Alice. I hope that we continue to see more of the noir mystery, now that the other storylines start to unfold.

I have to be honest that I was disappointed with how Sera talked about soulless Sam at some length, in contrast to her one vague comment about Dean. It didn't really give the impression that Sera's all that interested in Dean this season, with the shiny new toy of Sam's soul to play with. That might not be the case but that's really how it came across to me.

I was also curious why- since it's no secret in fandom that a lot of Dean fans are concerned about his perceived lack of storyline this season -that Sera wasn't asked about that/Dean's role moving forward? That would have seemed like a very pertinent question about one of the lead characters. And it could have given Sera the opportunity to explain her reasoning and reassure worried fans.
# Heather_X 2011-01-25 16:05
Sera you've conviced me Fringe 9pm Friday Fox.

BTW, Dean was never a reluctant hero. “Saving people, hunting thinks…” that was Dean's line. Second episode you know the one where Sam wants to cut bait and Dean wants to save the campers? Just saying.
# ellie_444 2011-01-25 16:06
I have to say I do like Sera because she does speak about Sam where I felt Eric didnt at times . When we asked for reassurance about Sam in Season 4 we received none and Dean hasnt be written anywhere near like that this Season.

Than you Alice for the article . I was intrigued to hear it was Robert Singer who came up with Souless Sam .
# KarenM 2011-01-25 16:08
I have a nielsen box. It'll be tuned into Fringe.
# Enough 2011-01-25 16:11
So fans are willing to kill SPN in order to get their way about Dean.

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us...
Anne J
# Anne J 2011-01-25 16:13
"I was also curious why- since it's no secret in fandom that a lot of Dean fans are concerned about his perceived lack of storyline this season -that Sera wasn't asked about that/Dean's role moving forward? That would have seemed like a very pertinent question about one of the lead characters. And it could have given Sera the opportunity to explain her reasoning and reassure worried fans."

THIS. Many of us have made our concerns known here. I have a lot of things I'd like to say about the fact they weren't touched on. The overall feeling though is that it doesn't honestly surprise me.
# KarenM 2011-01-25 16:20
*So fans are willing to kill SPN in order to get their way about Dean.

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us...*

I thought comments that singled out other posters weren't allowed here? I trust this one will be deleted?

I intend watching Fringe live because imo it is a better show. And yes, I would have thought most people make their viewing decisions depending on what they are getting from a TV show.

Hee, I'm reminded of the fact a certain portion of fandom loudly declared their refusal to watch The End when it aired because Sam was only in the last 10 minutes
# Enough 2011-01-25 16:25
I didn't singling out anyone, I just said fans... Big difference, I've seen it in a number of places. Watch Fringe live and kill SPN...

For the record Fringe isn't better than SPN, I don't do fancy AU shows, I prefer character driven shows and that is what SPN is.

But anyhow back to the topic at hand...
# Alice 2011-01-25 16:29
Please, stop it. She WAS asked about Dean. Did you not read the questions? The very reason we didn't ask "what about Dean's lack of storyline" is because he has one! Have you not been watching the same show? What was all that drama in Live Free and Twihard, You Can't Handle the Truth, and Appointment in Samarra all about? Just because Dean isn't getting the story line all of you want, suddenly it becomes lack of story line.

If any of you so called "Dean fans" have watched the first half of season six, soulless Sam was the main arc. Sorry. It happened. Get over it. Notice the interview was our midseason check into SEASON SIX.

If you prefer Fringe over Supernatural, I'm sure there is a Fringe site that would love to have you. I've met and interviewed the cast of Fringe before. They are the nicest cast I've ever met. Show them some respect, for they don't need complainers on their side either.
# Joleene 2011-01-25 16:38
When you read quotes like this:

"So what we aim for is telling a story we believe in. The story we’ve been telling about Sam’s soul is one that we’ve been excited about from day one",

is it really that big of a surprise that Dean fans are leaving the show for greener pastures? If the showrunner herself can't seem to muster up any enthusiasm for Dean or come up with an equally exciting storyline for his character, there doesn't seem to be much point in hanging around for some of us. Not everyone wants to watch while the whole show revolves around Sam and his soul.
# Kajon 2011-01-25 16:39
Actually many of the SANE and mature Dean fans have been enjoying this season, myself included. No wonder that even Jensen (heck, the guy playing Dean) said that he loved his job and how much work he put into this season. So as means of respecting him, at least give him the credits he deserves. Also if fans are walking away from SPN, nobody is crying after them. It's a free TV world. Just one tiny request, don't put us all in the same basket. I see many Dean fans delighted by the conflicts he has been through and the intensity to which Jensen brings to him. Sam does nothing for me, soulless or not I look at interviews not to count on how things make me miserable. If shows make you that depressed, flip the channels just quit whining like teenage bloopers.
# carley 2011-01-25 16:51
Sorry I have to add another disappointing voice. I would have loved some reassurance concerning Dean's role this season but Sera didn't even answer your question about him returning to his fighting spirit and purpose. I appreciate how exciting it most be to come up with the concept of having a souless character and all the possibilities that opens up but it feels like Dean has become a problem they don't know how to solve and have stopped trying because there's so much going on with souless Sam and other plots. I'm trying to hope for the best but I don't feel the writers are putting half as much thought and energy into Dean's character as they are Sam's and they need to address that balance but like Sera said they just stick to the story they want to tell and admit to not pleasing everyone. It's so frustrating to have your concerns ignored. I'm not asking for Dean to be centre of the universe or anything I just hope Jensen's given something more to do with the character than he has so far.
# Joleene 2011-01-25 16:53
My apologies, Alice. You must have posted while I was typing up mine.

The problem is one of perception. You and other fans on this site might feel that Dean worrying about Sam/taking care of his issues is a good enough storyline for him. But a lot of other fans don't share that view. If it were that straightforward that anyone could see how awesome Dean's storyline has been this season, it wouldn't have caused such a vocal division in parts of fandom. There have been great episodes for Dean, for sure. But a cohesive storyline? That's debatable.

But I'll bow out now because I know you'd prefer more positive reactions.
# Kris 2011-01-25 17:03
Carley said:
"it feels like Dean has become a problem they don't know how to solve"

Welcome to seasons four and five for the Sam!girls, Carley. It's rather bitter tasting, isn't it?
Sandra 23
# Sandra 23 2011-01-25 17:06
Thanks a lot Sera for nothing.
# riley 2011-01-25 17:26
Thanks for this. I personally am so excited for the second half of the season. Sam is back and I can't wait to see where they go from here.
# Kady 2011-01-25 17:27
My opinion: If you don't like what's happening on the show - ANY show - leave. Stop watching. Just don't make a huge stink about it before you go. Don't ruin the enjoyment the rest of the fans are getting.

I, for one, have enjoyed this season. How it was written as well as how it was acted. Thanks for the interview with Sera, Alice.
# Blanca 2011-01-25 17:32
Thank you very much for this.

Now I come to mind much about the rest of the season, I'm excited and I can not wait to see everything we have, only I also hope that soon we will have news about a season on the 7th, great interview and great job. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
# casammy 2011-01-25 17:33
and SERA job is GREAT!!!
# Carley 2011-01-25 17:35
@Kris "It's rather bitter tasting, isn't it"?

There's no need for that I wasn't trying to start anything just expressing my concerns just like I'm sure you did back then.
# AnneJ 2011-01-25 17:37
"The very reason we didn't ask "what about Dean's lack of storyline" is because he has one! Have you not been watching the same show? What was all that drama in Live Free and Twihard, You Can't Handle the Truth, and Appointment in Samarra all about?"

The drama in all of those episodes centered around *what was wrong with Sam*. What happened in those episodes were anvils about Sam's soul and had very little (if anything at all) to do with anything separate for Dean. Perhaps I should have clarified: I want a storyline for Dean that goes beyond him angsting over Sam's soul. Will Dean's vision from LFOT ever be mentioned again? I doubt it, even though it seemed to hint at some connection with the Alphas. And colour me unconvinced that anything will come from Death's "intrepid detective" comment… at least not for Dean. However, I wouldn't be remotely surprised if we get intrepid detective Sam, or if the ~answer~ to everything turns out to be connected to Sam's soul. Oh well, I guess Dean can always stand aside and watch, since that seems to satisfy some fans. It doesn't satisfy me and many others, though.

