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So, what's new in the world of Supernatural?  Things have been a bit quiet in the last few weeks, but there's been some fun events (Emmys!) and other tidbits worthy of sharing.  After all, the former cast and producers are an active bunch. 

(Profanity alert!  As much as we try, covering The Boys means there will be some...colorful expletives.). 

Jensen and Jared

This just in today, and it's pretty sweet.  Jensen will be directing episode 7 of Walker season two.  It's all official now. 

Jensen is now available because he and the rest of The Boys cast have wrapped for season three!  Here's a "charming" montage of the cast sharing the announcement:

Jensen shared a message on Instagram pondering the irony that he wrapped on The Boys Season 3 one year to the day he wrapped on the Supernatural series finale.  (embed isn't working, so here's the link).

Here's the promo poster for Walker season two!  It still doesn't tell us much about what's happening, but it does look pretty awesome.  

Season two

Jared also shared a sincere message about the first day on the set for season two:

Speaking of Walker, season one is now streaming on HBO Max.  This reviewer watched and posed the questions, Save it or Skip it?

Supernatural sightings at The Emmys!  

Eric Kripke, despite The Boys coming up empty, at least got to put on his tuxedo and attend the ceremonies.  It looked like he had a good time! 

Nominee and former Supernatural composer Chris Lennertz had a good time as well.

The show was also having some fun with Executive Producer Seth Rogan, who was a presenter.

Former Supernatural Producer Steve Yockey also got to get dressed up. He was up for a writing Emmy for The Flight Attendant, but lost to Hacks. Still, didn't he look great?

The Flight Attendant did win one award though, and this one is pretty sweet. Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for a very familiar WBTV composer, Blake Neely. He has a lot of CW credits on resume!  Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, All American and Riverdale. He finally can add “Emmy Winner” to that long, impressive resume. Myself and Nightsky both have had the honor of meeting and interviewing him at various Comic Cons (press rooms along with Supernatural composer Christopher Lennertz). We at The Winchester Family Business offer Blake a huge congratulations!
(Here's Nightsky's coverage of the composers panel , including Christopher Lennertz and Blake Neely, in July 2019)

Supernatural Day

Supernatural Day (September 13th) happened since our last update.  It was kind of weird to see this day come and go for the first time since Supernatural went off the air.  I mean, it's always been there before.  It was a day where I was at a loss for words.  Luckily a couple people had a few thoughts about the occasion:

Misha shared his thoughts during another special Supernatural anniversary.  It certainly did change many lives!  

Con Circuit

The embers from the John Barrowman/Misha Collins bromance keep burning! 

I've got to admit, when I saw this, I laughed my ass off. It once again proves that Stephen Amell is the best sport ever.

Other News

In a fan based vote where the outcome surprised no one, Supernatural won TV Line's "The CW's Best Show Ever Tournament."  It was them vs. Smallville, which honestly was no contest since Smallville's better days were on the now defunct WB network.  Congrats Supernatural, those 14 years on the CW network (after The WB) did amount to something!

Sera Gamble's You season three will be premiering on Netflix October 15th.  Here's an interview with the series lead, Penn Badgley.

Always restless Misha Collins and wife Vicki Vantoch are part of a new production company now.  Their first project is in the works:

Ruth Connell looks like she has a new gig on Jeremy Carver's Doom Patrol on HBO Max.  The latest episode was written by Emmy nominee Steve Yockey!

Finally, The Orville season three has a premiere date on Hulu.  It will be back on March 10, 2022.  One of the main stars is Adrienne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson, the first officer and ex-wife of Captain Ed Mercer (Seth McFarlane).  She played Jessica, Sam's late girlfriend, on Supernatural.  I mention this show because not only does it have that Supernatural link, but the show is freaking brilliant.  It is a must see.  On a bittersweet note, Norm McDonald did complete season three as the voice of Lieutenant Yaphit before passing away a few weeks ago.

I'm certain there is other news I missed given the very active ex-cast and crew as well as one very active fandom, so please, share any news not mentioned here in the comments.  Perhaps it will make the next segment!

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