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Show News
§ What did The WFB's writers think of most recent episode? Read up on the latest episode reviews. 
§ After years of requests by fans on Twitter, Supernatural finally received, not one, but FIVE, hashtag emoji's this week:  #Supernatural  #SPN #SPNFamilyForever #WinchestersForever #CastielForever all come with Baby as the emoji.
§ How did Kansas' Carry On Wayward Son' become the unofficial theme song for Supernatural? Entertainment Weekly gave us the low-down from Eric Kripke.
§ Supernatural ranked number 1 for the most popular shows on TV in October for Spoiler TV.

SpoilerTV Oct
§ Corina Bizim, guest cast on "Unity," was interviewed by Nerd Alert News about her role as the fan-girling angel.
§ Emily Swallow talked to Hyperbole about "Unity" and some 'screener secrets'.  Great insight into the episode but if you haven't watched it, look away!

SN1517A 0297r
Emily Swallow as 'Amara' in 15.17, "Unity"
§ Rob Benedict and Emily Swallow BTS for 'Unity.'
§ More BTS with Emliy and Rob (Amara and Chuck).
§ So many 'lasts.' Jim Beaver announced his post-production editing had finished.
» More lasts:  Susanne Gomez, CW publicist.
» Emma Peterson, production assistant.
» Casey Hammons, post-production.
» Jim Michaels, producer. 
§ Jared said the finale episode of the series is his favorite of all time.
§ Jensen Ackles was trending this week on TV Showtime.
§ As we near the end of the series, Bleeding Cool looks back at our favorite, awkward angel Castiel. 

Castiel InterrogateCat

§ What are Entertainment Weekly's top spooky covers? Supernatural No 1487/1488 made the list.

EW Image 1487
§ TV Line's had a poll for 'TV's scariest moments' and Supernatural's 'Bloody Mary' 1.05 was one of them.


§ Screenrant pulled together the top 10 seasons of Supernatural according to Rotten Tomatoes audience scores.  Top of the list was season 8. 

8.20 "Sacrifice"
§ Syfy put together the 15 scariest episodes of Supernatural to watch over the Halloween weekend. Which ones are on your list?

1.11 Scarecrow
§ Coming Soon TV pulled together the top 15 Supernatural real world lore and monsters from the show. 

2.09 "Croatoan"
§ It's Halloween! Jared and Jensen shared their favorite candy (or not so favorite) with CW Chicago.
All Season 15 spoilers are on the Spoiler Page!


Cast Projects & News
We'll keep you up to date on Walker news as it comes.
Walker Promo Pic
§ Odette Annable joins the cast of Walker. The actor has recently played Samantha Arias / Reign on CW's Supergirl.
» Premier date for Walker announced by Entertainment Weekly. The reboot will air on January 21, 2021.
» Project Casting announced information on casting calls and acting for Walker. 
§ Jared and Gen Padalecki talked about their relationship, Supernatural, and starring in Walker together.
§ Cheatsheet did an article on how Jensen saved The Family Business Beer Company during a pandemic. 
§ Black Girl Nerds reviewed the season 5.01 premiere of This is Us.  Sterling K. Brown plays Randal and this particular episode highlighted his experiences as a black man.
§ Sterling K. Brown will star in a new film Shadow Force, directed by Victoria Mahoney.

§ Misha Collins and Felicia Day interviewed Senator Doug Jones of Alabama this past week.
§ Jared, Jensen, and Misha sat down with Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Ashley Biden to talk about voting. Some BTS of Jared on the set of Walker.
§ Entertainment Weekly's exclusive for Osric Chau's new horror film, Superhost includes first look photos and synopsis.

