It's no secret that many "Supernatural" fans are also "Smallville" fans.  Many found the former because it came after the latter. The two shows are an iconic sci-fi pairing that have managed to consistently perform well for their networks year after year after year. They’re now together again after a year apart for what is “Smallville’s” final season and it couldn’t be more fitting. 
I’ve often been reminded that "Smallville" was here first. While I know that, I probably get that a lot since I got it backwards. I became a fan of "Smallville" in season seven, checking it out after finding "Supernatural" in season three. Yes, going through six seasons of DVDs was a lot of homework but we were able to do it as a family. The kids are hooked and I can’t wait until they’re old enough to go through the “Supernatural” catalog with them. 
Speaking of opportunity, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a big shout-out to KryptonSite. Craig Byrne has been the most devoted fan this show has had. He has tirelessly run KryptonSite (a job that involves lots of hours and little financial reward as I know from experience) and written “Smallville” companion books.  As someone who hopes to run a fan site as great as his, it only took me two and a half years to get an interview with “Supernatural” stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Craig waited ten years for his big interview, finally scoring the coveted and very rare Tom Welling interview at Comic Con.
Craig’s interviews with Tom and all the cast members at this year’s Comic Con can be found in the News section at They are different than the ones I'm sharing in this article, so I highly suggest you check them out.  Thank you Craig for all you’ve done for this show and its fandom.
At least “Smallville” is going out with a bang and getting a proper goodbye. In the four year history of The CW, no series has been given this farewell opportunity. So, when given the choice to attend “Supernatural's” panel or go to the final "Smallville" press room session, the choice was clear. I couldn't turn down a final opportunity.
The Press Room 
I was pretty stunned by myself in the "Smallville" press room. I've interviewed a wide assortment of TV actors, producers, and writers in my two and a half years of blogging. I had long gotten over those initial fan girl moments, right? I’m a pro, right? Yep, that kind of cocky thinking came back to bite me. 
I was trying to tweet all the info I could from the "Supernatural" press session when the first interviewee for "Smallville" arrived. I look up and I'm face to face with John Schneider. It was that precise moment I had a total internal freakout. Luckily, my inside screaming voice, "OMG, OMG!!! IT'S BO DUKE!!! IT’S JONATHAN KENT!! HE'S GORGEOUS!" was not heard by others.
I didn't go to the panel. Most of us in that room didn't know John was a surprise guest. I was sitting there in a speechless trance, remembering with glee that I’ve been watching this man on TV since I was young. Tom Welling, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki were tiny children when I was watching John Schneider on my TV religiously every week. Yep, I gave away my age when I told everyone at the table afterward how thrilling this moment was for me. No, they apparently weren’t watching prime-time TV in 1980. I won’t even go into what happened to my insides when Justin Hartley and Tom Welling entered the room. 
So, fangirl squeeing aside, I did get some great information from this press room. Over the next several pages are the transcripts from the interviews at my table.  Please note, some sentences were left out and the questions aren't word for word because the noise levels in this room were very high and I couldn't make them out.  For those fans of “Smallville,” SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

John Schneider

Since you’re here, I would guess that you are a big part of the new season. Is that accurate?
Yes, I’m in the new season, but honestly I’m not sure if I’m alive or dead or a vision or a memory. I’m going to be in there a lot. The way it was written, I don’t know if it’s accumulated memories of Clark and things that Jonathan would say to him or if I’m really there. That’s not unusual on “Smallville.” 
Years ago, one of the things that led to my heart attack, Lionel Luthor comes in and hands me something in the barn. I don’t remember exactly what he said but “How’s your family going to be able to survive this!” and he hands me a piece of paper. And I said to the director, it was Greg Beeman at the time, I said what’s on it. He said “It’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen, it’s the worst possible news you could get and it’s life changing.” I said what’s on it and he said “I have no idea.” I said, “Really we’re never going to know?”   He said “We don’t know, we’re never going to know.”
So, we did this whole scene. As soon as John Glover hands me the piece of paper they cut to a reverse of him handing it to me and as soon as I grab it and you should be able to see it over my shoulder I crumpled it up and said back “How dare you!” So it’s not unusual for the cast to be in the dark and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The suspense actually works on the set as well which I think works for the show. 
(My question, in a brief second of coherence) What was it like coming back after all this time?
