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Cast Projects, News, & Interviews
§ Lisa Berry announced that she has joined the 21 Black Futures project.
 § Sterling K. Brown has been nominated for a Critics Choice Award for 'Best Actor in a Drama Series' for his portrayal of Randall in This is Us.

SterlingKBrown ThisIsUs
Image Courtesy of NBC
» Sterling K Brown will narrate CNN's documentary on Lincoln.
§ Misha Collins held a live Instagram chat during the inauguration of President Joe Biden. 
» Catch a sneak peak at Misha's episode on the Kings of Con podcast.
 § Ruth Connell's StageIt show will take place on January 30, 2021. More tickets have just been released - get yours before they are sold out!

Ruth 19NashJ2 1071

§ Felicia Day announced her newsletter called 'Felicitations' on Twitter. Sign up for some geek adventures!
§ Gen Padalecki has been in the news this week with the release of the pilot of Walker.

WLK101a 0403r
Gen Padalecki as 'Emily Walker' in S1.01 'The Pilot' 
» The Wrap interviewed Gen about what it was like to play Walker's dead wife, Emily.
» Gen talked to US Magazine and her nervousness at acting alongside her real-life husband in Walker.
» What is it like on the set of Walker? Gen reveled a little of what its like working on the set with People Magazine. 
» Did anyone else catch the reflection in the rear window of the impala? Jared's picture from his house with Gen in 'The French Mistake,' Season 6.15.
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