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The Boys
§ Eric Kripke thanked fans for The Boys being ranked at number one on IMDb.
»The Boys’ cinematographer, Dan Stoloff, was interviewed about how he created a ‘sort of Zack Snyder look' for the show.
» The Boys made it into the 'Top 10 Web Show' rankings by The Express Tribune.  The show came in at number nine.
§ Robbie Thompson shared the first look at the comic, Shadecraft.
§ Some crew and production team birthdays were this week! Happy Birthday!
  • Jason Fischer - 8 December
  • Steve Yockey- 9 December 
  • Adam Williams - 12 December
Conventions, Concerts, and Cast Appearances
§ Creation Entertainment has the 2021 line-up for Supernatural conventions.
§ Mark Sheppard joined Wales Comic Con LIVE this past weekend on Twitch.
§ Teryl Rothery appeared on the Hallmark Holiday Movie panel for Wizard World Virtual Experiences 2020. Watch below. 
§ Misha Collins and Shoshannah Stern sent out gratitude for all the gifts that have been donated to Lydia Place on behalf of their 'fake wedding.'
§ Misha Collins acknowledged the power of the SPN Family and what they have been able to raise for The Trevor Project.
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