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Full DVD Season 1-15 release date is May 25, 2021! Read our exclusive about the DVD box set.
SPN All Seasons Boxed Set
» Posts this week have been coming out showing deleted scenes, blooper reels, and specials from the Supernatural boxset. Here are just a few:
TV Line shared a deleted scene from 15.19 'Destiny' where Sam and Dean raise a toast people they have lost.
Entertainment Weekly shared a deleted scene from 15.20 'Carry On' - click on link to view.

Image taken from clip in article
•  Blooper highlights were shared by Entertainment Tonight from season 15. Click on link for highlights.

ET spn
Image taken from clip in ET article
• Jensen and Jared talked about their bond.
Screenrant pulled together some of the most memorable scenes from the entire series to prepare for the release of the DVD box set.

Sam and Dean from 1.01 'The Pilot'
» The complete DVD release of Supernatural season 1-15 is next week. Want to win a free set? 
» Cast were sent the DVD boxed set along with Supernatural chocolates this past week and shared the goodies on social media.  We can't share them all but here is one from Gil McKinney ('Henry Winchester').

Gil mC SPN   
Image courtesy of Gil McKinney

Note from Alice: 

Here's the package I received from Warner Brothers.  I must say, I have gotten a lot of great swag through the years, but never a box of chocolates!  They are from Valerie Confections and designs are so clever on this.  They even have a chocolate that says "Supernatural: The Complete Series" Own it on Blu-Ray 5/25/2021.  How can you get that on a piece of chocolate?  The back of the card lists the types of chocolates they are:

Smoke & Spice - It wouldn't be Supernatural without smoke and fire
72% Bitter Sweet - A bittersweet farewell to an incredible cast and crew
Black & Blue - Honoring the amazing fight scenes, and representing the countless cuts and bruises over the years
Champagne - Toasting 15 incredible seasons of Supernatural 
Ginger - Commonly used in witchcraft, this magical spice can fight nightmares, inspire romance, and heal stomach ailments
Orange - Mentioned in Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting Book, but never shown were the extremely rare and powerful - Orange-Eyed Demons
Classic - Representing the classic 1967 Chevy Impala that was prominently featured in the series

 IMG 1081
IMG 1082

Coming up tomorrow, several of The WFB staff members will list their favorite "Go To" episodes from all 15 seasons.  Everyone can join in on the fun! 
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