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Supernatural News
¤ Supernatural made it in the top 50 'What to Watch' TV series' on Netflix - coming in at number 31.

Season 7.16 'Out with the Old'
¤ TV Line gathered together TVs best soul-crushing episodes. Supernatural 2.17 'Heart' made the list.

 ¤ There is still time to vote for some of your Supernatural favorites in the Canadagraphs 'Best of TV Awards'. This round has 'Best Guest Actor,' 'Best Guest Actress,' 'Best Reoccurring Actor,' 'Best Reoccurring Actress,' and 'Best Director.'

Walker News
Image Courtesy of The CW
¤ Week number 2 of Walker. Jared and Gen took to social media to encourage folks to watch.
¤ Keegan Allen took over the CW Walker Instagram for the night to answer questions. 
¤ Walker was trending alongside Lindsey Morgan on the night of episode 2, 'Back in the Saddle.'
¤ Texas Monthly took a look at the main audience of Walker. Hint: it's a family show.

WLK101f 0200r
Image Courtesy of The CW 
¤ Jared talked to the Houston Chronicle about the show and filming in Austin, TX.
¤ Looper spoke to Molly Hagan (Abeline) about Jared's 'hidden skill on the show.' 

WLK101g 0373r
Image Courtesy of The CW
¤ Jared was interviewed by Gun and Garden about re-inventing a Texas icon.
¤ Modern Luxury highlighted Jared Padalecki taking on the executive producer role for Walker

WLK101a 0464r
Image Courtesy of The CW 
¤ Jared was on Good Morning America this past week to promote Walker.  You can read our feature or catch the clip below.
¤ What is it like to work with Jared? We Are Entertainment talked to Kale Culley who plays August, Cordell's teenage son, on Walker.
¤ More exclusives! Lindsey Morgan also gave an interview about what it is like to work with Jared. Catch the interview here with TV Insider or watch below. 
¤ What did our writers think of Walker? Read the first impressions here.
¤ More Walker updates
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