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The show has finished but there's still Supernatural news! We'll keep gathering updates here!
§ Did you catch all the Easter eggs, cameos, and references in the finale? Screenrant gathered some up and put them in one place.

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§ Vote for performer of the month for November on Spoiler TV. It's a hard choice as all of TFW 2.0 are nominated. 
§ Ever wonder about some of the different timelines in Supernatural? Looper attempted to explain the time jumps in the series. 
§ Eric Kripke revealed the episodes that broke the fourth wall were some of the best, and beloved, by the fandom.

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Season 5.08, 'Changing Channels'

 § Guest star, Lee Rumohr (Jesse, 'The Chitters') talked about his experience on Supernatural, and what it meant to him.
» More from Lee Rumohr! He is watching all of Supernatural for the first time and sharing on Twitter. Join in SPN Family!
§ Brad Creasser shared a photo of the camera crew from the last day of filming.
§ How well do you know Supernatural? Take Entertainment Weekly's quiz to find out.  
§ Maisie, in props, with 'The Green Cooler.'
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