It was wonderful experience coming back. Much of the crew is the same so it was old home week. You know, when you get past a certain age four years goes by pretty quick. When I was going up there I thought “You know, it’s been four years, what’s this going to be like?” Like I said in the panel as soon as I set foot on the Anderlini farm, which is the Kent farm, I felt like I hadn’t gone anywhere. It was like no time had passed. So it was really wonderful.
Are you going to be in the opening title again?
I don’t think I’m in the opening titles, I don’t know. I wanted it to be a surprise but obviously it’s not a surprise anymore. I didn’t even want to be in the opening credits. I wanted to just be credited at the end but I guess the cat’s out of the bag.
Because the show is ending and this is the final stage before Clark becomes Superman, is Jonathan for sure you think playing that final role in a sense of giving him that guidance that he needs for achieving his (destiny)?
Yes. I think that Jonathan Kent is back because he is the only force, the only person in Clark Kent’s life that can tell him it’s okay to be Superman. That this is in fact the destiny we talked about when you were a child. We’ve always talked about you’re here for something, you’re here for a reason, you’ve got this very specific set of skills, and you are part of what’s right in the world. One of these days you’ll know how to use that out among the people. It’s your destiny son. I think that’s why they brought me back here because he’s been out doing super things but really kind of unfocused. Doing good when he has the opportunity to do it without focus, without direction. He’s a really good guy but he has not come in contact with his destiny yet. I think that’s what Jonathan is back for.

Justin Hartley
I was just saying over there how funny it is that the gadgets get more and more sophisticated. (notices tape recorder). Except this guy, is that a real tape in there? Come on! 
You guys are at the final stage now, and I’m wondering overall, what sort of stage do you think Oliver is going into lead and do you think he and Clark are going to come closer together and he push him more toward his final destiny?
First part of your question, I think Oliver is going from this inner peace that he’s finally found to realizing that whole way that he thought about himself is in fact not who he is. So he’s still going to carry that burden. It’s interesting because he carries the burden of the bad guy inside him. He’s got that dark part, the weight of the world on his shoulders. 
As far as the other thing, Clark’s destiny, I think what you’re going to see this year is Clark finding that on his own a little bit and maybe he’ll help Oliver a little bit like he did last year. It’s interesting. People are like that in real life too. You go in and out of that good and bad. You’re feeling pretty good and then all of a sudden something happens and you’re not feeling it. He’s constantly in remission trying to figure out how he’s going to deal with all the things he’s done in his past. 
What’s your wish for where you want your character to be at the end of the series?
I’d like to see him kind of have more of that inner peace I was talking about. The superhero stuff is great but I think Oliver is a good person, a good human being with a huge heart and that’s part of the problem. So I would like to see him get the good end of the stick a few times. That might be kind of nice.
Are there any more rumblings about a spinoff, something that’s been discussed or is it a pipe dream right now?
Yeah, I don’t know. It might be in between pipe dream and something actually being discussed and people are always kind of talking about it. As far as going forward with it I certainly haven’t heard anything.
Would you do it?
Yeah, I would be up to having a conversation about it, sure. In what capacity I don’t know but yeah, definitely. I enjoy the character and its fun and stuff like that is up my alley. So yeah, I would entertain the idea. I’m here.
They’ve got you trained with that. â€œI will entertain the idea.”
Sure (laughs). That’s right and you’re going to whip out the contract. He’s got it on tape. (laughs)
Do you find that your character is still interesting to play?
I do, I do. That’s another good question because sometimes you get saturated. We’ve done this a hundred times. For me I’ve had kind of a luxury. I came on the show initially and did like six episodes or seven episodes, whatever I did it was a short little stint on the show. And they just threw all that stuff in there. This is what the Green Arrow’s going to be, this is what Oliver does and then he left the show for a year. And then I did one episode the next year. The first time I came back pseudo full time I did 13 episodes and although it sounds like a lot its not. It’s not a long time to get into the character and to tell his story. Last year was the very first year in my opinion that I was able to be in Vancouver shooting long enough to tell Oliver’s story without just kind of touching on different parts of it. The way I look at it is the second part of my full season.   My second full season in a row and that’s it so I’ve been kind of lucky that way. I see what you’re saying though. I can only imagine. Tom’s been doing it for ten years.