Quite often on here those of us who are disappointed get dismissed and told to stop watching. It seems like a lot of us are planning to do just that.
# CasDean 2011-01-25 17:49
She's not in a spoilery mood, it seems. Anyway, thanks for the interview. About the topic of "only pleasing the Sam Fans" ... I don't think so. Most Sam Fans *I* know dont like Robo!Sam and I as a Dean Fan love Soft!Dean :-D So thanks for that Sera and keep on doing the best! (But please don't kill Lisa!)
# Carley 2011-01-25 17:52
I like the idea of Dean playing intrepid detective but that role is likely to be shared with Sam now he's back hunting which is logical. I'd be a LOT happier if Sera had said Dean would be returning to his fighting spirit and sense of purpose but the way she didn't answer directly makes me believe he's going to stay reactive to everything while Sam is pro-active.
# Shelby 2011-01-25 17:57
"With half a season as showrunner under her belt, Sera takes the opportunity to explain why she and the other producers decided to give this season a noir feel, why they ran with the soulless Sam story line, what went into reconstructing Sam's character, what’s coming up for the brothers in terms of their relationship, what it’s been like creating the character Death, what’s coming for Castiel, Samuel, monsters and others, why a civil war in Hell is just another day at the office for demons, and how there’s another exotic trip coming in Sam and Dean’s future (with a fun twist of course). She also answers some general questions about how she’s handling her new role and how amazing the fans have been in the success of this show."

This was the intro to the article. I guess Dean was amongst the "others" you asked about, and looking at the interview questions I found it interesting how many times SoullessSam and/or Sam were mentioned by both the interviewer and interviewee and how few times Dean was mentioned by either. That about says it all for Deanfans this season. What a disappointing interview. And at least Sam had a storyline all of his own in S4 and 5, Kris. The imbalance in the writing of the lead characters roles has never been greater than it is now, IMO. And I wish this interview could have given the Dean fandom some hope in that regard. No such luck, though. I can't believe that this is the same show that I used to love with such passion only a season and a half ago.
# Joleene 2011-01-25 18:05
Thank you, Alice.

I think the difference is that even if Sam's storyline has been uneven (and I agree with you that I also think it has), it's something that I have no doubt that Sera has planned out to last the whole season. This is far from the end of the "Sam and his soul" arc, imo, especially considering Sera's excitement in talking about it.

For Dean, even if one takes Sam's re-souling as his storyline, that's over. So now what? He can't be responsible for maintaining Sam's wall. He can help Sam with any guilt/PTSD but is that really it? And Jensen saying that as of episode 17, he had no idea what Dean being a detective meant doesn't bode well in my books for that to be a developed, planned storyline (as opposed to something we'll just get a brief reference to in say, episode 21 or so.)

So, for a number of Dean fans, the question is what purpose does Dean serve in the story at this point? I know he's awesome but from a storytelling perspective, if Dean were replaced with another hunter or removed entirely, would it make a difference? I certainly hope it would but without something "anchoring" him to the show, it's kind of nebulous, especially if the "detective" thing doesn't carry much weight.

Maybe the show is going to switch attention now to things other than Sam's soul. Maybe Dean will finally go back to being the same badass hunter who Jensen was advocating for this season- the one who wasn't constantly being overpowered by djinn, shapeshifters, vamps, demons, ghouls and who could actually win a fight once in awhile without needing to be rescued. Maybe this discussion is premature and even if Dean doesn't get a real storyline, he'll be important enough in the standalones that it won't necessarily matter. But a brief word of encouragement from Sera would really help address those fan concerns and might stop folks from jumping ship prematurely.
# Icarus 2011-01-25 18:19
*waves* Here is a fan who is enjoying the show. Indeed, with very few exceptions, I have enjoyed all six seasons or else I would not still be watching. Have I felt that one character has drawn the short straw more than the other occasionally? Of course. But so what? It's a television program. No showrunner or writers can please 100% of its audience 100% of the time. Jensen and Jared are charismatic actors and have made this show immensely enjoyable for me.

That being said, thank you Alice for this interview. Good job. Sera seems enthused and excited, so I am too. Can't wait for the second half of this season!
# Paola 2011-01-25 18:46
*And at least Sam had a storyline all of his own in S4 and 5, Kris.*

You beat me to it. IA, Sam did have a storyline separate from Dean's through S4 and S5 and moreover it was a storyline that was followed through on to the extent that, wow, superpowers and demon blood saved the world.

It was Dean's storyline that got dropped and Dean who go no redemption for his part in helping to start the apocalypse.
# Mevie 2011-01-25 18:54
Great interview, great lady and a great show.

I've adored this season, just as I have every season, I love what they're doing with it. It's refreshing and new. I'd enjoy it even more if they brought Gabe back.

For now I'll settle with lots more Castiel and the return of Adam :D
# Lola 2011-01-25 18:56
Thanks for a great interview. I think Sera has headed the team into a great season – it’s kicking ass! The noir influence has made a lot of the emotional side of it very layered. I love the exploration of what family means to dean – is it the Braedens, or the Campbells, or his brother who is damaged beyond recognition? He has faced impossible choices – hunting or life with Lisa and Ben? The decision about Sam and whether he is doing the best thing for Sam or is driven by his inability to live without Sam regardless of the consequences? Soulless Sam of course, has been both scary and hilarious.
Can’t wait to get more Cas and whats going on in Heaven and the whole story behind the rising of the Alphas. Plus dragons and uber meta and a WESTERN!
The Sam vs Dean arguements amuse me – Sam girls point out that Sam hasn’t even been in the first 11 episodes; Dean girls say the show is all about Sam. Oh fans never change.
# bookdal 2011-01-25 19:05

Thank you for the interview. I think that Sera and company are doing a fantastic job of setting up a storyline. Whether or not fans enjoy it, well that's always the danger of writing for a diverse audience. I especially liked your questions regarding Castiel and the war in Heaven and am curious about what we are going to learn about Adam. Is he behind the "itch that should not be scratched"? (I think I'm going to call Sam's wall that from now on.)

I think it interesting that they are always surprised by the support they receive from the fans. It seems to be one of a few select shows (Chuck, Fringe) that have a passionate base. They should be proud of the work they've done so far.

Thanks again, Alice.

# lianne 2011-01-25 19:20
SG: "So what we aim for is telling a story we believe in. The story we’ve been telling about Sam’s soul is one that we’ve been excited about from day one",

Is there anything about Dean's storyline the writers are excited about? No? This would have been a great follow up question to this incredibly one-sided statement by Sera, IMO. Oh well.

And a big ITA with everything you've said here, Joleene.

I appreciate the interview, Alice. Although as a fan of both brothers, including Dean, I am unsatisfied with the lack of a storyline for him (outside of what he can do for Sam). It's just very disappointing to read that Sera is not equally as excited about Dean's storyline as she is about Sam's, you know?
# nancyL 2011-01-25 19:22
When did this site's main purpose become a yelling match????

The Hellatus is almost over. :lol: :lol:
Let us rejoice and thank Chuck. :D :D
# Yvonne 2011-01-25 19:36
Thanks for the interview Alice! I'm excited about the second half. The dynamic duo will be back! Hurrah! Doubtless angsty, somewhat changed because of all that has happened, but yay!

About the roughness about the first half that has been noted above. I read somewhere (can't remember where and I wish I could so I could give due credit) that the first five seasons were planned out (or at least roughly sketched in Kripke's noggin) five years in advance. There was a plan and a destination. Sera and Co. had a fresh start and little time to look or plan ahead mytharc wise.

When I think of the show under these terms, things take on a different color. Not only did the new show runner and staff have to think of a new direction for the show, (because honestly, it would have gotten stale if the old arc was harped upon) and adjust to life without Kripke, but they had to do it without a long term plan in play. Who knows, maybe knowing this, they planned on imprecision.

The new feel of the show, the uncertainty of where things are going, left me feeling uneasy at times. Now though, not as much. From the aspect of the SPN universe, it actually makes sense. The destiny of the world just got subverted by a couple of awesome guys, a rebel angel, a very cool father figure, and the most important object in the world. Not just the show, but that world, got a reboot.

The first five seasons, while ambiguous at times, had a flavor of certainty, direction and destiny. (The Powers That Be had been planning the apocalypse for a very long time.) This season feels at times like being blindfolded and turned around in a swamp. No rules, no certainties. (A world hurtling toward its end just got resuscitated) I'm wondering if this isn't fumbling on the writer’s part, but purposeful. New world, new rules? And I don’t just mean the noir feel.

Apologies if this went too far off topic. But I’m really beginning to get into this ‘bold new direction’ (or maybe purposeful misdirection) that the show is taking.
# Kerry 2011-01-25 19:42
I want to remain respectful of Sera because I'm sure her position as the showrunner is very stressful and difficult and despite what people may say she has contributed a great deal to this show that we love. However, I have to admit to being on the side of a majority that is very unsatisfied with the first half of this season. The list can start anywhere from trite, unneeded storylines to out-of-characte r (for all parties involved excluding Sam who has yet to actually appear this season) actions and dialogue to serve only to purpose said storylines.

It's ironic that this is the longest Supernatural has gone, in my personal opinion, without any soul.

I continue to support the show (how could I not?) and Sera's position but I also want the producers and writers to be aware that perhaps there are things that should be addressed and improved on this upcoming half.

