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Supernatural Cast News, Projects, and Interviews - Continued
The Walking Dead
Season 10 of TWD returns tonight (Feb 28) on AMC 
 TWD S10 pt 2 poster
¤ Are you ready? NME revealed TWDs next episodes of season 10 will change you

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Image courtesy of AMC
 ¤ TWD will air on the Fox network in the UK on March 1.
¤ Interview Magazine had an exclusive with Hilarie Burton-Morgan (Lucille). She reveled what it was like on the set of TWD:  "...we were living in a real apocalypse in the real world living in a rented house in a fake apocalypse and filming the beginning of a pandemic that has been on TV for ten years."

TWD HilarieBurton
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¤ Season 10, episode 17 will show us Maggie and Glenn's son, Hersel. Comic Book highlighted his character and what might be in store for season 10.
¤ More exclusive TWD season 10 photos were released this week.  Bleeding Cool had pictures from episode 'Home Sweet Home.'

TWD 1017 season 10
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¤ Showrunner, Angela Kang, was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the last episodes of season 10 and filming during COVID. Note: Spoilers!

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¤ More BTS from TWD and filming during COVID.
¤ Spoilers! CBR reviewed the final few episodes of season 10 of TWD and what viewers can expect.

TWDS10 2
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