It took a little while, but thanks to a little blogger's "exchange" program that me and a couple of other writers have at Comic Con, I was able to get a transcript of one of the Misha Collins press roundtables.  Misha was the one person our table didn't get to speak with.  Thanks so much to Steve and Sarah for making this possible for me to share.  It's nice to complete the collection. 

Oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

So, they keep killing you?

In more creative and exotic ways.

Yes. Sure. When I read the season finale – to season 5 – script and I got to the part where Cass explodes, and it stipulated, “into a fine mist of blood and bone,” I thought, “Alright, that might be it for me.” But four pages later I was resurrected. Someone recently put it well that Cass has become the ‘Kenny’ of <Supernatural>. I think, in a perfect world, they would kill him at the end of every episode, then resurrect him at the beginning of the next. It would be fun to have that kind of character on the show. “We’ve got to figure out a new way to kill him this week.”
That might get boring or get silly.

Yeah, but it can be done creatively. It could be interesting.
What’s going to be happening to Cass this season? Where is he going to be headed?

Cass is on his own mission this season. I think season 5 started out with Cass pursuing the hunt for God, and that was his mission, but he very quickly got folded into the fray with Sam and Dean’s monster-of-the-week project, and didn’t really maintain a particularly strong focus on that mission. I think this season he’s going to be more purposeful, more directed, and his arc is going to carry through to the end of the season. He’s definitely going to play a different role than he has in the past. He is trying to restore order to Heaven – that’s his primary focus. It’s anarchy up there and Heaven’s ‘nukes’ are falling into the wrong hands. He’s trying to bring these weapons caches back into the right hands. There’s a lot going on. He has his hands full. He’s not going to be as much of a side-kick to Sam and Dean, or helping them with their projects. He’s on his own mission.
So is God still missing?

There’s a little less talk of God this time around.
Now that Cass has spent so much time around humans, what is his favourite human attribute or his favourite thing about being around humans?

Aside from the beer and brothels? I think that Cass actually had a bit of a hard reset when he was disintegrated and then re-constituted. He’s now a little bit less human than he was leading up to the very end of season 5. He’s more of the Angel that we met in the beginning of season 4. So he’s not as emotional and as vulnerable as he was in season 5, but he’s wiser, he’s more worldly, he has been around human beings and knows how they behave now. So he has that wisdom that he didn’t come into season 4 with. I think he’s matured.
He’s not going to lose that element of humor, is he?

No. There’s still the fact that he just doesn’t quite get it. The first script I got actually, there was some pretty funny stuff, yes. He’s still a fish out of water, and nothing’s going to change that.
Can we expect a Cass-centered episode this season?

So far there has been one episode that is more focused on Cass. I think that there will be a couple more of those, and maybe a few fewer episodes where he just pops in for a minute and gives the boys some advice and then pops back out again. But I don’t know. I can’t predict the future, unfortunately. It would be handy.
What do you think he will be doing in his episode?

Sera Gamble likened the state that Heaven is in to post-Soviet Russia. The Government has fallen apart, there are really powerful weapons that are falling into the wrong hands and Cass is trying to restore order and take command. He’s trying to be the boss of Heaven, which sounds like an onerous task to me. And he’s taking it very seriously. That’s going to be his primary focus.
What’s been your favourite scene to play, or your favourite line to deliver?

I don’t know. But, “Ass-butt” has been resonating with me. I really liked that line. But there were quite a few that I enjoyed. It really is fun playing that fish out of water, just disconnecting the right amount really makes someone seem awfully weird. And there’s definitely going to be more of that.
You said that Cass has come back from the dead changed, does that go for Sam as well, and will that be dealt with in season 6?

I would like to see it, and we are going to see it dealt with. I think it’s actually going to be a pretty integral part of the season: how those resurrections happened, why they happened, and possibly what goes wrong with us when that happens. We come back a little different. Something’s not quite right, and I think that’s definitely going to be a theme of the season, things are definitely not what they seem. It’s not so much the amount of times, but it’s just about specifically what happens to me, what happens to Sam. Things happen. It’s not perfect, getting resurrected from being dead.
Are you going to be Tweeting any more live? Because that was hilarious during that episode.

I don’t know. Possibly. Well now that you have said that, of course I will.


# elle2 2010-08-12 22:05

Really glad you were able to exchange for the Misha Collins interview. I'm looking forward to the Cas of Season 4 matured by the events of Season 5 and moving on with his mission of Season 6 (make sense?) I'm thinking he's part of the mystery and shadows of Season 6 that has been mentioned.

Ergh....six more weeks...must hang on!
# Randal 2010-08-13 10:24
Hope it didn't cost a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. Goddamn, that stuff's expensive. :D

Granted, it's just from generalizations , but I really like how they're handling Cass for season six. Would have been completely silly to have him vanish with a bit of on-screen monologue as justification.

Nukes? Oh great, now we've got to invade heaven.