(also, WFB interviewer - Alice? - if you ever get a word with Ms. Gamble again could you ask her where the classic rock has gone? Or if the show would ever have that as prominent as it used to be in earlier seasons? It's one of the things that I'd love to have back. Thank you!)
# Geordiegirl1967 2011-01-25 20:10
Thanks for the interview Alice, but I have to express my disappointment at what it revealed about the attitude of Sera and the other writers. I hate the soulless Sam storyline with a passion. For me the relationship between Dean and Sam IS the show. SPN has 3 key elements that make it special - Dean, Sam and the brotherly relationship. Only one of these, Dean, has been present this season so far as the real Sam has not been in the show, and as a result there has been no brotherly relationship at all. Much as I love Dean he isn't enough to carry the show on his own.

The fact that they are so excited about a storyline that has alienated so many fans and destroyed (I hope temporarily) the heart of the show, makes me wonder about how much they understand about the appeal of their own creation. It also makes me worry for the show's future. Around 400,000 viewers have fallen off the ratings after Family Matters (when we found out about Sam's soul). It was a sudden drop that has continued since, and is IMO due in no small part to fans dissatisfaction with that particular storyline. I appreciate that stories have to move on to remain interesting, but that has to be done within a context that makes sense. They have gone WAY off the reservation in the first half of s6, and Sera seems excited about that. She is right to say they can't please everyone, but there is a balance between novelty and familiarity that they have got badly wrong with the soulless Sam arc IMO.
# Suzie 2011-01-25 20:24
Thanks for the interview Alice. I hate to say it, but I wish you had asked some follow up questions about Dean. Sera really seemed to have no interest in talking about him at all, and I have no doubt that will only intensify some of the fans' already considerable anger about the direction of this season. I know a lot of people who are hoping for some news or spoiler that will make the second half of the season worth watching. Sera probably could have won some fans back if she had been willing to say more than two or three sentences about Dean.
# AnneJ 2011-01-25 20:36
"I blame a lot of that on new writers"

I'm interested that you didn't mention your own issues to Sera Gamble, but over and above that, isn't it up to her as show runner to marshall her new writers and get some sort of cohesion in what they are turning out? Shouldn't she at the very least be aiming for continuity with what we've already seen? That's one of my big problems with season 5 and 6 so far. It's like she and her writers have come into this green and have never even seen the show, and that's frankly *sloppy*. She should know by now that we are a smart fandom that notices plotholes.
# Menzie 2011-01-25 21:04
Thanks for the interview, so excited! I love both characters equally and yes, the first half of this season's storyline has been about Sam. However what I believe keeps it from becoming all about the one character is that it's been told from Dean's POV. If the first half of the season was both about Sam and from his POV then yes, I'd agree that Dean was being overlooked. But, imho, he hasn't. We've seen what's been going on in his head, we've been apart of his emotional struggle. The creators of this character want to try something new and different to keep the character fresh and considering they've been behind the inner workings of this character for the past 5 years I think they should be allowed to play in their sandbox. Sera may have taken over but she's not the only one on this awesome team of writers, so people cannot directly blame her if they are unhappy with things. My hope is that the second half of the season gives each brother a storyline or a conjoined storyline and it is shown from both POVs.
# DramaQueen 2011-01-25 21:08
I sincerely appreciate the interview as I'm hanging on every thread I can get my hands on. Unlike seemingly 90% (not a factual number, just how it feels to me sometimes) of the fanbase, I really really love this season. I love the mystery, the uncertainty and the crazy Dean vs Sam storyline.

At the same time, I was initially bummed out that we didn't get an immediate return to the brotherly relationship that was so very prevalent in Dean's choice in AHBL2. But I got over that quickly to sink my teeth into this new, settled version of Dean. The role reversals amazed me.

In some ways, and I don't want to instigate an argument, but in some ways the series has always been about Sam, from the pilot episode where his girlfriend was the one who was murdered to most recently when it was his soul that was trapped in the Pit. Now, this is coming from a girl who really, truly loves both Dean and Sam. (Seriously, I couldn't choose one or the other if a gun were held to my head). And perhaps I'm a sucker for protective!Dean , but I enjoyed the way Dean /decided/ Sam would get his soul back, whether he wanted it or not.

Dean has had some strong stories and often it seems that while the show's major plots may revolve around Sam, the story itself is told from Dean's perspective. Now this is probably just me and my wonky brain.

The one season that seemed rather opposite was Season 3, but even then it seemed as though it was about Sam losing his brother and Dean struggling not to reveal how scared he truly was.

So, my point is, as vague and strange and completely stupid as it might be...It's that I think both of them have rather strong stories. Dean's storyline wasn't just worrying about Sam. Yes, it had to do with Sam's return after a year of him supposedly being dead. But it has to do also with Dean reconciling his life as a civilian with Lisa and Ben with his return to hunting. We see things through his eyes despite the fact that the Soulless!Sam arc prevailed in importance. Dean is not the same man who said, "...saving people, hunting things..."

I don't think he ever really will be that person completely again. That was a Dean who didn't have attachments outside of his family, whose outlook on life was a little more positive than the one he has now. The current Dean was defeated by the apocalypse in that he lost his brother, but he found happiness with Lisa and lived a much simpler life. In some ways, he may even have redeemed himself while living with Lisa.

So, so I think I lost my point and Alice can totally delete this, but...I just...I guess I just wanted to say that I can see a storyline for both characters and sometimes one has a stronger storyline or is cooler or their story arc is bigger, but in the end it's about them as brothers.
# Ginger 2011-01-25 21:35
After reading this, I'm more depressed about this season than ever, and I didn't think that was possible. It's pretty apparent that Dean and his story will remain nothing more than it is right now and that NotSam and Sam is it. That would be okay, if it was interesting, but without the intimate relationship the boys used to have through good times and bad, it is not. Sam's oversold, Dean's out, and I am out.
# Karen2 2011-01-25 21:52
*There's a difference between a smart fandom and an arrogant bunch of jerks. Trust me, TPTB know the difference and know who the troublemakers are.*

I have issues with the show like it seems a lot of fans do from what I'm reading here and going by what I've read elsewhere. Having issues with it doesn't make us troublemakers. And I thoroughly resent the implication that we are "arrogant jerks." The ratings are falling. There is a reason why, and we haven't all stopped watching live out of spite.
# dmakdavis 2011-01-25 21:56
Excellent interview - I can't wait to see them go international again!

On a more serious note I was hoping we'd get a spoiler or two about a season 7 and if she thought that if the show had to end this season could they do it without it coming off as awkward.

The so called "reboot" of Supernatural may have been a little bumpy, the "soulless Sam" may not have been ideal coming out of such an emotional roller coaster that was season 5, but I agree with Sera that the brother's were not always chummy (demon-blood addicts :roll:: just can't trust those guys ((just kidding Sam!)).

I have two sisters and I know that if we spent everyday for the last 6yrs in a car traveling all over the US ... well honestly it wouldn't have lasted a week ... point is soulless Sam is gone (thank chuck for that) and I'm still holding out for that one episode that we get to see Dean AND Sam shirtless, doing pull ups, or dare I say it ... armed to the teeth and fighting demons Rambo style with thigh holsters, sniper rifles, and ripped/torn/blo ody shirts [insert giddy fangirl laugh].

One thing I would hope that the SPN Crew would leave open ended for the end of the show (later rather than sooner I hope) is the Lisa and Ben situation. I love Sam, but Dean - from Season 1 - has wanted out and living a normal (or close to normal) life. When the show ends I'd love to see him happy - because a happy Dean smile brings rainbows and unicorns and we all know that Sam really wants to see a unicorn!

In the meantime - Supernatural - "Here there be Dragons!" and apparently a town full of the last virgins on earth (seriously - Dean and Sam must have never hit this town /snorting right now really I am laughing that hard/ one day you'll look back and laugh too) ... oh my chuckness - I'm so glad Hellatus is almost over!
# Heather_X 2011-01-25 22:18
This is not about you Alice, this about Sera. This is coming from a person who not only defended Gamble but was looking forward to her taking over. This season for me has been disappointing. The ratings have declined as the season as gone on so I'm not alone.

Sera could have given Dean fans a bit of hope, she chose not to. I take that as a sign of the rest of the season to come.

That was her choice.
# Heather_X 2011-01-25 22:25
You're right Alice that rating don't mean anything right now for CW. But, you can see the ratings drop as the season progresses. That tells you fans are turning off. Will SPN get renewed my Magic 8 Ball says yes.

But that has nothing to do with the quality of SPN.
# lenij 2011-01-25 22:31
Great interview. That was really informative and as an avid fan it's very reassuring. I know supernatural is in great hands when they give Sera Gamble the reigns. They made the right decision. I'm sure Kripke would be proud. It's a little shaky the first two episodes but it picked up, really picked up and i'm really looking forward and really very excited to see the rest of season 6. It's understandable that we all have our doubts during the beginning. But she proved us wrong and brought us to more exciting territory.

Don't listen to those people who can't say anything good and just gives off very negative vibes. It's very rude and disrespectful to the rest of the fandom who really cares about the show so much.

You're doing a great job Sera. We're behind you 100 percent!
Elena M
# Elena M 2011-01-25 22:46
Just wanted to chime in and say I loved the interview--well thought out and really felt conversational, and we got some great insights... thanks so much for the interview, Alice, and thanks to Sera Gamble for her hard work and atill making time to talk to the fans.

