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Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Jake Abel welcomed a new member of the family this week! Congratulations! Allie Wood Abel on Instagram shared photos of their new addition, Henry Abel.
¤ More pictures from Jake Abel and his son.
¤ The movie Tempting Fate, just wrapped filming in Canada. Magda Apanowicz ('Yokoth / Sandy Porter,' S13.17 'The Thing') plays 'Josephine' in the film.
¤ Jim Beaver was a guest with On Game Changers. Link to the Facebook chat is below.
¤ Jim Beaver was also on The Pack Podcast.  Click on the link in the tweet to catch up and listen.
¤ Rob Benedict was featured on the Will You Accept This Rose? podcast this week. Listen below.


¤ Osric Chau announced the opening of 'Uncles Snack Shop' in Vancouver, B.C, which he is part owner. 
¤ Matt Cohen shared his early morning work pal, Pete. His cat is 100% the best work partner.
¤ Misha Collins is now on Cameo

Misha 19Dallas 9942
¤ Misha announced on social media that his book of poetry will be released in the Autumn.
¤ The Hillywood Show showed us the Supernatural Parody pins this week. Get yours while you can and sign up for their Patreon.
 ¤ The Kings of Con podcast had Emma Fitzpatrick on this week. Listen below.
¤ The new movie Four Good Days has been acquired for release in the U.S. Chad Lindberg stars as 'Daniel' in the film. 

Chad Lindberg Twitter
Image courtesy of Chad Lindberg on Twitter
¤ The new Louden Swain single was out on March 12.
¤ The trailer for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new film, The Unholy /The Shrine, was released this week. It will debut on Easter weekend (April 2021) and Morgan plays a journalist (no update on IMDb for official character name).
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