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Show News
§ What did The WFB's writers think of "Drag Me Away (From You)"? Read up on the latest episode reviews. 
Billie And Dean

§ Jared revealed during PaleyFest NY his feelings about the final episode of the series. Check out the reveal with EW's Samantha Highfill
§ Supernatural made it into TV Line's 'Top TV Quotes' of the week for "Gimme Shelter." Both quotes by Jack! 
 § Entertainment Weekly chatted to A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester about their experience on the show, 'Ghostfacers', and what it was like on set.

§ Samantha Smith reflected on how it all started with that iconic Mary scene in an article by IGN.

§ Emily Swallow discussed with CinemaBlend what the future might hold for Amara and Dean.
§ Play the Supernatural quiz! Who said what to Cas, Sam or Dean?  
§ What was on What Culture's list of the top-10 sci-fi TV moments that annoyed fans? Supernatural got a nod at number 7.
§  Interesting article from MovieTech Geek on how an interview with Gil Darnell (Darnell was Hitler in 12.05 “The One You’ve Been Waiting For”) is being challenged by Facebook. 

Gil Darnell as Nauhaus/Hitler
§ Vote, vote, vote! Every year CW allows viewers to vote for their favorite show. Supernatural made the list and you can vote at TV Series Finale.
§ What is in store for the next few episodes? Check out the trailer, photos, and synopsis of 15.17, official spoilers on all remaining episodes, and Behind the Scenes photos and rumors about future episodes!

14 20 1604 Angry Chuck
Rob Benedict as Chuck/God in 14.20, "Moriah"
All Season 15 spoilers are on the Spoiler Page!


Cast Projects & News
Walker Promo Pic
§ We'll keep you up to date on Walker news as it comes. Pioneer Scoop provided a run down of what we know so far. 
§ Article by Watch magazine with Jensen and his business he set up with Danneel, The Family Business Beer Company.

§ Alona Tal had a birthday on October 20. Happy Birthday Alona.

ATal ModernLoveLLC 
Image © Modern Love, LLC 
§ The trailer for Jim Beaver's new movie, Blindfire, was released this week. ↓ The movie will be released in November 2020 on virtual channels. 
§ Emily Swallow revealed what is was like to work on set of The Haunting of The Mary Celeste.  The film was released on digital platforms on October 23.

Haunting of the Mary Celeste Poster
» More from Emily Swallow as she talked to Bleeding Cool about working on set, her character, and how she prepped for her role as Rachel in The Haunting of The Mary Celeste.
§ This Is Us season 5 will air this coming week. Here is a sneak peak from season 5 with Tim Omundson as the neighbor, Gregory! You can catch both Omundson and Sterling K Brown in this award winning series. 
§ Jake Abel is back! Jake and Bake will join Misha Collins on October 28 as part of GISH.
§ Rachel Miner will join Alu Mattu as part of GISH. Face Your Demons with Rachel!
§ Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen participated with other cast from The Walking Dead for an intense table read. You can watch here ↓ (May contain spoilers)
§ What Culture captured the 10 worst things Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) has done on The Walking Dead.

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Image ©AMC
§ DC's Doom Patrol season 2 DVD and Blue Ray release date was announced. Mark Sheppard returned as Willoughby Kipling in season 2. 

Doom Patrol logo
§ Felicia Day provided the forward for The World of Critical Role and Geek Tyrant gave a review of the book.
§ Shoshanna Stern reviewed and provided commentary on Netflix's Deaf U for the LA Times. She gave insight into the storyline and what it means for representation of the deaf in TV and movies.
§ Buzzfeed released the must-watch movie guide to get ready for AMC's FearFest. Jared's House of Wax (2005) made the list at number six.

house of wax
Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos
§ Jared and Jensen were interviewed by TV Line about the end of the show. You can watch the interview below. ↓
§ More Kings of Con! You can tune into the podcast and listen to Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. ↓
§ You can find The WFB's collection of interviews on our News and Spoiler pages.
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