And DramaQueen, nicely said. I love the irony of the screen handle too, seeing as the comments were so thoughtful and balanced ;-)
# bookdal 2011-01-25 23:06
I just want to reiterate that I am happy with the season and with Sera's leadership. I am also appreciative that she would be willing to share some insights with her viewers; Supernatural fans should feel lucky to have such access (both here and in other places) to the dialogues happening in the writers' room. I thank you, Alice, for asking the questions, and I thank Sera for answering.

I look forward to the rest of the season. And from what I can gather from the reports from last week's convention, so do the actors. I have confidence in the writers' and cast's relationship with the story and characters and trust them in their excitement enough to share it.
# kamelion 2011-01-25 23:16
The article says what it says, and fans say what they say...but am I truly reading right that the person who did the interview is actually going toe-to-toe with some of the fans? You can't tell people here to play nice then come back with comments like, "All my concerns have been clearly documented in my reviews, reviews I've been told time and time again that people from the show read. So why rub it in? I got the answers I wanted. I'm happy. A lot of others are too. Sorry if I didn't please you. I'm still sleeping tonight."

Sulky and defensive much? You're going to post an interview with Sera Gamble and then write responses like this? Really? Write the article, give it to the fans, and let it go. No backtalk is needed. This isn't livejournal.

Remember that EVERYTHING you put on this page is a reflection of you, and that was NOT a good reflection. I'm glad you've earned their trust to the point where you've interviewed Sera six times. Now live up to it.
Mary Bardicvoice
# Mary Bardicvoice 2011-01-25 23:19
Thanks to you and Sera for this interview, Alice!

I'll confess, I couldn't stand to read all the comments on this article. The negative trend on the part of both Sam and Dean fans just turned me off, and I stopped reading comments midway through. My apologies to your readers, Alice, but I just couldn't bear any more negativity, from whichever perspective.

I am enjoying this season. As a writer, I wouldn't have gone down this particular route - the "soulless Sam" storyline - but that doesn't mean I can't watch it with appreciation, and with sufficient patience to let the writers realize the full impact of the story they set out to tell. Knowing what I now know about the nature of Sam's soulless self, I can appreciate the first half of the season from an entirely different perspective than I had at the beginning. And I appreciate that. I can't wait to see how the second half resolves what we've seen thus far.

I have never understood the "Sam v. Dean" attitudes of fans. From where I've stood, I've seen BOTH brothers attended to in terms of stories and character development, although the approaches taken have been different, as required by the characters and the nature of the stories. (For example, keeping secret what Sam was doing with Ruby was essential in season four, to emphasize the gut-punch of realizing how Sam was being both duped and addicted when we finally learned it.) My view may not be shared by others, but I see no need to insult other people for not sharing my perspective, and I also see no need to stand by and watch myself being similarly assailed. I just avoid most of the disputes because I can't bear the negativity. Life is hard enough without adding that, so I simply stay away from it. And I'll do that here too, with apologies in advance.

But I'm glad you published this interview, and I'm thankful Sera gave it. And I'm going to leave now, before someone takes exception to my comment.
# dmakdavis 2011-01-25 23:27
For the love of Pete people - can we complain a bit more?

1. No network would come out and tell you one way or another YES, we're going to do this for Dean or NO we're not going to do that for Dean - Sera best described this by saying and I quote "We know we can’t please all of you all the time. Believe me, we can’t even please ourselves. So what we aim for is telling a story we believe in." And yes there are plenty, 2 to 3 million viewers to be exact, who agree with her and I am one of them.

2. I started watching this show from the day the pilot aired and NOT ONCE did I see it written ANYWHERE that it was a show about Dean Winchester and THAT OTHER GUY. I have ALWAYS interpreted the show to be about Dean, the big brother, who loves his little brother SAMMY enough to sacrifice EVERYTHING to keep him safe. Oh yeah, and somewhere in the mix they get to kill evil shit.

To post comments as ridiculous as some of the ones I've read above like:

"The ratings are falling. There is a reason why, and we haven't all stopped watching live out of spite."

"It's pretty apparent that Dean and his story will remain nothing more than it is right now"

"I'm interested that you didn't mention your own issues to Sera Gamble .."

These comments above really made me angry - not because of the comments themselves but because I'm so sick of seeing these same things being debated almost word for word in other forums. Is there a copy paste monster that we can salt and burn please?

I'm not even going to address the ratings comment except to say this - SPN has done remarkably well considering its nickname is the "Little Show that Could" and no offense but please don't read a post on Spoiler TV or some other website and think its Chucks Honest Truth - Alice already addressed the ratings issue re-read her post if you didn't already.

As far as I'm concerned - I think that Dean is the character that has grown the most. It wasn't until Season 5 that we saw Sammy finally get to use his big boy voice (though honestly he got the short end of the FUBAR stick .. admit it). So what if Sam gets the most whump from the show - Dean gets the most heroic-save 'em all moments and up till lately - he got all the girls too! (well except for all the virgins in the up coming show - yep still laughing over that one) and not to mention Dean gets all the cool toys like the Impala, thigh holsters, sniper rifles, AND he got to make pizza rolls out of tinkerbell - not to mention he's got an Angel on speed dial and is BFF's with DEATH - Geez if I wanted to complain like some others I'd definitely be whining that Sam doesn't have any cool friends .. none that are still living that is (I really miss Ash /sigh)

And naturally Alice wouldn't bring up her own issues in an a professional interview - how in the world do you think WFB got the attention Alice worked so hard for and the coveted interviews that she has - by acting like those of you who do nothing but lurk and complain?

Rarely do I speak out on issues like this and Alice feel free to delete this post but I'm not sorry I posted it and nor am I sorry for what I've said in it.

Supernatural is entertainment - its not a science project that needs to be dissected and probed till you find all the bad things - you just need to watch it. When it fails to entertain move on - those of us that love the show would greatly appreciate those who don't to simply shut up and move on already - we love Sera and Company - can't wait to see what the rest of the season will bring - and your senseless whining and re-posting of negative comments .. well its simply killing our buzz -
# ElizC 2011-01-25 23:34
I have to add my disappointment with how Sera chose to respond to the questions. I can't believe Sera just basically brushed off that question. I'm hanging on by a thread to this show and I was looking for some shred of hope that there's some storyline for Dean, that's about Dean himself, coming up, and I just don't see it. I'm just so very disappointed right now. :sad:
Just Me!
# Just Me! 2011-01-25 23:36
Alice: "Honestly, ratings mean nothing to this show anymore."

I believe this actually. It explains why the show went from being about two brothers one journey to The Sam Show. If they no longer bother about ratings, then don't need to keep the majority of fans happy. Kripke and Gamble have clearly always considered Supernatural to be the Story of Sam but I think they probably boosted Jensen's role up from sidekick, due to his popularity. But if ratings no longer matter, then neither does popularity and so they have gone back to their myopic focus on Sam. The show has suffered for it in my opinion.

Personally I don't care if Sera screams her loathing for Dean fans from the rooftops, but I really feel quite badly for Jensen Ackles who has worked so hard to make Dean an extraordinary character. I know he is too much of a professional to not put a positive spin on the show, but I really do wonder how he feels about how his hard work is being so blatantly disrespected.
# zakko 2011-01-25 23:47

Lots of vitriol here. Lots of ludicrous assertions and threats.

Taking the 10,000 foot view of these responses, a rather large and vocal contingent of fans are not happy. Taking season 6 as we've seen it so far, I'm going to fall into the camp of "this has not been a great season." Soulless Sam, regardless of what TPTB may think, was not enjoyable. Many may disagree, but the logic behind the indictment is sound. We haven't seen Sam since he reassured his battered brother and dove into the pit. Supernatural is always about Sam and Dean Winchester. We have heard everyone involved in the show state this repeatedly, so the reasoning behind removing one of the characters for half of the season was poor.

I don't know what the season holds. Some promising things seem to be on the horizon. i know that Alice was hopeful that fandom would be as excited as she was about the interview. I know what it is like to be completely jazzed about something and then have everyone around you dump on it. It's not fun. And for that, I am terribly sorry.

I am saddened that discussion has devolved into "My favorite character versus your favorite character" and "If you don't like it GTFO." I don't care what side of the issue you fall, have some respect and decorum.

This is, unfortunately, the natural consequence of a highly passionate fan base, and Supernatural has that in spades. I have no doubt that many fans, like my friends and myself, have been disappointed in the season so far. But please, be respectful. Not everyone in the world has to agree with me, or with you.
# storm 2011-01-25 23:54
All the Dean girls and Sam girls need to chill out. The entire second half of the season is going to be ALL about the angels and you both will be majorly pi$$ed off and bitching.
# KimD 2011-01-26 00:00
Great interview! thanks so much for sharing and posting!!!

