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Supernatural News
Creepy monsters and creatures! Cinema Blend ranked the top 10 most terrifying from Supernatural.

Changeling from S3.02 'The Kids are Alright'
 ¤ Can you get 100% on this brother quiz from What Culture? Who did it? Damon /Stefan (The Vampire Diaries) or Sam /Dean?
¤ How does time work in Hell? Screenrant worked out the timeline on how long Dean and Sam spent in Hell.
¤ Best and worst episodes? Screenrant looked at the five worst Kripke-era episodes and five best post-Kripke.  Can you guess one of the worst? S1.08 'Bugs' made the list.

Dean in 'Bugs'
¤ We never got a Led Zepplin song in any episode of Supernatural, but we got episodes named after songs. Here are all the episodes named after songs ranked according to IMDb.

S4.21 Sam in 'When the Levee Breaks'
Walker News
Walker s1promo2
¤ Cast announcement! Alex Meneses has joined the Walker cast as 'Adriana,' Micki Ramirez's mother.
¤ Glamour Magazine held an exclusive interview with Jared about his 20 years in the business, and his role in Walker.

WLKS1 JPadalecki1 BBS 102220 0067r
Image from Glamour ©Brian Bowen Smith
¤ Keegan Allen was interviewed by Glitter Magazine about acting, joining Walker, and his photography book released in September 2021.

WLK101b 0357r
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Entertainment Weekly interviewed Kale Cully, 'August' in Walker, about his role on the show, favorite episode, and advice from Jared Padalecki.

WLK105b 0580r
Image courtesy of The CW 
¤ What do we know about season 2? Fansided gave a rundown of what we might expect in 2022 from the show.
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