Here it is, the transcription of my round table interview with Jared Padalecki at today’s “Supernatural” press room at Comic Con. We were very fortunate to get five minutes with him and we learned a lot in that short time, likely because he talks pretty fast.  Out of all the people we talked to, Jared spoiled the most. Beware, this is some major stuff. He also gave nice long answers. 

I want to say congratulations you on your recent marriage. You guys kind of let your fans down doing it so close together.
(Laughs) I know. People ask that question all the time. They’re like “uh, did y’all plan this on purpose?” I’m like (sarcastically)“yeah, we planned to get engaged and married really close to each other, that what we were worried about.” 
It had nothing to do with the five year plan?
(laughs) No, its just one of those, I don’t know what’s the word for it, synergism or something I think. Its just that time in our lives where we just found the women and started to make it stick. Now we are where we are. Thank you.
(my question) Sam at this point is in a real messed up place…
(nodding) Sam is in a messed up place. Of all the messed up places Sam has been, this kind of takes the cake. I mean going to Hell and back, people have always asked me how I’ve wanted the show to end. I’m like, “I think it would be fun for Sam and Dean to die.” Well Sam has died, Dean has died, we both have died, we’ve both been to Hell, we’ve been to Heaven, so I don’t know of anything that can take us down. I think after spending some time in the hole with Lucifer Sam’s definitely pretty messed up. 
Will we get into what happened to Sam during that time?
I’d love to. I don’t yet know. I’ve been told by the Gods of Supernatural that we’re not really going to get into that, probably like episode nine or ten or eleven. So I’ve read right now up to episode five. We’ve always been weirded out by the fact that Sam is back but (he) hasn’t been trying to figure that out. We’ve kind of accepted that Sam tried to figure it out, he couldn’t. Dean tried to figure it out, he couldn’t. Bobby…We haven’t even seen Castiel yet. He doesn’t come in until episode four (aka fourth one filmed) so we’re in day two of episode three right now. I think it’s going to be one of the main parts of the season when we get around to it. Right now we just know that Sam is back, Sam doesn’t truly know how he’s back, that’s not a secret he’s holding, Dean truly does not know how Sam is back, so we’re trying to figure that out. 
Right now, I’m dealing with the changes in Sam’s personality. He’s sort of cut the bull now. He doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. He’s not like Dean, “Let’s talk, we’re in the car, come on.” He’s like “What’s there to talk about?  I was in Hell, why would I want to talk about it? I’m back, I’m breathing air, I’m seeing my family, why would I in the world would I want to.” He’s being very realistic. And he’s very cut to the point, almost like Dean was in season one. He’s like “I don’t want to talk, let’s just get the job done, the person is bad, sorry they have a family or sorry there’s a child but they’re bad, we’ve got to get rid of them.” So like it’s kind of flipped because now Dean is seeing a bit of family life. He has Lisa, he has Ben. Sam is like “Hey, I don’t want to go back to Hell. Let’s just figure out what the right thing to do and do it and ask questions later.” 
So when we see the first episode are we going to see Sam already integrated back into their (Dean, Lisa, Ben’s) lives?
We see the reunion, but we also figure out that Sam didn’t get out of Hell and go straight to Dean. Sam got out of Hell and went, “Dean thinks I’m dead. He saw me fall into a hole with an archangel and The Devil. Dean is pretty sure I’m dead, he didn’t get me out, I’m just going to let him live his life.” As opposed to when Dean got out of Hell he needed some answers and he went to Bobby. Sam is sort of like “Let Dean do his thing.” Dean thinks he has normalcy, hopefully he does have normalcy, I think he’s earned some normal life after everything he’s done and been through and seen.
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately cause I’m back on the show (laughs), unfortunately there’s a problem that brings Sam and Dean together. We figure out that something that is after Dean was after Sam previously thinks it got Sam and now it’s after Dean. So Sam has to say to Dean “Look I’m sorry, I’m back, and you need my help.” And that’s not a very blissful reconciliation. Bad time together again for a little bit.
What do you think when the show got picked for another season? Did you think you guys were over?
I don’t know, this show has just been a constant surprise after another. We’re so sort discombobulated, a head with the shoulders in another country. But we’re in Vancouver and we’re working so much that we don’t really get out to see that people are watching and people care.   They’ve surprised me every time. We’re like “Really? Sweet.” It’s such a nice support, so flattering and a nice show of support from the network and studios and they keep bringing us back. Our numbers are sticking with us and fans are watching and they’re excited. When we found out during season five I was going, “Wait a second, where are we gonna go? We really can’t get bigger than God and Lucifer and going into Hell and killing The Devil so what are we going to do?” That was my main concern and then after meeting with the writers, meeting with Sera and Eric and Ben who I saw this summer, I’m like, “Okay I get it, I’m cool. We’re back and we’re better than ever.”


# Alice 2010-07-25 20:33
Jensen's is coming next. Since we talked to Jared first, that's why his is first. That and it has the most spoilers. I'll tell you, both boys were looking VERY good.
# elle2 2010-07-25 20:37
Jared sounds really excited for this upcoming season and for him (and the fact that it means another season) I'm happy. I've worked a job where I can go in and get everything done by 10 a.m. and spend the rest of the day creating work to keep busy and it's no fun at all. So for him, especially being in such a creative job, to be excited for the creative aspects of what he can do with his character I say YEAH!!!