I cannot freaking
wait until Friday!!!
# Chelle88 2011-01-26 00:05
I always appreciate when a new interview is posted and the time and effort that was made to bring it to the show's fans. However, I was also disappointed in some of her answers. I do think Sera doesn't want to give to much away and spoil it, but her answer to your direct Dean question really wasn't much of a response. She basically said the same thing that you did that Dean is a reluctant hero and another slight compliment about the character however she didn't really answer the question. I can see where fans were disappointed, I too was hoping for more, not more Dean than Sam but more about what is Dean's storyline this season that isn't based around his brother. I don't think I've ever seen Dean's character so flat, his only purpose and drive this season has been to save his brother's soul and that seems to be a tried and tired plot. I take it that this interview was suppose to excite fans after the show's long hiatus but I feel from the feedback here, it turned into negative PR. I also agree on-line viewing and DVD viewership has cut into nielsen overnight numbers however, it should be concerning that the show started off so strong on a night that has low HUT levels and since the episode of Family Matters the numbers have been dropping while our lead in show Smallville has stayed strong and consistent this season. Supernatural has had slightly more competition at 9pm but it's concerning when the show can't hold the Smallville audience since then and it will only get harder when Fringe is the direct competition at 9pm. I love the show and will continue watching live even though I have been a little disappointed this season.
# Josie 2011-01-26 00:11
For the love of Castiel's father, could we please STOP all the Samgirl/Deangir l nonsense? It got old back in Season One. I've liked season six. There have been some legitimate critical views on this season, but they're getting drowned out in the flamewar currently going on.

Anyone remember back when "Charmed" was still on the air, and Shannon Doherty and Alyssa Milano were rumored to be obsessively counting the number of lines and scenes each received, and then throwing a fit when it looked like one actress was getting more more lines/screentim e than the other? Seriously, all this Samgirl/Deangir l stuff is reminding me of that, except this time it's the fans and not the actors.

Sometime I feel like I'm the only fan who doesn't have a favorite brother, thinks both brothers have gotten adequate screentime and stories, likes the angels, likes the demons, and is overall intrigued by what I have seen of season six and is looking forward to the next 11 episodes. Then again, I adored Bela, so maybe I''m easy to please...
# Zazreil 2011-01-26 00:37
Yes! Yes! Yes! I was right! Even before we knew Sam was souless, and more so afterwards, I said Sam was acting like a socio-path or a serial killer!

I do like how the stories this season have more organically developed. When Supernatural has been at its best the story grows from episode to episode (Season 2 & 4 for example) I like it much better than the monster of the week/anvil style mixed with the occasional mythology episode at the beginning and end and during sweeps
# Enough 2011-01-26 00:39
Supernatural has always been about brothers, family, hunting things and saving people and to this day they are still doing that.. It is not about Dean vs Sam or who gets more screen time..

Josie- No you are not the only one who doesn't have a favorite brother. I am what you call a Bi-Bro fan, I love them both equally...
# Alice 2011-01-26 00:57
I just saw Friday's episode. A pre-screener went out this evening to critics. I can honestly say, I'm shutting up now.

I'll have a preview article tomorrow (sleep is required) but Dean fans, you'll at least enjoy him in this one. He's sort of back to normal. I can't guarantee you'll get this all season, but he's great in this one.

Sorry guys, tempers flare. Seeing a new episode puts the perspective on things. I'm moving on, ready to go with what I'm given. Hopefully by Friday, you'll feel the same way.
blue baby
# blue baby 2011-01-26 01:01
Perhaps a pertinent question would've been something on the order of "What would you say if you found yourself face-to-face with a fan who's been here since day one and is now losing interest? How would you convince someone the best is still to come?"

As it is, I'm that fan, and this interview drove home the fact that the best has long since past. I'm not sure what excitement was supposed to be stirred with this interview, but it missed its mark by a mile.
# Melanie 2011-01-26 01:01
Thanks for the article, Alice. I enjoyed it. I've been really enjoying the season. I loved Robo!Sam. He was both fun and chilling. Can't wait to see Sam re-souled.

I don't understand the dissatisfaction with the season. I really don't. And I don't get the whole Dean vs Sam argument. Yeah, Sam was the one without the soul, but everything about it was told from Dean's point of view -- Dean was the center of the story with empathy observing the souless one and being the emotional counter point. The story was as much about Dean with his soul as it was about Sam without one.

I haven't posted much lately -- in fact I've stayed away from a lot of forums, including here, because its just stopped being fun.
# Kate 2011-01-26 01:02
Wow. I was just excited to see the interview and then I was reading through some of the comments and got sucked into a little drama war I had no idea was going on...

I had actually been thinking (at least for the first episodes of the season) that the show was focusing mainly on Dean. Though I didn't really think that was a bad thing. I like both brothers, and while I may prefer one over the other I love them even better together. I think that both Jensen and Jared are doing wonderful jobs playing Sam and Dean, and while the writers may make some mistakes (not following up on minor plot points-or what seem to be issues that need explanation-or sometimes abruptly inserting new plot devices/points) I still love the show. I do not think that Sam or Dean is getting shafted in any way. There are times I think the main character is Sam and times it seems like it's Dean, though of course it is both of them.
# Kaniac 2011-01-26 01:44
Firstly...Alice , thank you. Most of us appreciate all your hard work on this site, and I always like to hear what Sera and crew have to say. I don't envy your 'bouncer' status as a result of emotional comments.

Secondly...From the previous posters, I can only assume that, if you're a Dean-girl or Sam-girl, your overall level of enjoyment of the show drops as a result. That's a shame. I wish more people could watch the show through my eyes, since my loyalty is to both brothers, equally; not to mention the show itself.

In Supernatural We Trust. Well, some of us.
# 0_0 2011-01-26 01:50
It'd be nice if Sera's loyalty was as equal as many fans claim their loyalties were.

Does Dean actually make a killing or does he sit on his hands?
Julia G
# Julia G 2011-01-26 01:51
Thanks for the article Alice. I've actually enjoyed season 6 better than season 5. Go figure! The pacing in particular was much, much better than during season 5, and I'm looking forward to the brothers getting close again.

Regarding the discontent with the Dean fans, come on guys, the show cannot always be Dean-centric. Sam hasn't had such sharp focus in years, and he's the one who just got out of Hell, so the writers had and will have to tell his story, the same as was done with Dean during season 4.

I think that Sera has done a great job and this season has renewed my interest in the show.

I can't wait to read whatever you want to tell us about the episode tomorrow Alice.
# SN_fan 2011-01-26 02:21
I am disappointed with season 6 and Sera Gamble. I hate the mess with storylines and huge changes in brothers' characters. I wish there were more forward questions for Sera (e.g. about lots of unhappy fans).
# ellie_444 2011-01-26 02:48
Julie G exactly this is why although I respect concern I cant respect resentment towards Sam or any focus he gets. I cannot understand after all the focus and pov Dean has had that Sam gets 4 or 5 episodes in Season 6 and it is treated with how dare they. What was expected he jumped into the pit was there seriously a idea that that would be ignored ?. Sam is one of two lead characters does he not deserve to have at least one thing he goes through treated with importance?. Dean never is ignored he will have focus has he always does some need to extend that courtesy to Sam .

Alice once again thank you for the interview .
# ellie_444 2011-01-26 02:50
Julie G exactly this is why although I respect concern I cant respect resentment towards Sam or any focus he gets. I cannot understand after all the focus and pov Dean has had that Sam gets 4 or 5 episodes in Season 6 and it is treated with how dare they. What was expected he jumped into the pit was there seriously a idea that that would be ignored ?. Sam is one of two lead characters does he not deserve to have at least one thing he goes through treated with importance?. Dean never is ignored he will have focus has he always does some need to extend that courtesy to Sam .

Alice once again thank you for the interview .
# Grand 2011-01-26 03:08
This. Show. Needs. More. Dean. That is all.
# Tigershire 2011-01-26 03:27
First and foremost, thank you Alice for taking the time to compile questions and send them to Sera. And thanks to Sera for taking the time to answer them. It's appreciated.

Next, I wish it were easy to get some numbers to see how many fans of the show make up the online fandom. What I am pretty sure of is that we are in the minority, but we are vocal.

I'd probably be over generous with a guess of 10%

But I would be interested to see what sort of percentage we actually represent.
# Jasminka 2011-01-26 03:51
I am so proud to be a part of this site's team. To be able to send questions to Sera and get a lot of them answered has been a privilege, and a benefit of the hard work and heart's blood everyone here is contributing.

I loved getting as much information from Sera as she deemed possible to share. Of course she has to be cryptic sometimes. I love the suspense...

And, yes, I am tired, too, of the negativity that has grown within the comments to almost every (possibly) controversial article, such as this (thank you Mary for your great comment, I second that wholeheartedly) .

I still can't believe that some fans behave in that manner. It's an antithesis to the core of this show.