chau superhost
Image ©Entertainment Weekly
§ Mile 22 is released this week on Netflix. Lauren Cohan stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in this drama about a small team of elite American intelligence officers who try to smuggle a police officer with sensitive information out of Indonesia.
§  What's on Netflix had updates on Lucifer returning to Netflix for Season 5.2. Richard Speight Jr will return to direct episode 13 – 'A Little Harmless Stalking' and Rob Benedict will appear in episode 15 - 'Is This Really How It’s Going to End?!'
§ In an interview with Comic Book, showrunner Angela Kang hinted that Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character on The Walking Dead, Negan, may have an origin story in the final episodes of season 10.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan TWD
§ The Independent ranked the 10 greatest characters from The Walking DeadJeffrey Dean Morgan's character, Negan, came in at number 5.
§ Alaina Huffman released her new book, 365 Daily Affirmations earlier this month. She's been highlighting some of the features - like a Daily Gratitude Diary- on her Instagram page.
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It could be as simple as being thankful for sunshine on a cold day, or the compliment of a random stranger. How we view our daily experience can drastically affect our health. Having a daily gratitude practice means you are less likely to engage in habits that can rob you of your mental strength. Studies show having a regular gratitude practice can help you to develop deeper relationships with friends, it deepens our empathy and compassion thus making us appear trustworthy and more open to deeper personal relationships. Our physical health benefits when we practice gratitude. Grateful people tend to sleep better (both longer and more quality sleeps), and are more likely to exercise and get regular check ups thus living an overall healthier and longer life. Many studies show that gratitude aids in better coping skills and an improved ability to manage stress. There are many ways to practice gratitude daily. I would like to offer my Daily Gratitude Diary as a template to get into a practice. Perhaps you print it out and fill it out daily or jot down the answers in a journal. I know this practice will greatly improve your experience in life and in your relationships. Keep me posted on your progress. Find the template on my website check story and bio for link ~Alaina

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§ Adam Fergus is on location in Norway for State of Happiness season 2.
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Luxuriating #StateOfHappiness #Lykkeland

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§ Lisa Berry will revisit one of her stage rolls in This is War, as Master Corporal Tanya Young, in an acoustic radio performance of the play. Tickets available on the website.

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The show must go — online. I had the privilege of revisited a role I played 8 years ago and with the same brilliant cast!!! Playing this soldier changed my life. ⁣ ⁣ In This Is War, Master Corporal Tanya Young (that’s me), Captain Stephen Hughes (@arijaycohen), Private Jonny Henderson (@ianhlake), and Sergeant Chris Anders (@elisasboy72) have lived through an atrocity while holding one of the most volatile regions in Afghanistan. As each of them is interviewed by an unseen broadcasting organization, they recount their version of events leading up to the horrific incident with painful, relenting replies. What begins to form is a picture of the effects of guilt and the psychological toll of violence in a war where the enemy is sometimes indiscernible. ⁣ ⁣ Click on the link in my bio to get tickets to this radio play ? and let the sound of our voices take you to Afghanistan. ⁣

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§ Louden Swain will be performing on Stageit! November 14, 2020.
Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos
§ Samantha Highfill of Entertainment Weekly interviewed Misha Collins about what might be in store for Castiel. (No major spoilers but some hints)
§ More interviews with Misha Collins on his final scenes in Supernatural. Variety caught up with Misha and his thoughts about the end.  (No major spoilers).
§ In a chat with TV Line, Jensen and Jared revealed what they would miss the most about working together.
§ Emily Swallow was interviewed by Hyperbole about her role as Amara (Supernatural), The Armorer (The Madalorian), and filming during COVID.

Emily Swallow
§ Felicia Day was interviewed by IGN about her role as Charlie on Supernatural.

Felicia Day
§ Richard Speight, Jr. was interviewed by RSJ Fanworld.
§ The Kings of Con Podcast interviewed Michael Cudlitz, known for The Walking Dead, Band of Brothers as well as many other roles. Listen below.↓

kings of con
§ Kim Rhodes was featured on the Be More Super Podcast. 
§ Lisa Berry was interviewed recently by Amo Mama about acting, motherhood, and her career.

LisaBerry Death
§ You can find The WFB's collection of interviews on our News and Spoiler pages.
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