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More Supernatural Cast News: Walker, The Walking Dead
Walker s1promo2
¤ Need to catch up on the latest episode of Walker?
¤ TV Insider talked to Coby Bell ('Captain James') about the success of Walker and upcoming episodes.
¤ Matt Barr ('Hoyt') spoke to Looper about pranks and the gag reel for Walker.

WLK103a 0411r
¤ Violet Brinson ('Stella') was interviewed by Schon Magazine, with photographs by Alexandra Valenti.

VB photo
Image credit to Alexandra Valenti
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 The Walking Dead
TWD S10 pt 2 poster
 The show has SPN cast members Lauren Cohan ('Bella') and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('John Winchester')  starring.
¤ TWD has been back for a few weeks and the Instagram account has been sharing BTS.  
¤ Season 10, episode 20 will air this week. 
¤ TWD season 10 bonus episodes have focused on character arcs. Last week highlighted 'Father Gabriel' and 'Aaron' and the episode was reviewed by Forbes

TWDS10 2
Image courtesy of AMC
¤ Fans react to the episode S10.19.
¤ Want to know more about Negan? Screenrant put together some facts about the character's storyline from the comic and the series. 

JeffreyDeanMorgan Negan
Image courtesy of AMC
Wynonna Earp 
Season 4 WynonnaE
The show has SPN cast members Melanie Scrofano (S2.20 'What Is and What Should Never Be') and Michael Eklund (S4.05 'Monster Movie').  Ty Olsson ('Benny') also made an appearance on the show as Sheriff Hoyt Clayborn. 
 ¤ Wynonna Earp is in its final season.  Syfy released the teaser for S4.09 'Crazy' this week. Spoilers!
 ¤ Melanie Scofano was interviewed about Wynonna and directing. 

Image courtesy of SyFy
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