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Show News
 The show has finished but there's still some news on Supernatural! This section will move in the coming weeks to make way for more cast news.
 § Jensen Ackles won 'Best Actor in a Horror Series' at the Critics' Choice Super Awards for his portrayal of Dean Winchester in Supernatural
§ Supernatural made the top 10 list of most streamed shows in 2020, according to The Nielsen ratings for the U.S. 
§ Spoiler TV has launched a new poll. 'Which character deaths did you mourn?' Add your character in the comments on the poll site. 
 Cast Projects & News
It's less than a week until the premier of Walker. We have gathered so much promotional material, news, and interviews!
» Jared talked to TV Insider about how Walker changed his mind about retiring after Supernatural. Interview below.
» How did Jared Padalecki transition from Sam Winchester to Cordell Walker? Variety interviewed Jared about his role in becoming Walker.
» Jared also talked to Variety about the deaths on Supernatural and Walker and how they shaped stories and characters.
» The reboot of Walker was inspired by the detention of children at the U.S.- Mexican Border. See the story from Deadline with cast and crew on how this developed.
 » Jared made the cover of TV Guide this week promoting Walker.
» Did you catch Jared Padalecki's article for Cowboys and Indians? T. Ashley was gracious enough to scan and share the article with the #WalkerFamily. Have a look on Twitter.
» Local newspapers were also highlighting the new series. Here's a picture from the Chicago Tribune Parade Magazine, courtesy of Nightsky.

» So many photos released for Walker this week! Alice collected them all, plus the series' trailers and plot descriptions, on The WFB News Page!
The Walking Dead
§ The extended season 10 of TWD returns to AMC in February.  Watch the sneak-peak trailer released this week.
» Comic Book pulled together extra photos and the synopsis of the extended season 10 of TWD.
» Hilary Burton Morgan joins the cast of TWD as Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) wife in the series.  Entertainment Weekly gave us the first look at Negan's wife, Lucille. 

the walking dead season 10 final six episodes jeffrey dean morgan hilarie burton
Image courtesy of AMC
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