On the other side of it too (is) the writers, it’s got to be part for them to keep it fresh too. I wrote an episode last year and these guys let me write an episode. So, you go into the writer’s room and you’re sitting and there’s so many good ideas going around and they get shot down not because they’re good ideas but because they’ve done it before. â€œThat’s a great idea we did that four years ago. That’s a great idea we did that eight years ago. We’ve already done that. She bled there. That’s where we shot him last time…” And it’s this huge brain sitting in the room trying to figure out what’s left. But they come up with it. They keep coming up with it. I’ve got faith in them. They could probably do another ten years if they had to. 
Will you be writing again this season?
I’m not going to be writing this season, I’m going to be directing one so that will be fun. 
Now that you have Geoff Johns involved, would you write the comic for it? Do you have a Green Arrow story that you’d be dying to tell?
I don’t have one, no but I’m sure he would. I don’t compete with those guys. It’s nice that they let me write one but I can’t compete with them. 

Kelly Souders
(Me) This has to be so bittersweet
Yes, it is.
(Me) You’ve been with the show since the second season
Yes. Keep going down this path and I’ll start crying. I’m a little bit misty today. It’s very strange. But it’s really an amazing experience though.
You’re going to get to payoff Al and Miles vision and what they were going for. You’ll have a lot of characters to bring back. Are you going to be bringing a lot of people back?
Obviously Schneider is back as you know and Marsters is coming back. It’s really a season of Clark visiting the ghosts of his past, sort of get over the blatant issues. We want him to be the Superman everybody wants (him) to be.
We would love to have Kristin back. The door is wide open for anybody who wants to come back.
Would Michael come back too, is that guaranteed?
No. But we would love, love, love. Nothing would make us happier than to close out the show with him. 
Since the series didn’t get cancelled you have this season where you can tie it all together, close the arcs you want to close. You feel like that’s given you this chance you’re talking about to tell the story properly and tell it in full?
We try every season to do new twists and turns and delve deeper into Clark who he is as a person. And I think this season because we know its ending in 22 episodes we’re already exhausted. We’re shooting episode two, we’ve been pulling crazy, crazy hours, and we’re so, we just want to do all of it. We just want to do everything. We’re like shooting our own selves in the foot. I know if we’re even going to be alive by the end of the season because we’re killing ourselves so hard, both the crew and the cast. But everyone feels like it’s our last chance to do every iconic moment that we want, every reunion we want to see, everything. 
We know that at the end of the season one way or another Clark becomes Superman. What is the final stage in your mind on his character’s evolution to get to that time in the season?
The final moment hinges on these ghosts from his past and understanding some things about himself that he’s been holding onto for several years. Last year he delved into his darkest hour which I think is really interesting and something he needed to do, to go through pretty rigorous tests in order to make it to the Superman moment. But what was interesting about it by the end of the season he really wasn’t Superman, he really wasn’t that bright shiny inspiration. He was a loner who wasn’t really trusting of the people around him, who hid on rooftops and shadows. And that’s a very different guy than Superman. So, it made us look at the whole 22 episodes of getting him set.
And the clothes are going to change from what I understand?
He will have a little of a wardrobe change. 
From the preview, it looks like he’s flying with the Daily Planet Globe?
He’s doing his biggest leap ever which is pretty close to flying.
He has to fly.
(smiling) We hear ya. 
Are you sticking with what Al and Miles wanted to do with the last scene of him taking off as Superman or are you going to deviate?
There’s a lot of things that Al and Miles, images that they had and there’s images that Brian and I have had and the writing staff, honestly the cast, the crew, everybody, we’re all fans too. So we all have our wish lists and we’re all battling it out. Everybody wants their own wish in there. It will be an amalgamation of a lot of people that work on the show, that last episode.
What’s your wish that you’d like to get in there?
Honestly, some of the stuff you’re going to see at the beginning of the season is what Brian and I wanted to do. For us, because we’re fans from the beginning as well, there’s moments from the whole series that are really endearing to us and we want to pay homage to that. Literally, from the premiere through the whole season you’re going to see moments that homage or have a little glance of things that people love from the whole series. We feel like our fans have been there the whole time. They want to remember the show the same way we do. You’ll see that and there will be a whole lot of new stuff and we’ll push off.
John Schneider said he doesn’t know if he’s a ghost or this and that. Do you guys know and can you explain it?
