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Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Danneel Ackles celebrated a birthday this week (March 18). ✨ Happy Birthday Danneel. ✨  
» Jensen wishing Danneel 'Happy Birthday' on Instagram.
 ¤ Jim Beaver announced that Sarah Spieigel's book, As Time Goes By,  is now available.
¤ Rob Benedict was back on the Will You Accept This Rose? podcast. You can listen below.


The Boys
The Boys  
¤  More casting news for The Boys' spinoff series.
¤ Some BTS Vought posters by Eric Kripke.
¤ The Boys were a category on Jeopardy!
¤ Briana Buckmaster joined in with Kim Rhodes for the sea shanty. Check out the TikTok below!
¤ Osric Chau's new restaurant opened this past week. Osric shared a photo of his new eatery.
¤ Misha Collins has been sharing the love of the film by his oldest friend, Darius Marder, Sound of Metal. It has been nominated for six academy awards. Congratulations Darius!
¤ Felicia Day will be doing voice over in the game, Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, coming out this summer.  

Felicia Day Game
¤ More from Felicia Day! Into the Dark is an American horror anthology on Hulu. It was announced Day will be in an upcoming episode. Watch the trailer below.

Into the Dark Blood Moon
¤ The Kings of Con podcast was back this week with Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. You can listen below.

kings of con
¤ Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new film is nearly here! 
¤ Soap Opera News shared the news of Jeffrey Vincent Parise's new short film, Love is Love. See the film below.
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More Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Gen Padalecki was in 71 Magazine last week.

Image courtesy of 71 Magazine.
¤ Odette Padalecki (March 17) and Tom Padalecki (March 19) had birthdays this week.  Gen and Jared shared birthday messages. 
¤ Life and Style Magazine reported Adam Rose will be starring in the new movie on Hulu, One Night in San Diego. Trailer below.
¤ Mark Sheppard was on The Rich Redmond Show this week. You can listen below.
S15 Title Wide
¤ Insight Editions announced the book release of Supernatural 15 Seasons: The Crew Member’s Souvenir Book. It sold out quickly and is NOW available for the second print run - due out in June 2021. Click on the link to sign up for updates. 

spn book
Image courtesy of Insight Editions
¤ Supernatural is still in the running for the 'Best of TV Awards 2020' for Canadagraphs under the category 'Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Program.' 
¤ What Culture put together a quiz about Bobby Singer. Can you get 100%?

Jim Beaver
¤ Buzzfeed put together a list of actors that were perfectly cast as younger versions of characters. Colin Ford ('Young Sam') and Dylan Everett ('Young Dean')  made the list.

young dean
 young sam
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More Supernatural Cast News: Walker, The Walking Dead
Walker s1promo2
¤ Need to catch up on the latest episode of Walker?
¤ TV Insider talked to Coby Bell ('Captain James') about the success of Walker and upcoming episodes.
¤ Matt Barr ('Hoyt') spoke to Looper about pranks and the gag reel for Walker.

WLK103a 0411r
¤ Violet Brinson ('Stella') was interviewed by Schon Magazine, with photographs by Alexandra Valenti.

VB photo
Image credit to Alexandra Valenti
Check out all of our Walker articles here. 
 The Walking Dead
TWD S10 pt 2 poster
 The show has SPN cast members Lauren Cohan ('Bella') and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('John Winchester')  starring.
¤ TWD has been back for a few weeks and the Instagram account has been sharing BTS.  
¤ Season 10, episode 20 will air this week. 
¤ TWD season 10 bonus episodes have focused on character arcs. Last week highlighted 'Father Gabriel' and 'Aaron' and the episode was reviewed by Forbes

TWDS10 2
Image courtesy of AMC
¤ Fans react to the episode S10.19.
¤ Want to know more about Negan? Screenrant put together some facts about the character's storyline from the comic and the series. 

JeffreyDeanMorgan Negan
Image courtesy of AMC
Wynonna Earp 
Season 4 WynonnaE
The show has SPN cast members Melanie Scrofano (S2.20 'What Is and What Should Never Be') and Michael Eklund (S4.05 'Monster Movie').  Ty Olsson ('Benny') also made an appearance on the show as Sheriff Hoyt Clayborn. 
 ¤ Wynonna Earp is in its final season.  Syfy released the teaser for S4.09 'Crazy' this week. Spoilers!
 ¤ Melanie Scofano was interviewed about Wynonna and directing. 

Image courtesy of SyFy
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Supernatural Crew and Creative Team
¤ Robert Berens is the executive producer on The CWs Kung Fu. The series will premier on April 7, 2021.
» Cast members from Kung Fu spoke to Deadline about the shootings of Asian Americans in Atlanta, GA.
¤ Jeremy Fischer has been working on Lost Ollie and it just wrapped.
¤ Check out super cool trailer for Justice Society: World War II (JSWW2) written by Meghan Fitzmartin and Jeremy Adams. The film will be released digitally on April 27, 2021.
¤ It was announced that JSWW2 will have a panel at Wonder Con

210327sdconcast postbanner V2
¤ Robbie Thompson is working on more comics! He shared some colab script breakdowns from Eoin Marron.
¤ The Flight Attendant hit UK airwaves this past week and received rave reviews. Awesome news Steven Yockey!
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Conventions and Guest Appearances
¤ Creation Entertainment announced a number of updates to Supernatural conventions. 
» New date for Chicago - 2022
Chicago 2022
» New Jersey 2022 - Tickets are back on sale.
new Jersey
» Orlando tickets are now available.
¤ Update from the Dark Light Convention 4 have been announced with new date in October 2021. However, an online convention has been announced and will take place on April 10 and 11.

Tickets here and guests include Misha Collins, Richard Speight, Jr., and Rob Benedict.
darklight online
 ¤ Wales Comic Con announced a new guest: Charisma Carpenter (S7.05, 'Maggie Stark' in 'Shut Up, Dr. Phil')
¤ Catch some of the cast in Huntsville, AL for the Comic and Pop Culture Expo! Find out more and where to see Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes, Samantha Smith, and Emily Swallow.
11x17Poster2021updated1 small 1
 ¤ Random Acts are collecting items for an online auction. More details on the link from Instagram.
¤ Random Acts have also announced a 'Charity Band.' Purchase and and money goes to Random Acts.
¤ Richard Speight, Jr.'s wife, Jaci, is raising awareness and support for homelessness. See link below on how to support the big 'Sleepout'.
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