Looking very much forward to the next episode, Jas
# maris 2011-01-26 03:59
Hi! I just want to give my 2 cents here. Can't we all just get along? I've religiously watch SPN over and over again from season one to season 6. I mean really, if you just pay attention to the show, dean is still mostly the main character but clearly under sam's story line. And i just love how they put jared's name first before jensen's in the billing. I'm not taking sides here. The show's about the winchester brothers, and i love them both. It's like cream and sugar in my coffee.
# Scifin 2011-01-26 06:41
I think it's VERY telling that Sera didn't have a single thing to say about Dean, except in context of him being Sam's brother. Jensen deserves better. Dean deserves better. Jensen has earned Dean that much.
# tierra 2011-01-26 07:31
So the show has become about Sam Winchester and what's-his-name brother...
(Edited, unfounded accusation. Prove it).

For all those offended by Dean fans anger: I know Dean Winchester is a fictional character. But what Jensen has done with the character...Dea n has become a part of my life and the love for the character and the Show helped me through the most difficult period of my life. Now, Dean/Jensen is being treated unfair.No matter how much you're going to convince me that this season was Also About Dean... read random reviews. 98% of time is Sam, Sam, Sam. Dean needs my support. I'm going to return the favour. It's as simple as that.

(I'm allowing your comments this time, but this is violation of our Sam vs. Dean policy. No more comments about that please).
# Junkerin 2011-01-26 08:06
Thank you for the interview. It was nice to read what the thought behind were. As for the Dean Sam thing I totaly go with maris. It was always Sams Story but told from Deans point of view.
I think we all want the BROTHERS back so hope that will happend on Friday.
# Kwentiel 2011-01-26 08:36
It seems to me that both the questions and the anwers are totally biased. I thought that both the interviewer and Ms. Gamble are Sam girls, and this interview confirmed it for me. But, you know, thre is another character that many of us like, and the actor who plays it and has made the best of works with it. I see that neither Dean Wincherter, nor Jensen Ackles nor us viewers who like this character deserved any respect. And about the site, I'd like to read the things you delete to see for ourselves that are baseless. Of course, it's probable that you delet this too...
Thank you for the interview.
# Karen2 2011-01-26 08:54
*Don't listen to those people who can't say anything good and just gives off very negative vibes. It's very rude and disrespectful to the rest of the fandom who really cares about the show so much.*

FCOL. It's us the showrunners *should* be paying heed to because we are the viewers it is losing. I have watched this show and remained loyal to it since day 1. That's a lot of time, as well as money spent on DVDs. I voice my concerns over it because I am invested in it and love it just as much as you do. Don't accuse us of not caring about this show - WE DO.
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-01-26 09:01
What a FANTASTIC interview, Alice! You sent me straight to the moon with this one! I am so eagerly awaiting Friday's episode of SUPERNATURAL, and even though it's Wednesday, it still seems like EONS away! I have missed our show so much over the past many weeks, and now it's only two days away!

# Shelby 2011-01-26 09:07
"Actually many of the SANE and mature Dean fans have been enjoying this season, myself included."
Is it me, or does this comment more than imply that if you're a Deanfan and not enjoying the season you're either insane or immature or both?

"Welcome to seasons four and five for the Sam!girls, Carley. It's rather bitter tasting, isn't it?"

"I don't think Kris was trying to start anything. It's hard to say, but bitterness comes from all directions. I think the idea was to show your comment was being said by the Sam fans a while ago. I don't think it was a personal thing."
It's not really that hard to see/say at all to me. That comment felt like it had more than a tinge of "How do YOU like it, Deanfans?" to it. Very mature.

"The role reversals amazed me."
I've disliked every role reversal they've ever given us. I'm simply not a fan of that particular literary device at all.

As for those who can't understand the Dean vs Sam stuff, I guess if you love both brothers equally, you never could/would understand it; but not everyone loves both equally and yet they're still able to understand that this is supposedly a two-lead show about two brothers who supposedly love each other very much. And I'm not trying to "pick apart" comments here, but when a showrunner's interview elicits the kind of comments that this one has(and that many of the interviews and comments since Comic Con have), it's saying something, IMO. The show can be criticzed in a positive way, and many of the comments here have done just that, IMO. I read through every single comment here and found that every single one had merit, in some way-even if it was just through the emotion that the poster just couldn't keep out of it-that emotion being positvie OR negative. I hope that if Ms. Gamble or anyone from the show does indeed read these reactions to her interview, that THAT would be the way she would view them and what she would take away from them. I didn't find anything that terrible in any of these varied and various comments-not sure how much "editing" Ms. Jester did, but I kind of hope that it wasn't much.
# Karen 2011-01-26 09:10
Hi Alice
I just want to thank-you for sharing this interview with us.
And thank Sera for taking the time out to answer these questions.
I do respect the fact that Sera would have to be discrete, as she wouldn’t want to divulge too much. I for one like to stay away from most spoilers, as I find too much information tends to take away the excitement and suspense.
However from what was revealed I’m getting really excited for the next half of the season and learning more about the war in heaven and what Castiel has had to contend with.
I really hope they can find a way to bring back Gabriel…I miss him.

I also want to say that I greatly appreciated the hard work you put into this site and I can assure you that I’m not alone. Although it may not seem that way at times.
I learned a long time ago that no matter what, some people will never be happy and will always look for the negative. That some people don’t want to hear other people’s opinions, they only want to hear that they are right and that only their opinion matters. I also realise that there will always be disgruntled fans and they are entitled to express their dissatisfaction s. However there is a difference between being respectful and constructive than to being down right rude and insulting. It’s very sad and disturbing to see some grown adults behaving in this manner. I really have to question if they are adults at all.
Anyways thanks again Alice.
# Toma 2011-01-26 09:23
What I find surprising is that Sera chose not to address fan concerns in that interview. Sera must have heard about the growing frustration among a lot of Dean fans. And the way she responds to them is to give one, very general, answer to the one Dean question and then proceeds to elaborate on how exciting it was for them to develop Sam's storyline, and that Sam, and Sam's...and Jared, and Sam... She doesn't even mention Jensen once! And you are surprised they have been voicing their disappointment. ..
# Karen2 2011-01-26 09:29
*some people don’t want to hear other people’s opinions, they only want to hear that they are right and that only their opinion matters.*

You know that can very easily be applied to the posters on here who are telling those of us who aren't enjoying the show's direction and execution this season to go away, shut up, and/or stop watching. We have opinions too and we're entitled to voice them.

*there is a difference between being respectful and constructive than to being down right rude and insulting*

Can I just point out that on this thread of comments those of us with issues have been described variously as selfish, immature, spewing, ruining it for the rest of you, troublemakers, arrogant jerks, rude and disrespectful. It has also been implied that we aren't sane. Nowhere in here have any of us described those of you who are enjoying the show in those terms.
# Brim 2011-01-26 09:37
After all the times over the years in interviews and cons that Sam has been given 1 or less mention and given the fact that Sam has not been in the show for 11 episodes I find I have no sympathy for those that complain about Dean not getting enough attention.
# rince1wind 2011-01-26 09:58
Thanks for doing the interview and writing it up for us. I've enjoyed the show this season. It seems to follow the first 5 seasons quite well -- maybe because I just found the show last year and have been watching 2-4 episodes at a time whenever I can so I can be caught up by Friday! I really think the writers et al have been doing well by their audience. The show is almost like a novel in some ways, and emotions and relationships take a while to draw out and evolve; the pace is slower than action scenes. I think Sam and Dean have been written convincingly for what's happened to them.
(The only thing I have some trouble with is the concept of how one soul in hell could be worse off than another... I mean, how much worse off could something be than the worst thing that could happen to someone for eternity? But Dante had different rings of hell, too, so there's a precedent.)
I think people get caught up in their fantasies and want things to be the way they imagine them in the privacy of their own heads -- and then it's a shock when the reality is different. Hence some of the unfortunate bitterness and resentment that's appeared here.
Anyway, I'm glad I found "Supernatural" and this great website. Thanks!
# Paintgirl770 2011-01-26 10:02
Kudos for the interview. Good insights - I am glad we will hear about Adam (and hopefully get to see him again?), that there will be more Castiel, and wow! Do I ever anticipate the Samuel/Dean smackdown! Though I don't believe for a second that Dean will follow through on his threat to kill him - family means too much to him, in spite of everything. It wouldn't be in character, IMO. Now, Sam - he might do it in a heartbeat, soul or no soul, he has always been into revenge. As for the Russia-Alaska comment - I'm confused. That was a joke, right?

The Dean/Sam arguments annoy me. I am a crazy Deangirl but I don't agree that he is getting the short shrift - just that like everyone agrees, the season so far has been problematic on a lot of levels. It's all in the perception, I guess. Just like that drawing that can be seem as a vase or as two profiles. You can argue it either way. But what's the point?