I have to say that I also like the whole symmetry to the storyline with Sam having had a shot at normalcy while at school and now Dean getting that shot as well as Dean having been to hell and now Sam, why not; as Jared said each character has died, each character has gone to heaven, each character has now been to hell, come out for unknown reasons and each has had (and will have) difficult times dealing with it.

Bring it on, Sera and Co....9/24/10 here we come. :-)
# Tigershire 2010-07-25 20:51
Thank you Jared. And thank you Alice, for this great interview. I'm very excited about Season 6.
# Suzie 2010-07-25 21:37
I have to say that the season 1 rehash of one brother living a normal life and the other interrupting that with a hunt has moved beyond symmetry and into lazy writing for me. It just sounds like they're doing a kind of mash up of seasons 1 and 4, but with the roles reversed. I loved those seasons, but I want something new. I'm a little bored by these spoilers, and that makes me sad.
# Rene 2010-07-25 21:59
:cry:: Lisa and Ben I so hoped that Dean left them after the first day. That is a bummer to hear. Glad Jared is excited.
# TeamPadalecki 2010-07-25 22:04
Wonderful interview Alice. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!! I am so jealous of you right now! I am so happy you were able to attend Comic Con this year! Talk soon girl !
# Ardeospina 2010-07-25 22:14
Really cool interview, Alice, and thanks for posting it so soon! I, for one, can't wait to see what happens in Season 6. This is really making me more excited than ever, and the fact that it seems like the cast and crew is also excited about the season makes me really happy.
Regina Fishback
# Regina Fishback 2010-07-25 22:25
A great big Thank you to Jared for doing the interview, and to Alice for sharing it with us!!! I'm a huge fan of the show, and Jared's work. Love how excited the cast is about season 6, because we loyal fans are very eager to see more! Without a doubt, the guys are both smokin' hot and light up the screen :D Their wives are some very lucky ladies!!!
# D_Z 2010-07-26 04:34
Thanks for the interview Alice. I'm glad that the cast is so psyched about this season and if they're excited then I'm excited. It'll be fantastic seeing Jared take on another aspect of a character that has only been touched lightly on throughout the series. Always thrilled to hear some Supernatural news and I couldn't begin to explain my jealousy at getting to meet everyone (especially Jared though :P)
# Sablegreen 2010-07-26 10:28
Nice intereview Alice. Nice picture too.

I think most people will not be happy that Dean didn't leave Lisa right away, and also not like Sam not telling his brother he's alive. I do not expect Dean to be upset though, wouldn't fit in with the reconciliation.
# zahra 2010-07-26 11:06
hey guys
i've gotta say this, i thought after everything that happend to them dean went after sam to bring him back.i mean as we all know dean's personality(lov es his family,sacrific es everything for having them) it was so far from dean's charactor that left or maybe forgot sam in hell.i mean if i were dean,i would never leave sam like that.but i'm not him
# AndreaW 2010-07-26 11:51
Dear Jared! I'm glad to hear him and the prospects for next season. I miss my Sammy...

Not a blissful reconciation, huh? Not good news. I would have expected some love (with hugs) after such a painful separation. :sad: I wonder why the lack of blissfulness. Maybe Dean is mad (with good reason)because Sam didnt tell him he was alive. Or maybe Dean is divided between Sam and his new family. Tough situation.Well, let's wait and see.
Karen M
# Karen M 2010-07-27 08:49
'it was so far from dean's charactor that left or maybe forgot sam in hell'

Other spoilers (from Jared, incidentally) indicate Dean spent the whole year Sam wasn't actually in Hell in pain, drinking heavily and desperately trying to find a way to get him out of Hell. Doesn't sound like he forgot Sam to me, or that he simply 'left him' there.
# Patty 2010-08-02 01:09
Great interview. Jared and Jensen both have got me so excited for season 6. Just wondering what the first and second questions were all about. '..let your fans down?' what does that actually mean. He seemed to of ignored that part of the question lol good on him.

And then the next one...part of the 5 year sounds a little like an agenda of pushing the J2 thing? Just wondering.
# Evelyn 2010-08-03 11:06
Sam's character changes sound very interesting. Him becoming more the hunter, like Dean has been - but not yet a reversal on the characters. It is growth and depth of a character and it will be interesting to see where they take them. We are all colored by our experiences and Sam coming out of hell, he will definitely be a different person, as was Dean. I just wonder how long Sam was actually in Hell. I hope we find out. Cuz it sounds like he has been out for quite some time.

As to Jared's statement about Sam not wanting to talk with Dean about his experiences in Hell - "He’s like “What’s there to talk about? I was in Hell, why would I want to talk about it? I’m back, I’m breathing air, I’m seeing my family, why would I in the world would I want to.” - this is very different from what he wanted when Dean returned from Hell. He wanted Dean to spill and tell him about it. So, it's interesting that the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak. I hope Dean brings that point up - I know I would. When the brothers come together again, it may not be with good terms, but I at least hope we get a good brotherly hug. We need that.