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Conventions and Guest Appearances
¤ Jus in Bello 11 convention (Italy) has been postponed.
¤ Wales Comic Con announced Robin Lord Taylor ('Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin' Gotham, 'Sam' TWD, 'Will' You) as a new guest.
¤ Ted Raimi ('Wes Mondale' S4.08 'Wishful Thinking') has been announced as a guest for Salute to Xena for December 2021.
¤ Buddy Healing Paws will be hosting a Supernatural trivia night with special guest stars Christopher Heyerdahl ('Alastair') and Rick Worthy ('Alpha Vampire'). Last week it was announced that Chad Lindberg (Dr Badass) would be joining. 
healing paws
¤ Misha Collins talked about an Ecuadorian crisis earlier this week. 
 ¤ Misha Collins encouraged GISHers to help support the crisis in Ecuador. In less than a day, the total raised reached over $30,000.
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