I am excitedly awaiting Friday! I also like Fringe a lot, so Thank Chuck for DVRs.
# Fangirl 2011-01-26 10:19
"I´m also pretty sure Dean wouldn´t complain about not being the center of a mytharc"

True but Jensen himself had been thrilled to at least be included as part of the original mytharc and as he said, no longer "be just Sam's brother." He expressed that sentiment in multiple interviews, cons, and the S4 comparion book. So even if some fans don't care if Dean is any more than "the chauffeur of destiny" (Edlund's description of pre-mytharc Dean) or worry about Sam, apparently the person most invested in the character does.
# Karen 2011-01-26 10:47
Hi Karen2
I don’t normally re-post. I believe in expressing my opinion and then move on to other articles.
However I happened to see part of one of my comments being highlighted in the Latest Comments section, so I have to admit I became curious.

After reading your comments I felt I should read your original post of what your concerns were so I could get a better understanding of you and your feelings towards the show. But all I could find was two other posts, where you took sections of other peoples comments to voice against what they had to say. Much like you did with mine.
Since you were unable to put the time into posting your own thoughts and feeling of the interview/show, only to go after what other people had to say. I feel I cannot in good conscience put any further time and effort into justifying my comments.
If you feel it necessary to comment on this, then feel free, but please note I will not be posting any further responses to your comments.
Thank you and have a good day.
# Karen2 2011-01-26 11:01
*I felt I should read your original post of what your concerns were so I could get a better understanding of you and your feelings towards the show. But all I could find was two other posts, where you took sections of other peoples comments to voice against what they had to say.*

Since the concerns of other people who aren't enjoying this season were being summarily dismissed and we were being told take our negativity elsewhere I didn't feel it worth my while to list mine. Suffice to say that I have found the first half of this season a huge disappointment, with its focus on roboSam and his soul and Dean doing little more than worry about Lisa one minute and Sam the next. This wonderful character is being wasted and this interview doesn't reassure me that he won't continue to be wasted this season.
# KadyM 2011-01-26 11:47
"A pre-screener went out this evening to critics. I can honestly say, I'm shutting up now."

Is that because it confirms everything in these comments from fans who believe Dean is being sidelined? Let me guess: Dean doesn't use the sword or kill the dragon, but Sam does.
Ann- Marie
# Ann- Marie 2011-01-26 12:05
i would love to know the answer to that question as well. I felt the interview did give me a good idea of how Sam will develop, but nothing on Dean. I like both brothers, and would love to have heard more about both characters. Sadly this interview gives me little hope for the rest of the series. I look forward to your preview Alice. You say those of us who like Dean as well wont be disappointed - to me that means he will have an important role in the story - as in will kill the dragon, or be vital in that, and be proven worthy.

If Dean being back to his old self simply means he spends most of his time worrying about and being supportive of sam - something i do enjoy but do not want to be his only role -then im afraid im going to disagree that the episode gives Dean fans what they want.

I look forward to reading your preview and hope it answers my, and the previous posters questions. Well as much as you can without giving too much away of course :-)
# Alice 2011-01-26 13:29
I implore any Supernatural fan, especially those looking for further info about Dean, to read this latest interview with Sera Gamble from Maureen Ryan. It's one of the best Supernatural interviews I've ever read. She might not give you the answers you want about Dean, but at least she gives answers.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-01-26 15:38
Alice, great interview. Thanks so much. I felt a couple of dozen questions about John wouldn't have gone astray (where is he now, how’s he doing, when’s he going to call etc) but overall, mighty job!

Um, I love Season 6, absolutely love it. (I almost feel guilty saying it given how dissatisfied some people are with it...) Looking back on the way it panned out, it seems (to me now) to have been the only logical way to go. In relation to Sam in hell, what would have been so different if Sam had just been returned wholly at the start of season 6? You’d still be left with a Sam storyline in relation to how he got out. So whether it was God, a demon, Castiel or Sam just got lost on the way to the bathroom and wandered out; HOW he got out would still have to be dealt with and that requires both time and development. Would people have been satisfied if Sam had just knocked on Deans door at the end of season 5 and said ‘Hey bro, I’m back’ and that was it, hell/Lucifer/Ap ocalypse was never referred to again?

I think the soulless storyline is excellent. It’s left us with the echoes of hell without having to deal with hell. It’s tied in season 6 with season 5 beautifully, while at the same time putting its own mark on it. The wall is a stroke of genius. It means the memories of hell won’t overwhelm the season so the boys can get back to the family business and the intimacy promised at the start of the season.

Add to that new family, new monsters, new storylines, a new ‘middle earth’ as it were, and most importantly, a resolve to fix the brotherly relationship (I’m part of the group who thinks the Sam and Dean relationship season 1-3 wasn’t all that. I want it fixed, not papered over. I want it honest, not built on lies. I want it strong enough to resist both heaven and hell this time, not something so fragile mere words can fall it) and I’m one happy camper.

Lads, y’know, we all take what we want to take out of these storylines, out of spoilers, out of episodes. Is Sam and his soul a theme in this season? Yes, it most certainly is. Is it THE dominant theme of the season? Only if a viewer makes it so. Some viewers have made it the dominant theme, some haven’t. Thing is; the show can’t tell us what to think is important, that we do for ourselves.

In relation to the spoilers, storylines, mytharcs, episodes, previews, etc etc, how we react to something will depend fiercely on the hopes and expectations we have going into it. After 7 weeks of deprivation, I’ve built 6.12 up so much in my mind at this stage that no matter how good it is, it can’t possibly live up to my expectations for it. (I’m thinking the cinematic love child of Schinders List, Shawshank and Ben Hur here, coupled with a shower scene, a non-shimmering appearance from John and Crowley being killed all over again, this time with extra squishy bits.) Guaranteed though, when I look at 6.12 with a calmer mind, it’s going to be pretty damn awesome.

For those who feel that the soulless Sam storyline got extended coverage in the interview, is it not possible that Gamble felt comfortable talking about it is because she knew it is nearing fruition therefore she wasn’t in any danger of dropping a clanger. Same applies to Dean. Just because she didn’t wax lyrical about Dean doesn’t mean there is nothing planned for him. Maybe she just wants to keep what’s planned under her belt, make it a major shocker? Some people might deem the interview to be full of lemons, but lemons do also make lemonade, yes?

I must say, I think Dark Astrals philosophy is the best one on here. Take a look at the clock on the home page; 2 days, 01 hours. If that excites you, awesome; can’t wait to read you all here on Friday evening/Saturda y morning.
# Kellymom 2011-01-26 21:26
@Tim the Enchanter: if your post had a "like" button, I'd click it.
# Chalaine35 2011-01-26 23:03
Hi Alice!

I think its awesome that you get to interview Sera ~ wow ~ I'm new to the site and that is so cool she actually answers your questions =)

I LOVE both brothers, in fact, all the characters on this show, I honestly can't pick a favorite because they are all so awesome at what they do and the writers are so good at making each person meaningful.

I love season 6 so far ~ I think the actors are doing awesome jobs in portraying such difficult things to deal with. I mean come on, we knew that there were going to be huge consequences with the ending of last season and I have enjoyed the slow peeling back of the many many layers of feelings and reactions to just getting a grip on things. Honestly, if they had gone back to the original formula I would have been like "ok this is boring ~ why aren't they reacting to the freaking apocalypse business they just lived through???"

I can't wait until Friday and there isn't a single episode (ok maybe Bugs) that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed watching ~ I refuse to pick apart things because after all, it is entertainment and there are humans in a room making this stuff up ~ and what show can consistently say that it has gotten everything perfect? I'm pretty sure that answer is "none". I love it when shows get off the beaten path and do wild and unexpected things, it keeps things from getting boring. If every single episode was a monster hunt with a happy ending I think it would have been a really boring show to watch and probably to write and film and it wouldn't have lasted this long. I love that they aren't afraid to explore meaning of existence questions (even tho my philosophy doesn't quite jive with how they are portraying heaven at the moment I still respect and admire that they take that leap of faith or faithlessness)

What I don't love is when people only focus on one character instead of the overall storyline and at each different reaction to the situation that is going on. I also don't love when people think they know what the show is about and assume that the writers and producers and creators of the show don't know what they are doing ~ ummmm... its their show, pretty sure they know things coming up that we don't, long term plans, etc that we are only spoon fed one week at a time. Have faith people, do you really think they would destroy something that they probably feel very close to?

Anyway ~ thanks Alice!

Oh and Tim, the Enchanter ~ Well said!!! =)
# Lulu 2011-01-26 23:28
I don't normally comment but I just feel like I need to put my two cents in.

Alice, I do appreciate the effort you put into this site. Thank you for the interview.

I'm not a one brother fan, I like both equally. And I guess for me, I've been losing gradual interest in the show since the incoherent mess that was season 5. My husband and I used to religiously watch Supernatural every week but he's given up on it since the end of season 5. I've stuck with the show because I'm not a quitter, I love the brothers too much and I hold out hope that someday the show will bring them back. However, I have to join the chorus of disappointed fans. Not because preference has been given to one brother over another (as I said before, I really don't care either way, I love them both equally) but because I just can't connect with season 6. It's been a disappointing road so far for me.

