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Show News
§ What did The WFB's writers think of  the latest episodes? Read the episode reviews. 
§ Here we go! Episode 18 "Despair" was written by Robert 'Bobo' Berens. He live tweeted the episode and expressed how we were all feeling.
» Bobo on Lisa Berry as 'Billie/Death' in "Despair".
» Felicia Day shared some BTS with cast. And some other big news....The CW's Nancy Drew inherited some of the crew from Supernatural (in Felicia's Instagram comments).
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» More BTS shared by Briana Buckmaster on Instagram.
» And Lisa Berry as 'Billie/Death'
» Emily Swallow BTS getting ready to watch the new episode. 
§ Kathryn Newton (Claire Novak) teamed up with The CW to count down the top 13 'Freakiest' moments on Supernatural. You can catch up on the latest in the countdown on Twitter.
 § TV Insider says goodbye to Supernatural in a series of articles for the next 15 days. Stay tuned for more!
§ TV Guide released the cover of this week's double- issue magazine: A celebration of Supernatural.

§ Celebrating Castiel! Entertainment Weekly looked back at our favorite angel's best moments.
§ TV Guide interviewed Misha Collins about Castiel and how the character evolved over the years. 

Castiel in 7.01 "Meet the New Boss"
§ Misha Collins got an honorable mention as 'performer of the week' in TV Insider for Castiel's final scenes in Supernatural 15.18 "Despair".

Misha Collins as 'Castiel' in "Despair" as he prepares to say good-bye.
§ Emily Swallow shared some BTS from an older episode with Amara and Castiel. 
§ TV Insider will be running a poll on that major death in episode 18 and 'will it stick' alongside Castiel's best moments. 
§ Tumblr has a huge Supernatural following and checked up on the SPNFamily after 15.18 "Despair".
§ Eric Kripke reached out to super-fan, Stacey Abrams, after finding out she watches Supernatural. Abrams is an activist for voting rights, especially in Georgia.
§ Did you catch Carmen Moore making her third appearance on Supernatural in "Unity" as 'Serafina'? The actor had previous played 'Doctor' in 5.20 "The Devil You Know" and 'Sgt. Miranda Bates' in 9.02 "Devil May Care."

SPN1517 HLC 0322
Moore as 'Serafina' in S15.17 "Unity"
§ Screenrant looked at Supernatural's demons and what has changed over the years.
Crossroads Demon 'Snooki' in Season 9.16, "Blade Runners"
§ The CW did a mini-interview  with Mark Sheppard on the nickname 'Moose' for Sam Winchester.
§ Canadagraphs reporting on the set and decoration sale for Supernatural. There will be an online sale in December. 
§ Samantha Ferris' cast chair-back was returned to her this week.
 § Eric Kripke talked to Bleeding Cool about the original script and the characters Sam and Dean.

Sam and Dean in 'The Pilot'
§ November 2 was the anniversary of Mary Winchester's (first) death. 
§ TV Line ranked all the best TV villains. 'Lucifer' from Supernatural came in at number 25.

vlcsnap 00133
Mark Pellegrino as 'Lucifer' in 5.22 "Swan Song"
All Season 15 spoilers are on the Spoiler Page!


Cast Projects & News
We'll keep you up to date on Walker news as it comes out.
Walker Promo Pic
 § The CW released the Walker teaser this week. Jared is the narrator.
» Bleeding Cool provided some more background teaser information on the back story of Walker.
» More cast announcements for Walker. Deadline reported Chris Labadie will be joining the cast as Jordan, an ex-con. 
§ Jared and Gen Padalecki received the Bill Dickson Legacy Award from the Glitz Gala as allies for the LGBTQ+ community. 
§ Gen Padalecki released the book club choice for November this week. 
§ Emily Swallow will return to season 4 of Seal Team. DMR had all the latest on cast and storyline for the upcoming season. 
» More on Emily Swallow! What will be her role as 'The Armoror' in The Mandalorian, season 2? Fansided's 'Dork Side of the Force' had some updates.

The Armorer The Sin Courtesy of Disney
Image © Disney+
§ The Hillywood Show brought back the cast of the Umbrella Academy Parody! Catch up with Matt Cohen, Osric Chau, Tahmoh Penikett, as well as others.
§ The trailer for the final episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead was released this week. 
» Some exciting cast news for The Walking Dead was announced this week. 
» TV Line ranked all the best TV villains. 'Negan' from The Walking Dead came in at number 24.

walkingdead1 articleLarge
Image courtesy of AMC
» Lauren Cohan talked to Screenrant about the hardest scene she had to film for The Walking Dead.

Image courtesy of AMC
§ Amanda Tapping plays 'Donna' in Woodland, a movie about a junkie photojournalist's future being revealed to him through the images he shoots. The movie trailer has been released this week and stars Richard Harmon from The 100.
§ Rob Benedict will be doing a Stageit! on 5 December with special guest, Ruth Connell.
§ Adam Fergus shared some on the set photos of State of Happiness, season 2. Check out that flashy tie!
§ Gabriel Tigerman's new movie Wheel of Fortune was released on Netflix this week. 
§ Season 2 of Virgin River will be aired on 27 November on Netflix.  Teryl Rothery (Medical Examiner/Olivette) plays Muriel and Michael Shanks ('Rob' in 5.17 "99 Problems") plays Wes in the series.
§ A week of birthdays! Happy Birthday to Chad Lindberg (Dr Badass) - 1 November

 Chad Lindberg Twitter
Image @ChadLindberg on Twitter
» Road house crew, Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle), celebrated her birthday on 2 November. 

Sam Ferris
Image @samanthajferris on Twitter
» Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) celebrated her birthday on 4 November. Happiest of Birthdays to you!

Samantha 19Dallas 2068

» Lisa Berry sent out a message of gratitude for all the birthday love. She celebrated her birthday on November 6. 
Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos
 § Richard Speight, Jr. was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about directing episode 18, "Despair" and his journey with Supernatural.
» Entertainment Weekly had another send off for Richard Speight, Jr. and highlighted his role as 'The Trickster'
§ The Kings of Con had Ruth Connell on the podcast this week. 

kings of con
§ Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) was interviewed by IGN about the iconic line 'Family Don't End With Blood' and its resonance today.

 § Kathryn Newton was interviewed by Harper Bazaar about her role in Freaky and other acting roles.

KNewton twitterI
Image @kathrynnewton on Twitter 
§ You can find The WFB's collection of interviews on our News and Spoiler pages.
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