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Supernatural Weekly World News 

 Welcome to our special edition: part 2! News, the finale, the end, and more. 
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Show News - The Finale
§ The biggest news this week for Supernatural was it re-entered Neilson social weekly ratings for the finale. Not once. But TWICE. Such an accomplishment for the cast and crew.

Neilson Ratigngs

§ Supernatural is over but its legacy lives on. Entertainment Weekly captured how Supernatural and the SPN Family contributed to the legacy.  
§ Cast and fans talked to IGN about what is next for the SPN Family. The article featured Kim Rhodes, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight, Jr., and Rob Benedict.
§ TV Insider gathered the most emotional goodbyes over the last 15 years of Supernatural. Did "Carry On" make the list? Of course it did!

SPN1520 HLC 0650
§ Before the finale, Misha Collins did a recap of all the episodes from each season. 
§ GISH shared a hunt item to help lift the spirits of the SPN Family on the day of the finale. 
§ Who was the masked vampire in "Carry On?" Nerd Alert News talked to Max Montesi about his guest role, and his other career activities.  

§ Jensen Ackles after the finale. Too soon?
» Maisie, in props
§ IGN ranked the top episodes from each season of Supernatural. "Carry On " received a honorable mention for season 15.
§ Supernatural made into the 'Top Quotes of the Week' for the recreation of the exchange from "The Pilot."

§ Jay Gruska posted music from season 15 to his website after the finale aired.
§ The finale left a lot of areas open. Bleeding Cool offered up some spinoff ideas.
§ Stuck for something to watch after Supernatural? TV Guide offered up 7 shows with similar supernatural themes to fill the void: Grimm, The Dresden Files, The X-Files, Fringe, Person of Interest, Crazy Head and Wynonna Earp.

Supernatural was influenced by The X-Files
 § What did The WFB's writers think of  "Carry On"? Read up on the latest episode reviews. 


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