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¤ Insight Editions announced the book release of Supernatural 15 Seasons: The Crew Member’s Souvenir Book. It sold out quickly in the first run but more will be available. Click on the link to sign up for updates. 

spn book
Image courtesy of Insight Editions
¤ Jerry Wanek took to Twitter to thank fans for their comments on the book.
¤ Insight Editions announced a Supernatural tarot deck that will be released this year.
¤ Andrew Dabb revealed the original ending of Supernatural, prior to the changes needed because of COVID19.

supernatural series finale photo 05
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Remember Sam Winchester all muscled up in season 5? He auditioned for Conan the Barbarian and CBR reported why he was not in the film.

vlcsnap 00323
Sam Winchester in S5.22, 'Swan Song'
¤ Can you get 100% on the quiz about 'Sam Winchester' ? What Culture put together the 'hardest' quiz on Sam trivia.  

Gif by Abordelimpala
 ¤ More quizzes! What Culture put together a quiz on 'Castiel.' Can you get 100%?

'Castiel' in S7 'Meet the New Boss'
¤ What are the 'weirdest' TV crossovers? TV Line put together a list and Legends of Tomorrow and Scooby-doo meets Supernatural made the list.  You can watch the crossover trailer below from The CW's LofT.
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