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Supernatural Cast News, Projects, and Interviews - Continued
¤ Gen Padalecki was featured in She Knows, 'SK Conversations:  New Year, New You' and talked about TOWWN (Take Only What We Need). Watch below.
¤ Gen and Jared Padalecki had their wedding anniversary this week. Congrats!

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Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Hilly Hindi (The Hillywood Show) took part in some online gaming on Twitch. Adam Rose ('Aaron Bass') joined the lineup.
¤ Adam Rose shared an audition photo on Instagram.
¤ Look what arrived for Shoshannah Stern?! She received her seat back from the set of Supernatural.
¤ Emily Swallow shared an audition photo on Instagram.
¤ The Netflix series, Firefly Lane, has been doing well in the ratings. Brendan Taylor (Doug Stover) and Jason McKinnon (Brandon -season 7) were interviewed by TV Wasteland. Both talked fondly of being on the set of Supernatural.

¤ Taylor shared some BTS from Firefly Lane.
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