Some of it is still evolving. We shot him in the first episode and what’s interesting is you can plan things out and you see things shot that actors bring to it, and what the crew, the directors, and the cinematographers bring to it. It really takes on a life of its own. The story is sort of evolving over a period of time. It’s not like he’s the ghosty kind of guy that’s sitting there or that you’re kind of used to. He will return. It’s not quite like that. 
Do we find out what’s in the letter? (Clarifies it’s the episode when Jonathan Kent dies)
(Smiling) It’s on my wish list.  (laughter)  But nothing yet. 
There have been a lot of standalone stories on the way. Is this really an irony as you’re driving toward the end of the season?
By the end of it, he’s kind of, how do you say it…all these great questions because they make us verbalize things running around in our head. Brian and I are kind of like Siamese twins. We don’t ever have to talk about what’s in our heads. It’s very strange to be in a room with us. 
He coming out of it has a problem, he has a challenge. So he’s going to be on that avenue the whole season. But because it’s our last season there’s going to be Deadshot, Darkseid, and some of those harbingers. It’s not going to be just like one villain who shows up for the whole season to battle because we’ve done that the last two years and we’ve had a great run at it and people wanted to give everybody a taste.
Darkseid’s got to be a pretty bad guy.
Darkseid is a bad guy, or entity, whatever you want to call him. But he shows up in different ways throughout the season.

Brian Peterson
We were talking about the villains that are showing up. Can you talk a little bit about that and how Darkseid is going to fit in and how it’s going to reflect on where you are going?
We really wanted to do something different with a villain. I think Zod and Doomsday were successful and were really great additions to the show but we didn’t just want to repeat that pattern. So we’re introducing Darkseid in a really different way, kind of gradually unfolding that character through some of his harbingers or minions from the Gods mythology a little bit. So that I think will be really fun. So those are obviously some of the knitting needles so I don’t want to give too much away.
That’s kind of a big part of the season and then we have another group of ragtag villain heroes that’s going to come in episode two with this Suicide Squad. There’s not going to be a huge run of them but they will at least play a role. 
Are you going actually be able to call them Suicide Squad?
So far. They’re a huge part of the season but they will be in there.   There will be Deadshot, we have Rick Flag, and we’re bringing back Plastique.  
I congratulate you on the last season on the creative resurgence of the show.
Thank you, thank you. Everybody worked really hard.
We know this is the final stage before Clark becomes Superman. This show has been pushed toward each step of that. In your mind, what is the final stage of Clark putting on that uniform?
We have our thoughts. I really think last year we put him through the ringer as far as making some decisions that were maybe on the edge. He roughed up Tess a little bit, he burned down some buildings, he made decisions that fans actually reacted to a lot that’s not really Superman. We wanted him to see where the boundaries are when you are God and how far you should and can go. So this year hopefully we can take more of a positive spin and watch him as he’s taking those lessons from last year and applying them. 
As far as action moments I really don’t want to give anything away because they are going to be, (they) weren’t really meant for the show but we’ll get there.
What about his stepping into the light?
Yeah, like stepping into the light and (he gets) a brand new suit in episode two. (Laughs) He’s a little brighter and lighter. He’s not standing all gothic roof towers that are all black anymore on the Daily Planet. He starts transitioning into the light. 
We know about Darkseid’s gradual reveal. When you finally get to the assumed conflict between Clark and him should it be one of the (biggest) fights that Clark gets into?
That is the idea, but I think as we’ve seen we have had the best ambitions and the money hasn’t quite afforded what we wanted.   Everybody’s worked hard to make things work and sometimes we always wish so beyond the boundaries of most TV shows do with effects and stunts. Nine times out of ten we hit the mark but sometimes we don’t always have the time and the resources. Every effort this year will be made this year to be making the final battle as epic as humanly possible. 
It’s the final season, are they letting you go all out?
The studio’s been incredibly supportive in trying to give us…it’s just we’re literally are trying to shoot a movie and we don’t have 50 million dollars. We’re the little engine that could up in Vancouver. Every script they get they’re like “really” and we’re like “you can do it, you’ve done it” and they do it. 
(Couldn’t make out the question, but basically the person wanted to know about any guest actors that they had to have).
We’re trying to hit more than we’re going to be able to do, there’s a lot of actors that we love and have gone out to. They’re on other shows and busy and sometimes it isn’t working out. You know, we’d love to see Lionel Luthor again. Obviously it would be incredible to see Lana again, and that’s up to Kristin right now and that hasn’t worked out. Brainiac, needless to say Lex Luthor.
Are you going to bend over backwards to reach out to Michael?
I’m already in splits from doing the pretzel. I’ve bent over backwards three times. Kelly and I have done everything in our power with the support of the studio to invite Michael back. You know, it just hasn’t worked out. We love Michael, he’s a fantastic guy. So the door is open, that’s all we can hope and pray that something works out. 
What do you want to happen before the end?
Everything we’re wanting to happen are really big moments that I can’t give away because. We do have a couple in the two hundredth episode and the premiere that we’ve always wanted to do. The Daily Planet, the epic Daily Planet globe fall and catch, we’re putting that in the premiere. So that will be really fine. Clark catching the Daily Planet globe. I’m not giving anything that we didn’t give to you the trailer we saw. That’s one.
Yes tights, yes flights?
You know, it’s the final season. And we know where he ends so I think I can say, that’s what I can say. We know what he ends up doing and it’s the final season.
Will Tom actually don the uniform?
You’re going to have to put me to a torch to answer that. 
Would you consider an Oliver spinoff or has there been discussions about that?
You know, I really feel like each of our characters are so fleshed out by this point and the actors like Cassidy and Justin and Erica they can handle their own series but right now nothing is in the works. Right now we’re focused on really ending the “Smallville” and Superman mythology and we didn’t want to branch out. Right now this is our goal, this show.
How does it feel ending the show?
It’s heartbreaking. It’s our family. The people in Vancouver, Tom, they’re all our family. It’s going to be really, really emotional. We want to go out at the top after ten so I deal with it when it comes. It’s going to be a tough one.
You’re an important part of the legacy.
Yes, we filled in the missing years a lot of people never saw. 

Cassidy Freeman
Hey guys, what’s going on?
You tell us.
What can I say (she answers with shifty eyes). 
What’s the next stage for Tess Mercer?
Well, um, I died a lot last season. I think she’s a bit humbled by that. I think she realizes that maybe she can’t do all of this alone, so she’s going to turn to Clark and Oliver for a little bit of help at the beginning of the season. Then mid-season she’s going to find out a secret about her past. Which, I’m not really completely sure what that is yet. I have an idea, I just can’t talk about it. But it’s definitely going to be a big twist for her and she’s going to have to keep it a secret to keep other people safe. And I think it will change her trajectory at the end of the year.
There’s so many secrets that Tess has kept in every season. How do you approach that as an actor?
It’s not easy. Sometimes I have to call and ask “Am I lying or am I telling the truth? Is this genuine, is it not?” As an actor it is difficult because you’re trying to make everything you’re doing super genuine. I heard someone on a panel yesterday say you can’t judge your character. Once an actor starts judging their character, you’re done for because you have to be this person and you can’t judge yourself that way. So, whenever she’s doing horrible things, I still have to go somewhere inside of me and say “What would make me do that? What would make me do something similar.” So it’s difficult but it also keeps me on my toes. But I think this year I’ll have a little bit more of a streamline than I did the last two seasons. 
You’re going to be disfigured this season, or at least your face was.
(Clears throat). No, no, this is The CW my friend. They call it the beauty square. You cannot mess up the ground switch. No I’m healed. In the teaser they showed you actually see a thing on my face and it will be explained. I won’t just show up healed. They’ll be a transition. 
In reading about the panel they made it sound you were Two Face or something.
 I actually kind of wanted that. They I wouldn’t have to worry about if I had a pimple. No, I’ll look like me come the end of the first episode. 
Even though you’re totally not sure about the secret yet, how much about of your arc for the season do you know?
I know a very general outline. It’s a very broad stroke. A lot’s going to change I think depending on who they can get as guest stars, the timing of things, who they can schedule. So very general. I learn more and more every week and they keep coming up with really good ideas. 
How do you wish the series would end for Tess?
I think as a storyteller I want her to become good. I want her to be on the team. I want her to be like “Oh, all this bad stuff, screw it. I’m going to be a good guy”. Like I get walk in that line.” You know that shot of all of them like Aquaman and Cyborg and they’re all like “da, da, da, da, da.” I watch that I’m like “I want to be on the team.” (laughs). I think it’s so bad ass. But as an actor I want her to go really deep into the evil just because I think there needs to be a balance of that. Clark is going to go good someone has to go bad. So whether it’s me or someone else, I would take that responsibility respectfully. 
(Can’t hear the question, but this is a great story about the opening credits)
I don’t know if you know but the beginning sequence is like circular, you know when we’re turning, it’s “Cassidy Freeman.” First time I saw it I was like “Ha, ha, ha! That’s hilarious.” The way that they do that is they put you on a green screen and you’re on this disk, this wooden disc, and there’s a guy who pushes the button and you’re like (mechanical sound). And then you turn and as you’re turning you look and then you’re body keeps turning and then you’re going back. So, we all have to do that and we got one of our executive producers to go up there and do a fake one. It’s really funny. One of our executive producers with wind blowing in his face. James Marshall. It was good.
Anything else you can tease about?
We started a little bit later this year. I think everyone knows where it’s going. I think that’s the idea, we all want him to become Superman, that’s the direction its heading. I think the interesting part is the characters we’re going to meet along the way. The scripts are really beautiful works this year. They have a beginning, middle, and end and they know where we’re going. So they can really put a lot of work and effort into each episode making it that much more beautiful and the story be that much more character driven. It’s exciting, without the fear of are we going another season. 
How is it to be part of this mythos, this legacy?
It feels incredible. I’m super thankful. And I was like getting really emotional at the panel. I was like “ten years,” I mean I’ve been here for two. Ten years! (fake wipes a tear from her eye). I can’t imagine how they feel. But I’m very thankful. 

Erica Durance
In the new season, what is the next stage in the evolution of Lois and also what role she should play in pushing Clark toward becoming Superman?
Well, I think it’s great that in this season she knows and you see her struggle with accepting her destiny. That’s the cool thing about the show is people accepting their destinies as what they’re for and then breaking and then moving forward. And Lois I think struggles with whether she’ll be able to help when she finds out what an entity he is. And so when she embraces that she is there to make things easier for him, to make it lighter for him. And that’s her role in the mythology, that’s what Lois Lane was, she’s the love of his life and she is helping and that’s what I hope they continue to do throughout the season.
In the panel you talked about using that as leverage as well.
Who Lois? I’m sure she does. Why not? That’s what I like about her.   Instead of moping about “Oh you didn’t tell me,” it’s like she finds out and goes, “Hey you know what, you didn’t want to tell me, I’m cool with that, I’ll support that, I won’t get all girly about it, and I’ll help him. That is so much greater than my future right now” and that’s what I really like about her. And at some point she’ll let him have it, bring him down to earth.
In a weird way the show’s went different from the original mythology the way the movies are, have they said whether they’re going to keep it in the Smallville universe or are they trying to get to the mythology everybody knows about?
I think they want everybody to get the payoff they’re looking for ten years. It’s season ten, run as hard as they can with it, tell them to make people smile and get excited about spending ten years watching it.
(My question) What does your inner fan girl think about the idea of doing the scene from the movies of Clark sweeping Lois off her feet and flying away?
(big smile) I think it would be pretty sweet. It would be alright. Yeah, that would be okay.
What’s your feelings about it ending?
When you’re still in the middle of it it’s not something that’s at the forefront but I think it’s bittersweet. Like anything it needs a beginning, middle and really good end. I think that’s the main focus now and making it as good as we can for the fans.
Is there something you’re hoping will happen to Lois by the end of the series?
Does she get to fly? 
Erica was whisked away after that and our session was done. Oh, but we weren’t done with the one notable absent cast member that didn’t make it over to the press tables. As we were leaving the Superman-to-be himself, the only cast member to go all ten seasons, Tom Welling, was finishing up with an interview. A small group of us parting media said “Thanks Tom!” and he gave us a wave and a half smile before being dragged off to something else. So there, my brush with greatness with Superman. It’s a story to tell the grandchildren. 
Actually, the entire session was a brush with greatness in my book and I’m thrilled to get this opportunity.  Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Smallville” for ten amazing seasons and I wish you all good luck in finally reaching the ending we knew would happen all along. It’s not about the end, it’s about the journey and it’s been a great one.