The heart of Supernatural for me was the relationship between the brothers but I find that the producers and writers delight in destroying the relationship every chance they get. I understand that good drama needs conflict and characters need to grow, particularly, on TV shows, for them to remain relevant, however, there is such a thing as going overboard. And I hate to say it but I can't help feeling that they've overdone the conflict and with each episode of further discord between the brothers, I lost a little love for my once beloved show.

Soulless Sam was fun for some to watch, I was even amused at times but he had no heart and that to me, meant Sam wasn't really in the show at all this season. The show was down one brother and well, I just couldn't get in to it.

I guess I would have liked some questions from past seasons answered in your interview with Sera. Example, why was Dean able to kill Zachariah and stare into his grace without his eyes burning out? Why was he able to kill the whore of babylon? Why are they bent on destroying whatever love the brothers once had for each other at every turn? Why did Adam replace Dean as Michael's vessel? What was the point of Dean's storyline in season 4 and 5 then? Why does Sam need Demon blood to power up when all the other 'special kids' from season 2 didn't need it? Ruby once told him he didn't need the feather to fly and yet in season 5, they decided he NEEDED to consume an incredible amount of blood to hold lucifer. Will the brothers ever be JUST brothers again? I'm just tired of the constant angst and conflict.

I don't mean to harp on about the show's flaws nor do i intend to be negative, I just would have liked some answers to questions that have been niggling for a while.
I hope I haven't offended anyone. These are just my views and not intended to offend anybody in anyway.

Oh and one other question I'd really like someone to answer that's always bugged me....Demon Blood. Why would demons have blood in the first place when they're shown on supernatural to be entities consisting of black smoke who posses humans in order to have a 'meat suit' to ride around in. Shouldn't the so called demon blood belong to the human they're wearing and not the demons themselves as they have no human form naturally, therefore can't bleed? Just something that's always nagged at me.
~ Liana ~
# ~ Liana ~ 2011-01-27 01:53
Hi Alice, thanks for this article. It is always good to get even a little bit of insight from the showrunner whenever possible. I don’t understand the bitterness of the Sam v. Dean arguments. I’m a bonafide “Dean girl” and certainly don’t see his role as minimized or unnecessary.

To be honest, I have enjoyed this season very much! The direction has been creative, the presentation has been entertaining, and the mythology has been thought-provoki ng. Wars in Heaven and Hell, alpha creatures, the value of souls, purgatory – a lot of rich material to play with! This isn’t to say that I have liked everything about it and haven’t questioned certain things that can be labeled as ‘plot holes’ since they don’t necessarily add up. But I can overlook most of that. The only thing that has kept season six from being labeled a favorite so far has been the lack of the brothers’ relationship, considering we really haven’t seen that relationship as established in the first two seasons for nearly 2.5 years now. This is something that I was having a hard time overlooking, despite the creatively interesting turns this season was taking.

Have I enjoyed RoboSam? Generally no, but at times yes. It gave Jared a challenge, which he portrayed beautifully. It made Sam a tough, scary hunter. And it challenged the dynamics between the characters, making for good drama. Considering that the mid-season finale gave us a re-souled Sam, I am grateful that Sera and crew were clever enough to not let this drag out all season long, as Kripke tended to do with some topics. I think we were all reaching our limit of “not-Sam”. We can now almost guess the cliffhanger for S6 – the breaking of that precious wall and the after-effects.

As far as this interview, Sera has never been a fan of spoilers, and her answers almost always tend to be more cryptic than fact. But knowing her track record and how she has handled the writing of the brothers in the past, I’m going to give her a HUGE vote of confidence and have no doubt that Friday’s kick-off to the second half of S6 will have us back on track. Back to the Supernatural that we know, love, and have waited so long to see again -- the one whose heart and soul (pun intended) revolves around the brothers. If there is anyone on that creative team who knows what makes SPN click and what makes fans happy, it should be Sera. I feel sorry for those willing to jump ship to Fringe because I suspect that 6x12 will indeed offer all that we have been missing for so long. Oh well, they can read the reviews, catch up online, and then rejoin the SPN cruise! If not, then they will be the ones missing out. :-)
# Zlyuka 2011-01-27 04:36
What a wonderful interview! Can you please give us your permission to translate it to Russian and public it at our site rnatural? We will definitely give you credit as author and put direct link and all. Thank you at advance.
# Suze 2011-01-27 08:02
Ooooh, goody ... Game on! Seriously folks, it has cowboys, dragons, Winchestery toplessness and possibly un-dead alligators ( still living in hope here :D ) so just lie back and enjoy. Coming back here to all this over-heated nit-picking really makes me wonder about us ... masochists unanimous, anyone? ;-)

Personally, I don't give a stuff about who has the most lines/ profile shots/ brown M'n'M's. It's entertaining TV and I'm glad it's back on again. The only thing needed to make my geek-girl joy complete would be the reappearance of Being Human and Primeval ... Hang on a sec ... :D :D :D
# Louisa 2011-01-27 09:24
-I implore any Supernatural fan, especially those looking for further info about Dean, to read this latest interview with Sera Gamble from Maureen Ryan. It's one of the best Supernatural interviews I've ever read. She might not give you the answers you want about Dean, but at least she gives answers.-

Thanks for the link Alice. There was a lot more information in this interview, I assume because Mo Ryan isn't biased either way between the brothers and asked the right questions about Dean. Perhaps Sera Gamble is more willing to answer tough questions that you give her credit for - they just need to be asked.
# bethanygirl 2011-01-27 11:32
there have been no unpleasant comments in the responses to Mo's article - probably because here anyone who doesnt feel satisfied by the show, and sera's answers, have been attacked by other posters and even by yourself Alice. Even your review of the episode takes a very unpleasant - and rather unprofessional pop at those who arent happy - assuming that if we disagree with you we are on the roof tops - while you who are so right and grounded can talk us crazy fools down! Not to mention you only allow positive comments. So really you are censoring discussion.

Fortunately this is a big world with lots of differeing opinions - you think Sera is wonderful and others dont. Thats great. You are entitled to your views - as are those of us who disagree.

Also perhaps Mo's lack of bias for or against a particular segment of the fandom also helped her interview.
# JulieC 2011-01-27 12:36
Edited. A violation of our rules. Unfounded accusations. Prove it.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-01-27 12:54
Oh Alice, damned if you do and damned if you don’t......

To all those who are complaining about the content/tone of the interview or say Alice should have asked other questions, might I suggest you get up off your arse, set up a website, invest a truckload of time into establishing it and fill it with enlightening articles that invite comment and debate. That way, next time you might get invited to one of these interviews and you can ask whatever questions you want, as opposed to just sitting around telling other people what they should have done.

Jeez, back-seat drivers....

In relation to Mo’s interview, I also read it and it’s pretty damn good so if I may make another suggestion. To those who feel Mo’s interview was much better than this one, why don’t you head on over there and tell her that. The vast majority of the comments relate to the actual spoilers revealed, not the interview itself, so while I know it’s easier to criticise than commend, I’m sure Mo would appreciate your positive feedback.
# Alice 2011-01-27 12:57
Okay, putting my foot down now. I'm following a very strict interpretation of the rules now. I'm especially not going to bend on "respect what we value." Regular posters on this site understand that rule.

If you have an issue with the moderator, take it to the "Contact Us" page and log a comment in our complaint thread. We are done with the bitterness, negativity, and outright fighting.
# Jasminka 2011-01-27 14:10
Amen, Alice.

In support of your argument, I's like to add a couple of definitions from Wikipedia and Free Online Dictionary.

Respect denotes both a POSITIVE feeling of esteem for a person of other entity (such as a nation or a religion), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. Respect can be a specific feeling of regard for the actual qualities of the one respected (e.g., "I have great respect for her judgment"). It can also be conduct in accord with a specific ethic of respect. Rude conduct is usually considered to indicate a lack of respect, disrespect, where as actions that honor somebody or something indicate respect.

1. To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem.
2. To avoid violation of or interference with: respect the speed limit.
3. To relate or refer to; concern.
1. A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem.
2. The state of being regarded with honor or esteem.
3. Willingness to show consideration or appreciation.
4. respects Polite expressions of consideration or deference: pay one's respects.
5. A particular aspect, feature, or detail: In many respects this is an important decision.
# Karen 2011-01-27 15:00
Hi Alice
This is a wonderful site. Be very proud of what you have created here.
I’m so sorry things have had to come to this.
I just want to let you know you have my full support.
# Bethan 2011-04-03 09:09
Thank you for sharing this interview with us!
I really don't like all these hate comments, why don't you trying running the show for a bit? I'm sure it's not as easy as you think... and like Sera said 'you can't please everybody'
And whats with the 'Samgirl/Deangi rl' fananza!?! what is this Twilight??? :-x
I am especially glad to hear that Adam will be mentioned again, i love his character. I think he deserves to get more of a mention on the show, after all he is they're half brother. I think that there could be a very interesting twist if Adam came back from the pit, it would also make the brotherly dynamics step up a notch. There, Adam rant over! :lol: