Jim Beaver came to us with one of his usual eye catching t-shirts, a clever no smoking symbol with the words “There are cooler ways to die.” He was also wearing a hat that said “Idgits.” He thought the shirt was relevant to the show and the hat he had gotten that from a fan and thought he ought to wear that today.

You know the drill, SPOILER ALERT!!

What can you tell us about what’s going on with Bobby in season six?
I wish I was paying attention. That’s not true. Bobby’s back better than ever. I think he’s strong and determined and he’s shaking off whatever doubts and despair that were afflicting him last season, trying to shake them off. I have no idea past episode four because I haven’t seen the script past that but my feeling is that he’s back and he’s feeling good and going to be the 100 percent hunter he used to be.
How does it feel for you to finally be out of that chair? As an actor it gave you a lot of great powerful scenes I’m sure but at the same time I’m sure you’re glad to be moving around.
I’m not going to compare it to really getting out of a wheelchair but it’s certainly freeing in a lot of ways. I’m not worried about rolling over cables on the set floor anymore. I don’t have to worry about all my scenes being Bobby stays at home and answers the phone. Cause that was like, “Well everybody else gets to have adventures and i…” Yeah, so that was getting a little old. 
(Couldn’t hear the question too well, but it involves the relationship between Bobby and Dean. Are they getting along?)
Hmm, what can I say and still keep my job.   Not very much. Forgive me, I get a little mixed up because we shot episodes out of order and okay, what comes first? The season opener, Dean’s new family will be very much a part of it and Bobby will become involved with them to an extent. But from what I’ve shot so far, I don’t know exactly how part of that’s going to go. As far as my character goes it’s just an initial connection and whatever’s going to happen in the future I don’t know about yet. So, I can’t answer it very well. 
Is Bobby more emotionally hardened or softened by what happened at the end of season five? You said he was going to be a stronger Bobby.
At least in a sense I think he’s determined to be, a new stronger Bobby. Whether he is or not, I don’t know. I’m approaching it as Bobby is free from the shackles of season five and he’s feeling strong again. Emotionally, I haven’t seen much script wise to suggest that. I don’t think he’s got PTSD or anything. It’s kind of like Bobby’s back, I think. But we’re not very far in. 
(my question) Is Bobby’s demon deal with Crowley, do you know if that’s going to come back to bite him?
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Episode 4, which is pretty much all Bobby all the time, it’s very definitely going to deal with Bobby’s deal with Crowley. That’s gonna get dealt with. Whether it’s gonna get resolved or not again wait and see but it certainly gets dealt with. 


# Jasminka 2010-07-27 01:34
What can I say? I am happy that Jim Beaver is on board for another season, and I am very curious about Bobby's journey. This sweet, gracious, loveable gentleman has always treated his fans with respect and it's nice to see that we can do that, also. Thank you so much for this, Alice. Love Jas
# elle2 2010-07-27 08:19

Another great interview (I'm posting my Kripke and Ben Edlund thoughts here as well for time saving -- and I'm lazy!)

While Edlund is a bit 'out there' creatively I appreciate that because it works more often then it doesn't (which is a credit to the rest of the team reining him in and him listening) and he's brought us some memorable moments and wonderful episodes, be they dark or mythos or fun and crazy like Ghostfacers...a nd look what that's spun out into. Whee.

Eric is still involved, I'm very happy with that. While I'm glad the five-year plan is wrapped up and I loved it, I'm thrilled for the new direction as well and for Eric to be humble enough to step aside for newer eyes and creative minds to take over and yet still be allowed to actively be involved is really awesome. Also, we know Eric loves the monsters and blood and all that so I'm betting he's going to have a lot of fun with this season.

As for Jim Beaver, well, Jas put it so well, he is gracious and loveable treating the fans with respect and I'm intrigued to see where the season takes him.

I'm truly happy for the one-year time leap for this allows all the characters to be at a different place and much like Season 4 we'll slowly be able to 'see how they got there as parts are revealed when it works for the story (as in Sam especially it seems) and for all the rest it allows the character to be in a whole new place creatively and we can watch it evolve from there...it's going to be great!

Thanks for all the work at getting these up so fast. Awesome
# Sablegreen 2010-07-27 09:44
LOVE Bobby!!! Thought he was in episodes 1-4, but now not sure. Really looking forward to epi 4, JA directing a superb actor like Jim and a whole episode of Bobby. Do know that J&J are in it to, but very limited.
# Evelyn 2010-08-03 10:25
Bobby back better than ever! That is exciting. Good interview. I'm curious to find out how Bobby is involved with Dean's new family. I know from Swan Song they said that Dean didn't see Bobby for awhile, but was is for the entire year or did they contact each other during the year. Interested to find out. Also, Sam coming back and not contacting Dean, but did he contact Bobby? Or leave him alone as well? So many questions, can hardly wait. Season 6 sounds like its going to be good.